23 Southern Thanksgiving Side Dishes to Serve This Year
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23 Mouthwatering Southern Thanksgiving Side Dishes for a Cozy Feast

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Get Ready for a Deliciously Unique Thanksgiving Celebration!

Embrace the Southern Flavors with These Tasty Recipes

With the current social distancing guidelines and travel restrictions in place, Thanksgiving will be quite different this year. However, regardless of the smaller gatherings, you can still indulge in a delightful and comforting feast filled with mouthwatering dishes. Whether you’re in the South or simply craving some homestyle cooking, we’ve got you covered. These exceptional Southern Thanksgiving recipes are guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning palates at your table.

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buttermilk biscuits on cooling rack
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Southern-Style Biscuits: A Must-Have Alternative to Dinner Rolls

Move over, dinner rolls! Make room for the much tastier Southern alternative: biscuits. These fluffy delights deserve an esteemed place at your Thanksgiving spread.

Check out our recipe for Southern-Style Biscuits.

Crispy Crumb-Topped Mac and Cheese Cups: Individual Servings of Ultimate Comfort

Mac and cheese, a classic Southern side dish, gets a remarkable twist in this recipe. Perfectly portioned for a socially distant holiday gathering, these crispy, crumb-topped cups will surely impress.

Get our recipe for Crispy Crumb-Topped Mac and Cheese Cups.

Green Bean Casserole: Elevate Your Thanksgiving Table with Fresh Ingredients

No Thanksgiving feast is complete without a side of green beans. Our recipe takes this classic dish to new heights by using fresh mushrooms instead of canned soup.

Get our recipe for Green Bean Casserole.

Photo by Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

Coleslaw: A Southern Delicacy for Your Thanksgiving Spread

Who says coleslaw doesn’t belong on a Thanksgiving table? When done right, it can be a Southern delicacy and one of the easiest side dishes to prepare.

Get our recipe for Coleslaw.

Pimento Cheese Deviled Eggs: Elevate Your Appetizer Game

Have you ever tried making deviled eggs with Southern cheese? If not, you’re in for a treat. These delicious bites are the perfect appetizer or side dish to complement your Thanksgiving dinner.

Get our recipe for Pimento Cheese Deviled Eggs.

Baked Beans
Photo by Shutterstock

Baked Beans: A Savory Addition to Your Thanksgiving Feast

Baked beans are often served with barbecue sandwiches, but they can also find a well-deserved place on your Thanksgiving table. These flavorful beans will add a special touch to your holiday spread.

Get our recipe for Baked Beans.

A Cheesy Yukon Gold and Sweet Potato Gratin: The Perfect Dish for Festive Celebrations

This cheesy gratin is an absolute showstopper for any family holiday celebration. With a combination of Yukon gold and sweet potatoes, it’s the best of both worlds.

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Get our recipe for a Yukon Gold and Sweet Potato Gratin.

Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Photo by Shutterstock

Spicy Mashed Sweet Potatoes: A Fiery Twist to Classic Mashed Potatoes

Don’t limit yourself to regular mashed potatoes this Thanksgiving. Discover the mouthwatering flavors of spicy mashed sweet potatoes and elevate your holiday dinner.

Get our recipe for Spicy Mashed Sweet Potatoes.

Potato Salad: Surprise Your Guests with a Unique Side Dish

Potato salad may not be the first dish that comes to mind for Thanksgiving, but why not try something different this year? If you’re seeking an alternative to mashed potatoes, this recipe is perfect for you.

Get our recipe for Potato Salad.

Pickled Jalapeños
Photo by Shutterstock

Pickled Jalapeños: Add Some Excitement to Your Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving dishes like turkey and stuffing are not known for their spicy kick. Add a side of pickled jalapeños to your table to bring that much-needed zest and excitement to your holiday feast.

Get our recipe for Pickled Jalapeños.

Butternut Squash Soup: A Light and Flavorful Appetizer

This light and delicious soup is an excellent way to sneak some vegetables into your Thanksgiving meal. Treat your taste buds to a delightful and nutritious start.

Get our recipe for Butternut Squash Soup.

Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Feta

Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Feta: A Southern Twist on a Classic Dish

If you’re a fan of Brussels sprouts, you’ll absolutely fall in love with this Southern twist. The addition of bacon takes this side dish to a whole new level of tastiness.

Get our recipe for Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Feta.

Cornbread: An Irresistible Addition to Your Thanksgiving Feast

If you’re already planning on adding biscuits to your Thanksgiving table, why not serve cornbread too? A Southern delicacy that has stood the test of time, cornbread is a must-have treat.

Get the recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction.

Bread Pudding
Photo by Courtesy of Cooking Classy

Bread Pudding: Transform Leftover Bread into a Creamy Delight

Don’t let your leftover bread go to waste. Repurpose it into a creamy and delightful dessert with this fantastic bread pudding recipe.

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Get the recipe from Cooking Classy.

Corn Soufflé
Photo by Courtesy of The Girl Who Ate Everything

Corn Soufflé: Elevate Your Thanksgiving Feast with a Unique Twist

If cornbread doesn’t entice you, why not give corn soufflé a try? Either option is bound to be a winner and a significant improvement over creamed corn.

Get the recipe from The Girl Who Ate Everything.

Homemade Applesauce
Photo by Courtesy of Cookie and Kate

Homemade Applesauce: An Old-Fashioned Delight

For a truly traditional Thanksgiving dish, take a shot at making homemade applesauce. The extra effort will be worth it when you taste the remarkable flavors.

Get the recipe from Cookie + Kate.

Collard Greens
Photo by Courtesy of Cookie and Kate

Collard Greens: A Nutritious and Flavorful Side Dish

If you haven’t experienced the delights of collard greens, you’re truly missing out. Packed with nutrition and cooked with a hint of garlic, they are a Southern delicacy that will pleasantly surprise you.

Get the recipe from Cookie + Kate.

Squash Casserole
Photo by Courtesy of The Seasoned Mom

Squash Casserole: Give Squash the Recognition It Deserves

Squash is an often overlooked ingredient for casseroles, but it deserves a chance in the spotlight this holiday season. With the addition of cheese and crushed crackers, this dish exudes a comforting Southern charm.

Get the recipe from The Seasoned Mom.

Pork Sausage Stuffing Cups
Photo by Courtesy of Recipe Tin Eats

Pork Sausage Stuffing Cups: A Savory Twist on a Classic Dish

Say goodbye to the traditional heaping piles of dry stuffing and hello to these delightful individual stuffing cups. Easy to make and perfect for a COVID-friendly celebration, they are sure to please. And with the addition of pork sausage, you can’t go wrong.

Get the recipe from Recipe Tin Eats.

Pineapple Casserole
Photo by Courtesy of The Seasoned Mom

Pineapple Casserole: A Unique and Surprisingly Delicious Southern Gem

Prepare to be blown away by this Southern delicacy. While canned pineapple, cheese, and Ritz crackers may not sound like a harmonious combination, they come together beautifully in this unforgettable casserole.

Get the recipe from The Seasoned Mom.

Jello Pretzel Salad
Photo by Courtesy of The Girl Who Ate Everything

Jello Pretzel Salad: A Sweet-Salty Delight

No Southern (or Midwestern) Thanksgiving spread would be complete without a Jello salad. This fun and unique recipe takes it to another level by incorporating pretzels for a delightful sweet-salty combination.

Get the recipe from The Girl Who Ate Everything.

Pumpkin Cornbread Muffins
Photo by Courtesy of The View from Great Island

Pumpkin Cornbread Muffins: A Seasonal Twist on a Classic Recipe

When it comes to cornbread, there’s only one way to make it even better: add pumpkin. The result is an absolutely delectable treat that you won’t want to miss.

Get the recipe from The View from Great Island.

Roux Gravy
Photo by Shutterstock

Roux Gravy: A Rich Addition to Your Thanksgiving Feast

Don’t let those turkey giblets go to waste. Put them to good use by making this savory roux gravy to dress your bird. It will enhance the flavors of your Thanksgiving meal and impress your guests.

Get the recipe from Betty Crocker.

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