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How to Level Up Commanders Fast? – Rise of Kingdoms

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In Rise of Kingdoms, one of many major duties for any participant is to stage up commanders quick by giving them XP in numerous methods to additional enhance their energy.

On this article, let’s discuss in regards to the quickest solution to receive stage and energy on your commanders as a free-to-play participant!

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How one can Degree Up Commanders?

In Rise of Kingdoms, Commander XP may be obtained in a number of methods:

  • Be energetic! Sure!
  • Be in an energetic Alliance the place individuals destroy barbarian forts day-after-day and take part in Alliance occasions.
  • At all times spend free Motion Factors farming barbarians on the map.
  • Take part in defeating guardians together with your Alliance members.
  • Collect runes that enhance expertise gained by commanders; runes seem within the “Holy Websites”.
  • Numerous occasions give us Tome of Knowledge level 3 “Tomes of Information” rewards.

Necessary: You can not achieve Commanders XP by attacking different gamers.

Degree Up Commanders with Barbarian Forts

Barbarian Fort

This is likely one of the handiest methods to extend the expertise of your commanders.

Barbarian forts don’t give expertise for destroying them, nevertheless, their rewards embody Tome of Knowledge level 3 “Tomes of Information” and different useful items. The quantity of rewards is determined by the extent of the forts.

Finest Commanders for destroying Barbarian Forts:

AethelflaedCao Cao

Degree Up Commanders with Barbarians

The normal and best solution to enhance the extent of our commanders is defeating barbarian models on the map.

Doing this, you don’t want the assistance of anybody or to be in an alliance, you solely have to make use of the commanders you wish to stage up when farming Barbarians.

Finest commanders to defeat barbarians. Ideally, Peacekeeping commanders are the most effective for this job!

mulan Rise of KingdomsAethelflaedCao Cao

Most of those commanders have an additional XP achieve when killing Barbarians so they’re extraordinarily efficient at leveling up themselves or any secondary commander coming with them.

Degree Up Commanders with Guardians

Defeating guardians of “Holy Websites” is the quickest and handiest solution to enhance the expertise obtained by every commander.

Every of the Guardians provides numerous expertise, They seem within the Holy Websites each 12h and it is very important at all times take part within the schedule established by the dominion for the hunt for these guardians.

farming guardians
Farming Guardians

Any commander is efficient to defeat guardians, they don’t eat AP and we will assault them with a number of troops identical to a barbarian, due to this fact, there are not any “Finest commanders” for this activity, it solely is determined by our alternative, selecting which one is essential to extend the can.

Guardian XP
Big quantity of XP when defeating Guardians!

Tomes of Information

As soon as you’re a extra superior participant in Rise of Kingdoms, you may benefit from utilizing Tome of Knowledge level 3 “Tomes of Information” to extend the extent of any particular commanders. And that is the fatest method!

You solely wish to spend slightly of Tome of Knowledge level 3 “Tomes of Information” to extend the gathering commander ranges, and doubtless in your greatest Epic commander (Solar Tzu, Boudica, Joan of Arc, and so forth) whereas slowly saving them and spend them afterward the most effective Legendary Commanders you’ve.

Many occasions have impartial models and when defeating them, you’re going to get a large amount of expertise books. It’s why it is very important be energetic and paricipate in all occasions!

Tomes of Knowledge Items

Commander Expertise Value

Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms have a most stage cap relying on their rarity (Superior, Elite, Epic, or Legendary).

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