'Infiel: Historia de un Engaño': trama, fecha de estreno, tráiler y elenco de la serie turca 
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‘Infiel: Historia de un Engaño’: A Captivating Turkish Series Coming to Telemundo

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Infiel: Historia de un engaño is the latest Turkish telenovela set to grace the screens of Telemundo on Monday, June 13th at 10 pm/9c. Brace yourself for an impactful storyline that dives into extramarital relationships and forgiveness.

Synopsis: What’s ‘Infiel: Historia de un engaño’ About?

Asya (played by Cansu Dere) is a 37-year-old general practitioner and associate director of a hospital in the city of Tekirdag. She has a successful career and a perfect life with her husband Volcan (played by Caner Cindoruk) and their teenage son Ali (played by Alp Akar). She has never regretted the life she chose until she begins to suspect that her husband is having an affair.

‘Infiel: Historia de un Engaño’, premiering on Monday, June 13th at 10PM/9C on Telemundo. Ratingperson

Volcan appears to be the perfect family man. He is passionate, caring towards his wife and son, and behaves responsibly and considerately. He runs a small architecture firm and works as an architect.

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Though he loves his wife, he finds himself in a difficult position due to an extramarital relationship.

Asya places a lot of trust in her husband. However, when she discovers a strand of blonde hair on his scarf, she begins to suspect his infidelity. She tries her best to overcome this situation, but she can’t shake the uneasy feeling in her heart. Therefore, she decides to investigate her husband.

By pure coincidence, Asya learns that her husband has been working with an assistant named Serap (played by Olcay Yusufoglu) for at least a year. Serap assures her that Volcan cares about maintaining a work-life balance and leaves work around 5 pm every day. Upon hearing this, Asya is shocked because her husband arrives home around 8 pm every day, lying about his work schedule.

Despite her friends’ advice, Asya decides to secretly follow her husband. When Volcan leaves work, Asya begins to tail him. However, her journey leads her to her sick mother-in-law’s house. Asya does her best to hide her emotions and behaves as if she coincidentally ran into her husband. Volcan explains that he visits his mother almost every day because her condition is worsening. However, after a small chat with a caregiver, Asya discovers that Volcan hasn’t been visiting his mother for nearly a month.

Asya knows for certain that her husband has been lying. Now, she needs to meet the woman with whom her husband is having an affair.

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Will Asya forgive her husband and continue with her life as it was? Will Derin understand that Volcan has no intention of divorcing? Will Volcan choose his wife Asya or his girlfriend Derin? Will Asya seek revenge on her husband?

Premiere Date: When Does ‘Infiel: Historia de un Engaño’ Premiere on Telemundo?

‘Infiel: Historia de un Engaño’ premieres on Monday, June 13th, 2022, at 10/9C on Telemundo. From June 14th, it will also be available on Telemundo’s complete episodes app.

The Cast of ‘Infiel’: Actors and Characters of ‘Infiel: Historia de un engaño’

  • Cansu Dere as Asya Arslan: Born and raised in Izmir, Asya lost her parents in a suspicious car accident when she was young. Her lonely upbringing made her crave a family. She graduated in medicine from one of Izmir’s top universities and specialized in internal medicine. She is a highly successful associate professor.

Cansu Dere as Asya Arslan in ‘Infiel: Historia de un Engaño’. Ratingperson

  • Caner Cindoruk as Volcan Arslan: Born and raised in Tekirdag, Volcan’s father abandoned him when he was young, leaving him alone with his mother. Growing up as an orphan in poverty made him ambitious. He studied architecture at one of Istanbul’s top universities.

Caner Cindoruk as Volcan Arslan in ‘Infiel: Historia de un Engaño’. Ratingperson

  • Melis Sezen as Derin Güçlü: Derin is deeply in love with Volcan, but she suffers from extreme mood swings. She is the only daughter of her family, who are well-known due to her father’s mayoral position in the city. In their neighborhood, Volcan’s wife, Asya, is a highly respected doctor.
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Melis Sezen as Derin Güçlü in ‘Infiel: Historia de un Engaño’. Ratingperson

  • Özge Özder as Derya Samanlı: After her parents’ divorce, Derya started living with her mother, but life became difficult. Gossip in a small town, her mother’s struggle to raise Ayça, the fact that she had to work late into the night, and her efforts to ensure Ayça studied medicine…

Özge Özder as Derya Samanlı in ‘Infiel: Historia de un Engaño’. Ratingperson

  • Yeliz Kuvancı as Bahar Gelik: When she married her childhood sweetheart, Mert, 15 years ago, she was the happiest woman. Bahar and Mert tried to have a baby after a few years of marriage, but they couldn’t. Despite years of trying, going to many doctors, and trying every remedy, they were unsuccessful. This process took a toll on their marriage, and Bahar’s deepest desire is to have a baby, and she won’t give up.

Yeliz Kuvancı as Bahar Gelik in ‘Infiel: Historia de un Engaño’. Ratingperson

  • Eren Vurdem as Mert Gelik: Mert married Bahar, whom he knew since childhood, 15 years ago. As Bahar and Mert couldn’t have a baby, and as Bahar became anxious about it, Mert quickly fell out of love. He is always competing with his best friend, Volcan. Despite coming from similar backgrounds, Volcan has always been one step ahead of Mert.

Eren Vurdem as Mert Gelik in ‘Infiel: Historia de un Engaño’. Ratingperson

Stay tuned for the captivating and gripping ride that is ‘Infiel: Historia de un Engaño’ on Telemundo!

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