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How NOT To Look Like An Over-Spilling Subway Sandwich When Wearing A Crop Top!

by Assessor

How often does it happen that you finally take up the courage, put on a crop top and then change back into your regular t-shirt because you feel too self-conscious about the skin show? Or about ‘stuff’ falling out when you slouch or sit?

This is no reason to not wear a crop top, ladies. And whoever says that crop tops aren’t for everyone, they’re wrong! Crop tops have come a long way from its 90’s Spice Girls days. T-shirt style, shirt style, hoodie style, sheer, embroidered, high-neck … you get the drift. Here are 7 easy tips for wearing a crop top and not look like a messy Subway sandwich.

1. High-Waisted Bottoms To The Rescue

Pairing your crop top with high-waisted bottoms – whether a pencil skirt or palazzo pants – is always a good idea especially to hide that muffin top. In fact the higher, the better! Higher waists don’t just give you a slimming more shapely effect but also make you look taller, and that retro vibe of the 70’s is a stylish bonus. Avoid wearing low-slung jeans, for fashion’s sake.

2. Is It Too Cropped?

Ideally, don’t go for anything that finishes more than an inch above your belly button. That can come off as unflattering. A flash of the midriff is enough, not the whole thing. After all, it’s a crop top, not a bra. Wearing a crop top doesn’t mean you HAVE to show your belly button!

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3. The Three Piece Rule

What you need to guarantee failsafe fashion is the three-piece rule. Adding statement pieces like a boho shrug, a quirky scarf or a denim jacket will only add to your look. If you’re getting conscious about skin show, layering is all you need to rock the trend.

4. Is It Too Tight?

Crop tops tend to accentuate your breasts. Avoid wearing crop tops that are too tight as they can make you look bigger (not in a good way) and broader. Pairing a boxy or loose-fitted crop top with narrower bottoms like skinny jeans will give a proper frame to your body structure. But don’t opt for flowy or light fabrics at the same time.

5. Overalls FTW

Mix it up with a chic dungaree. It’ll help you cover up while fetching you full points on style. You’ll feel more confident and less self-conscious too.

6. Choose Your Accessories Wisely

Accessorise simply. Crop tops are statement pieces themselves and will grab attention anyways. Adding a long pendant chain or necklace will elongate a torso that has been ‘shortened’ by the crop top. It’ll make you look less broad. However, don’t go for those heavy-ass boho necklaces. Minimalism is key here.

7. Attention! NO Stand-At-Ease!

And while you’re at it, sit straight, walk straight… you get the idea. Good posture not only looks more refined, it also prevents those weird folds, bumps, tires and unflattering angles that make you look like marshmallow fluff.

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