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How Much Does 2nd And Charles Pay For Books 2023: Prepare to be Surprised!

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How Much Does 2nd And Charles Pay For Books 2023: The Answer Might Surprise You!

You’re probably curious about the amount 2nd And Charles pays for books. To truly understand the selling price of each book, we need to delve deeper. It can be frustrating when the information you receive is inaccurate, right? That’s why we’re here to help!

Unveiling 2nd And Charles Trade-In Value: The Truth Behind Book Payments

The straightforward answer is that 2nd & Charles acquires used books and determines their value based on factors such as their condition, customer demand, and the quantity of the title in stock. On average, a book is worth less than $1. But let’s explore further.

How Much Does 2nd And Charles Actually Pay for Books?

How Much Does 2nd And Charles Pay for Books

2nd & Charles buys both used hardcover and softcover books. They also accept other items like toys and video games. We reached out to their Texas, Delaware, and Colorado stores to learn more about their book appraisal process and the condition requirements.

Please note that 2nd & Charles cannot provide estimates, ranges, or quotes for used books over the phone. However, you can visit your local store for an appraisal. While store associates cannot give exact quotes, many customers and sellers have reported receiving an average payment of $1 per book.


You can sell as many books as you want, but 2nd & Charles reserves the right to reject any books. If you wish to sell a larger quantity of books than what you can bring to the store, you should contact 2nd & Charles to schedule an appointment. They may be interested in purchasing anything from a few books to a substantial selection.

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Requirements for Books

2nd & Charles is looking for books in excellent to excellent condition. You can trade in books of any genre and age. All books will be accepted by the store unless they are:

  • Hardcover books without dust jackets
  • Advanced reading copies
  • Study manuals and school textbooks (Our research shows what you can do with old textbooks)
  • Severely damaged (such as water damage)

Additionally, 2nd & Charles purchases the following used items:

  • Audiobooks on CD
  • Comics and graphic novels
  • Vinyl and CDs
  • Blu-ray and DVDs
  • Collectibles
  • Electronics
  • eReaders
  • Toys and games
  • Accessories and game systems
  • iPads
  • Musical instruments
  • Tablets
  • Turntables
  • Video games

Please note that 2nd & Charles does not buy broken or damaged items, magazines, computer games, phones, or VHS tapes.

Book Trade-In Process

At 2nd & Charles stores, you’ll find a dedicated Buy Back counter. If you’re 18 or older, you can bring your books to the counter during regular store hours. Before starting the appraisal process, a trade-in associate will ask for a government-issued photo ID.

The associate will provide an estimate of when the appraisal will be completed. You can also choose to receive the quote via text or email. The appraisal typically takes about an hour, depending on the number of books you bring.

Appraisal and Payment

Once you receive confirmation that your appraisal is complete via email or text, return to the Buy Back counter. The associate will inform you which books the store is willing to purchase and which ones they cannot sell due to an excess of copies in stock.

The total amount of in-store credit you’ll receive will be included in the quote. If you prefer cash, the offer will be reduced by approximately 50%.

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Keep in mind that not all books are rare or vintage, so the offer might not match what a collector would pay. 2nd & Charles is unlikely to offer the highest market price or value for the book.


What kinds of books does 2nd And Charles buy?

2nd & Charles accepts audiobooks (on CD only), collectibles and action figures, musical instruments, games and toys, CDs and vinyl records, DVDs, Blu-ray, and original cases (including turntables), and more. For a complete list, visit 2ndandcharles.com/sell.

How can I make money from selling used books?

Here are six great places, both online and in-person, where you can sell your used books:

  1. BookScouter: Start at BookScouter.com
  2. Books-A-Million: Buy used books and more at Books-A-Million stores
  3. Amazon: Sell your books on the world’s largest bookshop
  4. Powell’s Books: Sell your books to Powell’s, a renowned independent bookstore
  5. Online buyback programs
  6. Local independent bookstores

Does 2nd And Charles belong to Books-A-Million?

Yes, 2nd & Charles is a retail concept from Books-A-Million Inc. Stores operate under the names Books-A-Million, Bookland, Books & Company, and 2nd & Charles. Aside from bookstores, the company also owns Yogurt Mountain Holding, a frozen yogurt retailer and franchisor, as well as Preferred Growth Properties, which manages commercial real estate investments.

Are old books worth buying?

The book’s condition plays a significant role in its value. A book in poor condition with no use will have little value. Book collectors often seek out first editions as they are often more valuable than later editions. Autographed first editions hold an even higher value.

What can I do with old DVDs?

Thrift shops often accept DVDs in excellent condition, and the revenue from their sale often supports charitable causes. You can also consider distributing your DVDs through services like Freecycle and Craigslist. Maybe someone else would enjoy watching your films! Another option is donating unwanted DVDs to organizations such as Operation Showtime and DVDs to The Troops, which provide entertainment for soldiers.

Does GameStop buy movies?

According to customer support personnel, GameStop does not purchase secondhand DVDs. However, the company does buy secondhand mobile devices, tablets, video games, and gaming consoles. They may also accept games, consoles, and damaged or malfunctioning accessories. To check the trade-in prices for your devices, visit GameStop’s website.

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Where is the best place to sell used books?

While several websites like eBay and Abebooks allow you to sell your books, Amazon remains the largest and busiest online bookstore, making it an ideal platform to sell your books. You can list your books in the “New & Used” section of the book’s Amazon page if you sell books on Amazon yourself.

How much can I get for old CDs?

For DVDs, CDs, and LPs, the average purchase price is usually between $1 and $2. However, box sets, collectibles, rare items, and deleted products may command higher prices.

Where can I sell old DVDs near me?

If you’re looking to sell your old DVDs, consider these options:

  1. Pawn Shop: Sell your collection for quick cash.
  2. Consignment Store: While less common, some consignment shops accept secondhand DVDs.
  3. Used Bookstore: Check with your local used bookstore.
  4. Craigslist: Create a listing to find interested buyers.
  5. Facebook Marketplace: Sell your DVDs through this popular platform.
  6. OfferUp: Another online marketplace where you can sell your DVDs.
  7. Garage Sale: Include your DVDs in a garage sale or yard sale.

Does 2nd And Charles buy used books?

Yes, 2nd & Charles, a new retail concept from Books-A-Million Inc., offers cash or store credit for your old CDs, DVDs, video games, and other items. Visit your nearest 2nd & Charles store to trade in your items.

Where can I sell my CDs near me?

Consider these options for selling your used CDs:

  1. Resale bookshops: Many used bookstores also buy used movies, CDs, DVDs, and video games.
  2. Craigslist: Create a listing to find local buyers.
  3. Facebook Marketplace: Sell your CDs through this popular online marketplace.
  4. Garage Sale: Include your CDs in a garage sale or yard sale.

Where can I sell old books near me?

Here are some options for selling your old books:

  1. BookScouter: Start with BookScouter.com
  2. Discounted booksellers: Find local discounted bookstores or bookshops that buy used books.
  3. Amazon: Consider selling your books on the world’s biggest bookshop.
  4. Powell’s Books: Sell your books to Powell’s, a renowned independent bookstore.
  5. Online buyback services: Many online platforms offer buyback programs for used books.
  6. Local independent bookstores: Check if any local independent bookstores are interested in purchasing your books.


If you still have questions, our forum is here to help. We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions, and if you have any other inquiries, feel free to leave a comment below. We’ll promptly provide additional information and verify it for you.

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