How to make movie theater popcorn butter topping
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Homemade Movie Popcorn (Butter Popcorn) | RecipeTin Eats

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How to make movie theater popcorn butter topping

Video How to make movie theater popcorn butter topping
This yellow, intensely buttery do-it-yourself Film Popcorn stays crisp FOR DAYS! Save a fortune on the film theatre sweet bar – simply keep in mind to take a large bag so you’ll be able to smuggle in a great deal of your individual do-it-yourself Butter Popcorn….

Do-it-yourself Film Popcorn (Butter Popcorn)

At present’s butter popcorn recipe is for everybody who’s blown a fortune at film theatre sweet bars.

Specifically, for all fellow Aussies who keep in mind having fun with low cost film tickets on Tight-Arse-Tuesdays*, solely to spend twice as a lot on popcorn and M&M’s.

I can’t make it easier to on the M&M’s.

However I can make it easier to with the butter popcorn!!!

This butter popcorn is very buttery – and it stays crisp for days!

* In Australia, film tickets are (had been??) discounted by most cinemas each Tuesday. We affectionally referred to it as Tight-Arse-Tuesdays. You’d be arduous pressed to search out an Aussie who isn’t conversant in this time period!

Easy methods to make butter popcorn with out it going soggy

The key to stay-crispy popcorn that’s actually butter is clarified butter, also referred to as ghee. That is simply melted butter that’s simmered till the water within the butter evaporates – as a result of butter is made up of fats, milk solids and water.

As soon as the water is evaporated, the melted butter is now pure butter fats. This has two advantages for butter popcorn:

  • Use to pop the popcorn – as a result of it has a better smoke level than regular butter. You CANNOT pop popcorn with regular butter, it simply burns; and
  • Gained’t make popcorn soggy whenever you pour the butter over it. In actual fact, it stays crispy for days and days and days….

Different to creating clarified butter: Use retailer purchased ghee. That’s what clarified butter is!

Easy methods to make clarified butter– the key to “keep crispy” butter popcorn

These things is also referred to as liquid gold. The buttery odor is simply insane!

And if that isn’t sufficient, one other miracle is that clarified butter may be saved within the pantry for months and months. It’s liquid when heat and a gentle butter consistency at room temperature (simply microwave to soften).

You’ll discover ghee known as for in nearly each Indian recipe. Additionally, use it instead of melted butter in any recipe – clarified butter is simply browned butter which is butter on steroids!

Easy methods to make Film Theatre Butter Popcorn

So now you realize the key to stay-crispy butter popcorn, right here’s the way to make Film Theatre Butter Popcorn that’s extremely buttery and can stray crisp for days! (I take advantage of the identical approach in my Evenly Candy ‘n Salty Popcorn, which provides a barely candy contact in comparison with this Butter Popcorn.)

  • Grind salt or blitz in meals processor to make it a wonderful powder – it must be wonderful so it sticks to the popcorn
  • Soften clarified butter (ghee) in a pot – don’t use regular butter
  • For non-obligatory film theatre yellow popcorn color – add tumeric and saffron powder (see part under for more information)
  • Add popcorn kernels, clamp lid on
  • 30 seconds after popcorn begins popping, shake pot as soon as
  • When popping stops, take away from pot and instantly switch popcorn into giant bowl
  • Douse liberally with extra clarified butter and sprinkle with salt. Don’t use regular butter, it can make it soggy!

Easy methods to make Film Popcorn YELLOW!

For a really genuine Film Popcorn expertise, this recipe contains an choice to make your popcorn yellow!

After many many batches of popcorn, I’ve settled on a mix of imitation saffron and tumeric powder as one of the simplest ways so as to add an genuine yellow color to the popcorn. I dissolve it in a contact of water, then swirl it round within the butter earlier than including the kernels.

Caveat: You’re going to get yellow fingers and tongue, similar to whenever you bask in Cheetos and Cheezels! There’s additionally the slightest hum of heat left in your tongue from the spices, barely noticeable. None of my mates observed it – till I probed them repeatedly!!!

For fellow meals nerds taken with how I landed on this: The spices need to be dissolved in a contact of water as a result of they don’t dissolve or seep into fats. This was additionally the issue with regular yellow meals colouring – it doesn’t dissolve in fats. I attempted emulsifying it by shaking in a jar with the butter, grinding with salt and sprinkling. I additionally discovered that utilizing each spices achieved the color I used to be after – tumeric alone makes the popcorn a loopy neon yellow color, whereas saffron comes out a cheddar orange color.

Phew! Who knew I might write a lot about popcorn??!!

I’ll let you know this although. Placing apart the yellow colouring, as a result of that basically is non-obligatory, Do-it-yourself Film Popcorn is insanely addictive. It’s buttery in a manner that simply dousing with regular melted butter by no means shall be. It’s evenly and evenly salted in a manner that you could’t obtain simply through the use of regular cooking or desk salt.

And the very best half?

IT STAYS CRISP FOR DAYS. As in – completely crispy.

Begin excited about the way you’re going to smuggle this into the cinema. As a result of actually, it’s nearly prison how costly film popcorn is to purchase!!! – Nagi x

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Watch the way to make it

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