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How to start an animal farm in Minecraft

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Animal farms are a significant assemble for any Minecraft playthrough because of they grant players a relentless present of meals and property. These farms are extraordinarily setting pleasant for all players as they don’t have to go and hunt for meals.

Animal farms are superior to Wheat, Potato, and Carrot farms as moreover they supply players with property similar to Leather-based-based, Wool, and Feathers. If a participant is deciding to create an animal or crop farm, the earlier is on a regular basis hottest.

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Strategies to start an animal farm in Minecraft


Sooner than players can assemble an animal farm, they wish to make sure the animals will not have the ability to flee. The most common approach to carry out that’s using Fences and Fence Gates. Nonetheless, Partitions are moreover an setting pleasant approach for people who don’t want to make use of Picket.

Sheep are the one animals that require Grass blocks if the participant must consistently Shear them, as they’re going to eat the grass to develop their Wool once more. Other than that, the blocks listed above are all that is wished to begin out an setting pleasant farm. Each half else is solely for esthetic.


After setting up the farm using Fences or Partitions, players will now should introduce the animals into it.

Leads are extraordinarily actually helpful as animals is perhaps led merely into the enclosure with out bother. Players will solely need two of each animal, as they’re capable of be bred terribly quickly. As quickly because the animal is led into the enclosure, the participant can then break the lead and shut the gates/door.

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After players have led two of the similar styles of animals into their enclosure, they’re going to now be bred with their hottest meals.

Listed beneath is what each animal requires to be bred:

  • Pig (Carrot, Potato, Beetroot)
  • Sheep (Wheat)
  • Cow (Wheat)
  • Mooshroom (Wheat)
  • Horses/Donkeys (Golden Apples/Golden Carrots)
  • Rooster (Seeds)

Whereas there are completely different animals which may be bred, these are basically essentially the most typically farmed animals that current one of the best meals and property.

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