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90 Happy Easter Wishes – Easter Messages for Friends and Family

by Moon
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How to wish a happy easter

Every year, we get very excited for the start of spring—and especially for Easter! 😃

Can you blame us, though? It’s a time where people get together, eat a scrumptious brunch (followed by some mouthwatering Easter desserts), and essentially bask in the true meaning of renewal and new beginnings! While many people get together with their loved ones for the holiday, you might not be able to see everyone you were hoping to. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still deliver them some Easter cheer!

That’s where Easter wishes and messages come in. Here, you’ll find sayings and sentimental notes to help you share your excitement with all of your peeps (and most of them double as great Easter Instagram captions, too). Whether you’re looking for a fabulous Easter quote, a witty one-liner from a favorite Easter movie, or something that speaks to the true meaning and depth of the holiday, we’ve got you covered. We’ve also got plenty of great options for those with children (“Chocolate, sunshine, and bunnies, here you come!”) and tons of Easter jokes, too. Punny Easter messages for the win! And yes, there are also dozens of options here to help you make the adults feel loved, too. Hey, chocolate bunnies and marshmallow treats aren’t just for the kiddos!

Easter Wishes for Kids

  • I can’t tell what I’m most excited for, to spend Easter with you, or to eat all the chocolate bunnies!
  • Hope you’re hopping with joy on this fine Easter Sunday!
  • Happy Easter my favorite Kiddo!
  • If only Easter wasn’t on a Sunday. I hope you enjoy your regular two-day weekend with extra candy!
  • If you find the Easter Bunny’s secret stash… Call me. Immediately!
  • You make life extra sweet, little one. Have a happy holiday!
  • To my favorite little bunny: Here’s to a beautiful, sunshine-filled day with you!
  • I hope you’re egg-cited, because today’s going to be a special day. Happy Easter!
  • Ears hoping you have the best Easter ever.
  • You’re egg-stra special… and I hope your Easter is, too!
  • Here’s hoping we have a happy, hoppy, sunshine-y Easter together.
  • I can’t wait to spend the whole day with you. Happy Easter!
  • The Easter Bunny let me know you’re in for a treat today—or should I say “treats”?
  • Roses are red, violets are blue… Easter’s today, and I love you!
  • Happy Easter, little chickadee! Let’s hope it’s the best one yet.
  • You make my life as joyful and special as Easter every single day. Thank you for that!
  • Did someone say “candy”? Prepare for a beautiful, sugary sweet day, little one!
  • Three cheers for candy, candy, and… YOU! (And maybe some more candy.)
  • How’d you like to have the best day ever? Let’s make it happen. Happy Easter!
  • I hope you’re showered with candy, hugs, and all sorts of Easter magic today.
  • Bunny kisses and Easter wishes. Here’s to all my special peeps.
  • Happy Easter, happy spring, love and joy in everything!
  • Happy Easter to the best kiddos. May God grant all your wishes on this holy day!
  • Sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows, that’s how a hoppy Easter goes!
  • Bunnies are cuddly, the large and the small, but I know you like chocolate ones best of them all! Happy Easter to my sweetest bunny.
  • Wishing my hunny bunny nothing but smiles, sunshine, and lots of sweets this Easter day.
  • It’s Easter morning so let’s celebrate spring, renewal, and the sweetest thing to happen to me.
  • Easter is a time to give thanks, and I couldn’t be more grateful for you!
  • Hippity hop, do you hear that? It’s the Easter Bunny on its way!
  • What’s cuter than a fluffy-tailed, tall-eared critter that visits today? My sweet little peeps!
  • Happy Easter, little one! Here’s to hopping around with you for another sweet, special year.
  • Hoppy Easter to you!
  • I hope you enjoy the sweetness of this day! Have a very special Easter.
  • You are one good egg! Happy Easter to my favorite bunny.
  • Some-bunny told me you deserve a ton of chocolate this year!
  • Let’s go paint some eggs—and give thanks for all of our blessings! Happy Easter, my sweet daughter/son.
  • Here’s to a day as sweet as you are.
  • I hope you’re ready for some eggs-tra special surprises this Easter!
  • Hopping around sure is more fun with you. Thanks for making my life as beautiful as Easter!
  • Do you hear that knocking at our door? That’s the Easter Bunny—and I think he’s got some fun presents for you!
  • I love you hops—I mean, heaps!
  • Hop, hop, hop! The Easter Bunny told me to tell you that you’re a wonderful kid—and I agree.
  • Chocolate, sunshine, and bunnies, here you come! Happy Easter!
  • Did somebody say chocolate? Happy Easter to you!
  • I hope you’re ready for a hoppin’ good time, because we’re about to have one!

Easter Wishes for Friends and Family

  • Couldn’t imagine a better group to spend this holiday with. Happy Easter!
  • Get ready for some eggs-tra special, chocolate-filled surprises in all of your baskets!
  • Can’t wait to live, laugh, and love with you on Easter Sunday. 😂
  • Bunch of bunnies you all are. Happy Easter!
  • May you enjoy this day surrounded by friends, family, and plenty of leftover brunch!
  • I’m so glad you hopped into my life, friend. Happy Easter to you!
  • Love you more than chocolate. And I really, really love chocolate.
  • With sunshine and chocolate bunnies and you, how could I have a more perfect day?
  • Peeps flavors may come and go, but our friendship remains the same. I love you; happy Easter!
  • I’m counting my blessings this Easter, and you’re one of them.
  • Thank you for being such a special part of my life. Happy Easter!
  • Sending you Easter hugs and kisses on this blessed Sunday!
  • Thanks for bringing sunshine into my life each and every day. You deserve the happiest Easter!
  • May you be surrounded by love and chocolate today, friend. Happy Easter.
  • Here’s to you, friend, for being as sweet and special as this beautiful holiday!
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, wishing our whole family a happy Easter, and a happy spring too!
  • Hoppy Easter, wishing you and yours a blessed spring.
  • Kindest Easter wishes to the best family on the block!
  • We’ll be seeing you at the egg hunt this afternoon, and may the best bunny win!
  • Wishing you a spring filled with peace, joy, and lovely weather. Happy Easter!
  • Wishing you a basket full of chocolate and so much love on this beautiful holiday. Happy Easter, friend!
  • Here’s hoping you’re surrounded by sunshine and family on this very special day.
  • Sending sweet thoughts your way, friend. Happy, hoppy Easter!
  • On special occasions like this, I always give thanks for friends like you. Have a beautiful one!
  • Cheers to the sweetest things in life—one of which is you. Happy Easter!
  • May you enjoy this day with friends, family, and more than a few pieces of chocolate. Happy Easter!
  • Family, springy weather, and tons of chocolate—does it get better than this? Wishing you a special holiday filled with all of the above!
  • Wishing you blessing after blessing on this beautiful day.
  • I hope you’re having a joyous, meaningful celebration with your family.
  • I only wish we could be together on this beautiful, sunny day. Happy Easter!

Jokes to Send as Easter Wishes

  • Why did the baby chick cross the road? To meet up with her Peeps.
  • Knock, knock! Who’s there? Arthur. Arthur who? Arthur any more Easter eggs to decorate?
  • How does the Easter Bunny travel? By hare-plane.
  • What’s the Easter Bunny’s favorite restaurant? IHOP.
  • Did you hear the one about the house infested with Easter eggs? It needed an eggs-terminator!
  • Knock knock. Who’s there? Heidi. Heidi who? Heidi all the eggs in the yard because we’re coming for them!
  • Why is the Easter Bunny so lucky? Cause he’s as cute as you!
  • What do you call the Easter Bunny the Monday after Easter? Eggs-hausted. Now lets get the party started!
  • Knock knock. Who’s there? Some-bunny. Some-bunny who? Some-bunny who loves you!
  • What happened when the Easter Bunny met the rabbit of his dreams? They lived hoppily ever after.
  • Where does Christmas comes before Easter? In the dictionary!
  • What happens if you fall in love on Easter? You live hoppily ever after.
  • Does anyone know how Easter ends? With an “R”!
  • What’s the best type of jewelry to gift on Easter? A 14-carrot gold necklace.
  • What’s one way to make Easter easier? Put an “i” where the “t” is.

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