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I wish i was somebody anybody but myself

Song Details: Lyrics is a song from the album Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers by Kendrick Lamar. The song name is Mother I Sober which is sung by Kendrick Lamar & Beth Gibbons

I Wish I Was Somebody Anybody but Myself Lyrics

[Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar]I’m Sensitive, I Feel Everything, I Feel EverybodyOne Man Standing On Two Words, Heal EverybodyTransformation, Then Reciprocation, Karma Must ReturnHeal Myself, Secrets That I Hide, Buried In These WordsDeath Threats, Ego Must Die, But I Let It PurgePacify Broken, Pieces Of Me, It Was All A BlurMother Cried, Put They Hands On Her, It Was Family TiesI Heard It All, I Should’ve Grabbed A GunBut I Was Only FiveI Still Feel Weighing On My HeartMy First Tough DecisionIn The Shadows Clinging To My Soul As My Only CriticWhere’s My Faith? Told You I Was ChristianBut Just Not TodayI Transformed, Praying To The TreesGod Is Taken ShapeMy Mother’s Mother Followed MeFor Years In Her AfterlifeStaring At Me On Back Of Some Buses, I Wake Up At NightLoved Her Dearly, Traded In My Tears For A Range RoverTransformation, You Aingt Felt Grief’til You Felt It Sober

[Chorus: Beth Gibbons]I Wish I Was SomebodyAnybody But MyselfOh! , I Wish I Was SomebodyAnybody But Myself

[Verse 2: Kendrick Lamar]I Remember Looking In The Mirror Knowing I Was GiftedOnly Child, Me For Seven Years, Everything For ChristmasFamily Ties, They Accused My Cousin“Did He Touch You Kendrick?”Never Lied, But No One Believed MeWhen I Said “He Didn’t”Frozen Moments, Still Holding On ItHard To Trust Myself, I Started RhymingCoping Mechanisms To Lift Up MyselfTalked To My Lawyer, Told Me Not To Be So Hard On MyselfHe Has An Aura, I Hope To AchieveIf I Find Some Help, CongratulationsMade It To Be FamousStill I Feel Uneasy, Water WatchingLive My Life In NatureOnly Thing Relieves MeSpirit Guide Whisper In My Ear Tell Me That She Sees Me“Did He Touch You?”I Said “No” Again, Still They Didn’t Believe MeMothers Brother Said He Got Revenge For My Mothers FaceBlack And Blue, The Image Of My Queen That I Can’t Erase‘Til This Day Can’t Look Her In The Eyes Pain Is Taking OverBlame MyselfYou Never Felt Guilt ’til You Felt It Sober

[Chorus: Beth Gibbons]I Wish I Was SomebodyAnybody But MyselfOh! , I Wish I Was SomebodyAnybody But Myself

[Verse 3: Kendrick Lamar]I Was Never High, I Was Never DrunkNever Out My Mind, I Need ControlThey Handed Me Some Smoke, But Still I DeclinedI Did It Sober Sitting With MyselfI Went Through All Emotions, No DependentsExcept For The One, Let Me Bring You Closer, IntoxicatedThere’s A Lustful Nature That I Failed To MentionInsecurities That I Project, Sleeping With Other WomenWhitney’s Hurt, The Pure Soul I KnowI Found Her In The KitchenAsking God “Where Did I Lose Myself?And Can It Be Forgiven?”Broke Me Down, She Looked Me In My Eyes“Is There An Addiction?” I Said “No”But This Time I LiedI Knew That I Can’t Fix It, Pure Soul, Even In Her PainKnow She Cared For Me, Gave Me A NumberSaid She Recommended Some TherapyI Asked My Momma Why She Didn’t Believe MeWhen I Told Her “No”I Never Knew She Was Violated In ChicagoI’m SympatheticTold Me That She Feared It Happened To MeOr My ProtectionThough It Never Happened, She Wouldn’t AgreeNow I’m AffectedTwenty Years Later Trauma Has ResurfacedAmplified As I Write This SongI Shiver ‘Cause I’m NervousI Was Five, Questioning Myself, ‘lone For Many YearsNothing’s WrongJust Results On How Them Questions Made Me FeelI Made It Home, Seven Years On Tour, Chasing ManhoodBut Whitney’s Gone By Time You Hear This SongShe Did All She CouldAll These Women Gave Me Super PowersWhat I Thought I LackedI Pray Our Children Don’t Inherit Me And My FeelingsI Attract A ConversationNot Being Addressed In Black FamiliesThe Devastation Haunting Generations And HumanityThey Raped Our Mothers, Then They Raped Our SistersThen They Made Us Watch, Then Made Us Rape Each OtherPsychotic Torture Between Our Lives We Aingt RecoveredStill Living As Victims In The Public Eyes Who Pledge AllegianceEvery Other Brother Has Been CompromisedI Know The Secrets, Every Other Rapper Sexually AbusedI See Them Daily Burying The Pain In Chains And TattoosSo Listen Close Before You Start To Pass Judgement On How We MoveLearn How We CopeWhenever His Uncle Had To Walk Him From SchoolHis Anger Grows Deep In MisogynyThis Is Post-Traumatic Black Families And A SodomyToday Is Still ActiveSo I Set Free Myself From All The GuiltThat I Thought I MadeSo I Set Free My Mother All The HurtThat She Titled ShameSo I Set Free My Cousin, Chaotic For My Mothers PainI Hope Hykeem Made You Proud‘Cause You Aingt Die In VeinSo I Set Free The Power Of Whitney, May She Heal Us AllSo I Set Free Our ChildrenMay Good Karma Keep Them With GodSo I Set Free The Hearts Filled With HatredKeep Our Bodies SacredAs I Set Free All You AbusersThis Is Transformation

[Chorus: Beth Gibbons]I Wish I Was SomebodyAnybody But MyselfOh! , I Wish I Was SomebodyAnybody But Myself

[Outro: Kendrick Lamar]You Did It, I’m Proud Of YouYou Broke A Generational CurseSay “Thank You Dad”Thank You DaddyThank You MommyThank You BrotherMr. Morale!

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This is the end of I Wish I Was Somebody Anybody but Myself.

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