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How to Kill all Mobs in Minecraft Using 1 Simple Command

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If you’re enjoying in a world that appears to have fairly a little bit of body stuttering, chances are you’ll must do one thing concerning the mobs in your world. A variety of mobs won’t ever despawn, together with wandering dealer llamas. There might be a gap in a cave or wall that you just by no means ended up discovering, loaded with dozens even a whole bunch of mobs. The sport should maintain observe of those mobs and spend some assets protecting them round. Utilizing a command to kill all close by mobs may help your framerate and maintain your pc from overheating. This information will present you the supported platforms for instructions, the command to kill each mob, in addition to tips on how to kill all mobs in Minecraft.

Supported Platforms

Minecraft Kill Command Compatibility

Minecraft ModelCommand CompatibilityJavaYes, /kill @ePocket EditionYes, /kill @eXboxYes, /kill @ePlaystationYes, /kill @eWindows 10 (Bedrock)Sure, /kill @eEducation EditionYes, /kill @e

Each platform has the potential for the /kill command. Utilizing this command by itself will kill all entities round you, together with your individual participant! Preserve this in thoughts when utilizing this command.

Kill Instructions

There actually is just one kill command in each model of Minecraft. You may specify which entities to kill and which of them to not kill in your command, however all of them begin with the bottom of /kill.

For the Java version of Minecraft (1.12+), you may kind /kill <targets>. The place “<targets>” are what you wish to kill. Typing simply /kill will kill each entity in a loaded space, together with your armor, stands, minecarts, and even your individual participant. To stop killing your individual participant, be certain that to restrict the command from killing your self as properly. For instance, /kill @e[type=!player] will kill each entity besides in your personal participant.

Command to kill mobs in Minecraft

This command is definitely equivalent throughout all variations of Minecraft. It’s possible you’ll wish to check it for your self in a unique world if you’re enjoying on hardcore challenges, simply in case. As well as, to forestall your self from killing any stray minecarts or armor stands that you’ve got up for adornment, make sure you add them to the record of entities to disregard. For instance, “/kill @e [type=!player,type=!armor_stand,type=!minecart]”

Command to kill mobs in Minecraft

Do not forget that some mobs will spawn extra mobs, comparable to slimes. Killing a gaggle of slimes as soon as doesn’t really assist load fewer mobs until it was already the smallest variant of slime. Simply do the command a further 2 instances to make sure no extra slimes exist.

Easy methods to Kill all Mobs in Minecraft

As said above, you’ll simply must kind /kill @e to kill all the pieces within the sport, together with your self. If you wish to forestall your self from killing extra entities be certain that to exclude your self and different entities from the command by typing “kind=!participant” after you kind @e. For instance /kill @e [type=!player,type=!armor_stand,type=!minecart,type=!wolf] if you wish to save your wolves, armor stands, minecarts, and naturally your self.

How to Kill all Mobs in Minecraft

With nice energy comes nice duty, and it’s as much as you to forestall your self from killing any entity that exists in your world. Keep in mind to exclude sure entities/mobs from the command to forestall your self from killing your companions, decorations, or in any other case.

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Why ought to I kill the Mobs in Minecraft?

A variety of mobs piling up in an space could cause massive quantities of body stuttering with out you even realizing they exist. Each once in a while, it may be useful for the lifetime of your server/world by executing a /kill command to eliminate any stray wandering dealer llamas or some other mob that doesn’t despawn.

How can I take away the Leftovers after Utilizing the Kill command in Minecraft?

Conveniently, the /kill @e command consists of each entity. This consists of the drops from the mobs you may have killed. If you’re happy with the /kill @e[type=!player] command or some other exclusions you wish to add, you may merely open the instructions once more and enter as much as rapidly have the sport fill within the final command you executed. This can take away any further drops from mobs that occurred in the course of the wipe.

What’s the Best Option to Kill all of the Mobs in Minecraft?

It might most definitely be the /kill @e command. This can be a surefire strategy to kill each mob in a loaded space in your sport. Simply just remember to embody some exclusions if you’re not making an attempt to kill your self in addition to different entities that you just wish to maintain. Take warning and take your time with this command. Simply because you are able to do not at all times imply you must.


Congratulations, you now know tips on how to kill each mob in your loaded space in Minecraft. Mobs could cause an excessive amount of body stuttering and making certain that the sport doesn’t spend further time loading mobs may help your pc run at a smoother price. After all, it’s also possible to execute this command for journey maps the place you do not need mobs spawning all over. Be sure you know what you’re doing and at all times check in a world you don’t essentially care about if you’re executing a command like killing all entities.

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