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How to Solve a Cryptogram – Puzzle Baron

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Should you’re new to cryptograms, this transient fixing tutorial will present you among the primary strategies seasoned solvers use to crack their codes. That is in no way an exhaustive listing, nevertheless! Each solver is totally different, and every has their very own favourite methods to assault a puzzle.

Many, if not most puzzles, can have a number of phrases that are composed of solely a single letter. Within the english language, the one two generally used one-letter phrases are I and a, so it is normally a secure wager that any single-letter phrase in your puzzle could be decoded to a kind of two. In very uncommon circumstances, a puzzle could use the phrase O in a poetic or archaic sense, so this rule will not all the time pan out, however 99% of the time that is a straightforward and handy option to get a foothold into the puzzle.

Frequency evaluation is a elaborate time period for a easy concept – sure letters seem way more typically within the english language than others. That is the place ETAOIN is useful. No, that is not the title of an unique tribe or an extinct tongue. ETAOIN is solely a mnemonic gadget combining the six letters which seem most steadily within the english language. The letter ‘E’ seems way more steadily than some other letter within the alphabet, with ‘T’ the commonest after that, ‘A’ the third most typical, and so forth.

How does this assist? Nicely, you will discover in our cryptograms, we offer a quantity beneath every letter. That quantity tells you the way typically that specific letter seems within the puzzle (i.e. that letter’s “frequency evaluation”). If, for instance, a letter seems twelve occasions in a puzzle, way more typically than some other letter, then it’s a excellent wager (although in no way sure) that that letter could be decoded to one of many ETAOIN group. As a rule, it should decode to ‘E’ or ‘T’.

You’ll have hated studying about contractions in grade-school, however right here in crypto-land, contractions are extraordinarily helpful! Contractions are merely phrases that mix two phrases right into a shorter, single phrase by changing sure inside letters with an apostrophe. Some examples are do not, they’ve, he’ll, he is, I am, she’d, and so forth. Possessives additionally use apostrophes in the same means, to indicate possession – i.e. girl’s, kid’s, canine’s, and so forth.

The explanation contractions and possessives are so helpful in decoding cryptograms is that solely a small variety of letters can be utilized in them instantly after the apostrophe. Possessives will solely ever use ‘S’ – contractions have extra choices, nevertheless:

‘Twill not do not is not aren’t weren’t should not did not cannot ‘She is she’s it is ‘DI would he’d she’d they’d ‘MI am ‘REthey’re you are ‘VEthey’ve you’ve got ‘LLI am going to he’ll she’ll they’re going to it’s going to

So be looking out for possessives and contractions. They will not seem in each puzzle, however they’re pretty widespread and might typically be a straightforward option to break into an in any other case irritating puzzle. (Additionally keep in mind that in the event you decode the post-apostrophe letter of a contraction to a ‘T’, then the letter instantly earlier than the apostrophe is nearly actually an ‘N’!)

By now you possibly have positioned an ‘A’ or an ‘I’ on the board, if there have been any one-letter phrases out there, and possibly you’ve got even positioned an ‘E’ or a ‘T’ by way of frequency evaluation. At this level it’s possible you’ll begin to see some two- and three-letter phrases which now have a single letter decoded in them. There are solely a handful of widespread two-letter phrases, and never very many extra three-letter phrases, so you can begin analyzing every to see the place they might and should not match.

Two Letters:of to in it’s be as at so we he by or on do if me my up an go no us amThree Letters:the and for are however not you all any can had her was one our out day get has him his how man

Be particularly certain to seek for appearances of ‘THE’ and ‘AND’ – two of essentially the most generally used phrases within the english language. Even when no letters have but been decoded you possibly can typically use frequency evaluation (keep in mind ETAOIN?) to search out one or each of those phrases. Search for three letter phrases with a frequency evaluation sample of HIGH-MEDIUM-HIGH (for ‘THE’) and HIGH-HIGH-MEDIUM (for ‘AND’). This can usually work higher for longer puzzles – the extra letters that seem in whole in a puzzle, the extra possible the statistical distribution of letters in that puzzle will strategy the language-wide averages represented by ETAOIN.

Sure less-common letters within the english language are inclined to “pair up” with different letters in two-letter sequences generally known as “digraphs.” ‘H’ is one instance – significantly when it’s the final letter of a phrase. {A partially}-decoded phrase like -H, for instance, will in all probability finish in -CH, -PH, -SH or -TH, simply because there are only a few different letters that may pair up with H close to the tip of a phrase.


It is usually extraordinarily helpful to search for double-letter digraphs, i.e. letters which seem in duplicate (one immediately after the opposite) in the identical phrase. These can typically be a useless giveaway, and particularly so in 3- and 4-letter phrases. Solely two vowels, ‘E’ and ‘O’, are generally used as double-letter vowel digraphs, although there are uncommon exceptions: ‘AA’ in phrases like AARDVARK or BAZAAR, ‘II’ in phrases like RADII or SKIING, ‘UU’ in phrases like VACUUM and CONTINUUM.

3 Lettersall add bee boo ell ebb egg charge goo too tee see 4 Lettersball been beer beet beep bell growth boot e-book bull butt name cell coon dell doll door doom fall fell really feel toes foot meals idiot fuss full gull gall corridor hell heed heel hill hull hoop hood hoof hoot jeep eager keel maintain much less lees mall want peel pall pool poof ballot poor peek move root reel reef reed roll room rood sass promote seen appear seed search seer seep quickly soot sill tall inform teen teem teed device wall effectively watt weed week weep

Longer phrases with greater than 5 or 6 letters will typically include prefixes and/or suffixes, each of which could be a massive assist in decoding a puzzle. Attempt to maintain among the extra widespread prefixes and suffixes in thoughts for these longer phrases, and see if any of them would possibly match the invoice.


A few of these suffixes even have steadily showing, longer variants which may typically decode extra letters:


We have already lined widespread phrases with one, two and three letters, however there are a handful of different, longer phrases which additionally seem steadily within the english language.

4 lettersthat with have this can your from they know need been good a lot a while very when come right here identical to lengthy make many extra solely over such take than them effectively had been 5 lettersabout the place which their there as we speak each would after different being first nice these since beneath the place whereas after 6+ lettersby means of folks between earlier than

Other than phrases which seem steadily within the english language on the whole, you must also consider the context of the cryptogram you are attempting to decode. In our puzzles on nftgamef.com, we provide the writer/supply of every puzzle up entrance, so that ought to instantly provide some primary contextualization clues. Ask some primary questions primarily based on the supply, equivalent to: (1) was this a person or a girl? (2) what time interval was this quote initially from? (3) what discipline/space was the writer significantly recognized for?

Say, for instance, the supply was Martin Luther King Jr.. You can also make an informed guess that his quote could have one thing to do with the Sixties civil rights motion. (Search for phrases like ‘rights’, ‘freedom’ or ‘oppression’.) A quote by Gloria Steinem could have one thing to do with ladies’s rights or feminism. (You would possibly search for phrases equivalent to ‘girl’ or ‘ladies.’)

All the time keep in mind that most cryptograms are encoded quotations, aphorisms, apothegms and jokes. As such, there are particular phrases that seem way more typically in cryptograms than maybe they do within the on a regular basis english language. Quotations, aphorisms and jokes typically attempt to make a basic level of some kind about life, love, folks, society, and so forth. As such they typically depend on “comparatives” and “superlatives” to make that time.

all the time / neverusually / rarelyoften / not often greatest / worstmost / leastmore / much less higher / worseeveryone / nooneeverybody / no person all the pieces / nothingeverywhere / nowhere

There are a handful of frequently-appearing phrases (see ideas #4, #7 and #9) which have very distinct patterns when at the least a number of of the ETAOIN group has been uncovered. Listed below are some examples:


It’s all too simple to focus completely on particular person phrases within the cryptogram, and never all the sentence construction as an entire. Keep in mind this stuff from grade college?

sentence diagram

That is known as a “sentence diagram.” It labels particular person components of speech for every factor in a sentence. Now don’t be concerned, you needn’t do a sentence diagram on every cryptogram! However it should assist to attempt to conceptualize what components of speech are already revealed inside the cryptogram, with a view to decide what sorts of phrases would possibly seem instantly earlier than or after them. If, for instance, you’ve got already revealed the phrase “THE” or “HIS”, it is vitally possible that the phrase instantly after it will likely be a noun or an adjective.

Punctuation can be a key clue. If there’s a brief phrase instantly after a comma, for instance, likelihood is good that it will likely be one of many extra widespread conjunctions (and, however, for, but, or, so, nor, and so forth.).

Many quotes and aphorisms make the most of the traditional rhetorical artwork of repetition. Ever take heed to a politician’s speech and understand {that a} sure phrase or phrase was continually being repeated all through? That is not by chance! Orators all through historical past have recognized that repetition is a vital factor of a persuasive argument.

So it should not be a shock that lots of the quotes you will discover in cryptograms embrace repeated phrases or phrases inside them. Listed below are some examples:

“We will battle on the seashores, we will battle on the touchdown grounds, we will battle within the fields and within the streets, we will battle within the hills, we will by no means give up.”

“At present, as by no means earlier than, the fates of males are so intimately linked to 1 one other {that a} catastrophe for one is a catastrophe for everyone.”

In fact, precise repetition like that proven above will not actually assist very a lot in a cryptogram, since as soon as you’ve got decoded one of many appearances, the others might be decoded mechanically. The place rhetorical repetition actually is useful is when it entails both “contextual repetition” (the place concepts are repeated with totally different phrases) or “counterpoint” (the place one concept is supplied as the precise reverse of one other).

Listed below are some examples of contextual repetition, the place the identical concept is repeated however with barely totally different phrases:

“I can consider nothing much less pleasurable than a life dedicated to pleasure.”

“It’s mentioned that energy corrupts, however really it is extra true that energy attracts the corruptible.”

And listed here are some examples of counterpoint, the place reverse ideas or concepts are offered towards one another:

“It’s onerous to imagine {that a} man is telling the reality when that you’d lie in the event you had been in his place.”

“Every part is imprecise to a level you don’t understand until you have got tried to make it exact.”

And in case you missed them… as a nod to method #9 (superlatives and comparatives), discover that of the above six quotations, 5 of them contained superlatives or comparatives: by no means (Churchill and Ginzburg), nothing and much less (Rockefeller), extra (Brin), and all the pieces (Russell).

If nothing appears to work for a selected phrase, and the patterns appear too screwy to match any commonly-used phrase within the english language, keep in mind that some quotes include correct nouns (names of locations or folks), uncommon types of onomatopoeia (like ‘boink’ or ‘kaboom’ or ‘whammo’), or simply plain odd or uncommon phrases that will haven’t any which means exterior of a really particular area of interest. Should you’ve tried each different attainable permutation and nothing works, begin pondering “exterior of the field” for considered one of these.

This one is good and easy. No letter will ever decode to itself. So if there is a ‘V’ within the cryptogram, you mechanically know that the ‘V’ would not decode to ‘V’. That is a kind of guidelines that solely helps out occasionally, however typically it may be the distinction between fixing a puzzle and being utterly stumped!

Since each letter is decoded to 1, and just one, letter, you will know that when you’ve got uncovered the ‘T’, for instance, no different letter within the puzzle will even decode to ‘T’. An enormous advantage of fixing cryptograms on-line is that we offer you a constantly-updated listing of “Remaining Letters” on the backside of every puzzle. This may typically be a giant assist in the event you’re caught on a phrase or two close to the tip of a puzzle, and multiple phrase will match. Seek the advice of the remaining letters and work solely with these to rule in or out all attainable permutations.

There is no disgrace to find a puzzle so troublesome and inscrutible that not one of the above methods can assist you reveal a single definitive letter within the cryptogram. That is significantly true of cryptograms that are both (1) extraordinarily brief or (2) use few or no 1-, 2- or 3-letter phrases.

In circumstances like these, give trial and error a shot! The great thing about our on-line cryptograms is that there isn’t any penalty for guessing, and also you needn’t pull out an eraser to take away your errors. Strive inserting an ‘S’ someplace and see what occurs. If it causes an especially unlikely collection of letters to seem (say, a phrase beginning with “SS”), then you definately’ll know the ‘S’ in all probability would not go there, and you’ll strive one thing else. All it takes is a keystroke to take away an errant letter, so do not be shy about peppering in some guesses right here and there when wanted.

When you’ve got a touch or method which is not listed above, we might love to listen to about it! Simply use the contact kind on the backside proper of this web page to drop us a line.

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