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Three Wishes Cereal Review – My Life After Dairy

by Moon
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Is three wishes cereal healthy

Last Updated on August 2, 2022 by Annie

This is my honest review of Three Wishes Cereal, a high protein, low sugar, flavorful breakfast option that is vegan and gluten-free among other wonderful free-from ingredients. Read on to find out which flavor we enjoyed most, the best non-dairy milk to use with the cereal, and ways to dress up each bowl.

Four bowls of cereal on a white counter with a small jug of oat milk to the right.

A huge thank you to Three Wishes Cereal for sharing their Gluten- and Grain-Free Cereal with My Life After Dairy. All opinions disclosed are mine alone.

What is Three Wishes Cereal?

Three Wishes Cereal is unlike most other cereal brands on the market. It is a healthier breakfast option made with wholesome, quality ingredients. While most commonly made cereals you find at the grocery store, tend to just be sugar bombs, Three Wishes Cereal is packed with protein, low in sugar, and still tastes great.

What Makes Three Wishes a Healthy Breakfast Option

  • Made with Plant-Based Protein. So you can be fueled for the day ahead.
  • Each serving has only 3 grams of sugar. Making it about 70% less sugary than the leading cereal brands.
  • FREE FROM: Gluten, corn, rice, dairy, oats, peanuts, and soy.
  • Vegan and Kosher.

Three Wishes Cereal Ingredients

The base ingredients for most of the cereals include: Chickpea, tapioca, pea protein, organic cane sugar, natural flavors, and monk fruit.

The ingredients vary based on the flavor and I have included any additional ingredient information pertaining to the different flavors in my review below.

3 Wishes Cereal Review 01

Best Dairy-Free Milk for Vegan Cereal

Depending on your dietary restrictions you might want to consider a different milk option for your bowl of cereal. Since Three Wishes offers a gluten-, corn-, rice-, dairy-, oats-, peanuts-, and soy- free cereal many of the non-dairy milk options might not be the best fit for you.

However, if only one or two of these allergens bother you, here are just a few (of the ever growing list) non-dairy milks you might consider trying with your cereal:

  • Oat Milk– A creamy addition to your bowl of cereal. This non-dairy milk tastes great with each flavor and doesn’t add any additional flavoring to the cereal.
  • Almond Milk– A little thinner in consistency, almond milk makes a great low-calorie option for splashing over your cereal.
  • Soy Milk– This non-dairy milk makes a great cereal drenching option for people with nut allergies. It also adds an extra boost of protein to this high protein breakfast cereal.
  • Coconut Milk– I’m looking at a thinner coconut milk such as Silk’s Coconut Milk instead of the canned full-fat option that I typically use in cooking. This adds a boost of flavor to each bowl of cereal as well as a nice dose of calcium.
  • Rice Milk– For those of you looking to keep your bowl of cereal nut and soy free, rice milk makes an excellent option.
  • Flax Milk– The best non-dairy milk option for keeping Three Wishes Cereal free-from soy, gluten, corn, rice, dairy, and oats. It also adds a delightful boost of protein to each serving making it a slam dunk for a healthy and filling breakfast cereal.

Bottom Line: The best non-dairy milk to pair with Three Wishes Cereal based on free-from ingredients would be Flax Milk.

Six Flavors We Tried


A top down picture of bowls of three wishes cereal with a bowl of fruity in the front and a bowl of cinnamon in the back right.

Three Wishes Fruity cereal makes me nostalgic for fruity pebbles in all the right ways. The flavor of the cereal strikes the perfect balance of sweet and fruity without giving you a sugar crash thirty minutes later. Plus, no strange dye left in your milk after you finish eating and you finish feeling full. Win, win, win.

The fruity cereal also ties with the frosted for the lowest sodium per serving making it a delightfully heart healthy option.

  • Ingredients in the Fruity Box: Chickpea, Tapioca, Pea Protein, Organic Cane Sugar, Natural Flavors, Vegetable Juice (for color), and Monk Fruit.
  • Best non-dairy milk: Take on all the tropical vibes and top with fruity cereal with a creamy coconut milk.
  • Topping Ideas: Honestly I think this one is a stand alone treat! But if you wanted to add a little something to the top try fresh blueberries or unsweetened coconut flakes.


Non-dairy milk pouring over a bowl of frosted cereal.

The frosted cereal is a lightly sweetened treat. Each bite has the right amount of sweetness without feeling sickly sweet. And let’s not forget the time honored tradition of frosted cereal leaving the milk (or in this case, almond milk) a little sweeter than before. Bottoms up, because this lightly frosted cereal hits the mark.

With 50 mg of sodium per serving, this and the fruity cereal tie for the lowest sodium per serving in the line up. Each bowl also contains the standard 8 grams of protein and a filling 3 grams of fiber. The frosted cereal is also available right now (Summer 2022) in a limited edition Buddy Box.

  • Ingredients in the Frosted Box: Chickpea, Tapioca, Pea Protein, Organic Cane Sugar, Natural Flavors, Monk Fruit.
  • Best non-dairy milk: The frosted flavor cereal would pair best with a thick and creamy oat milk.
  • Topping Ideas: The toppings for frosted are limitless! Try raspberries for a sweet meets tart blend, dairy-free dark chocolate chips, or sliced banana, you truly can’t go wrong here.


A blue bowl of cinnamon cereal with a gold spoon on the right side and a blue towel on the left side.

This was definitely one of my favorite flavors. It was giving me French Toast Crunch vibes the whole time I ate it. Subtle and not overly sweet (might be the perfect way to describe each flavor honestly) this cinnamon dusted cereal had notes of maple I really can’t explain and I loved every second of it!

With the standard 8 grams of protein and a healthy 3 grams of fiber in each serving this cinnamon cereal is one you definitely can feel good about gobbling down.

  • Ingredients in the Cinnamon Box: Chickpea, Tapioca, Pea Protein, Organic Cane Sugar, Cinnamon, Natural Flavors, Salt, and Monk Fruit.
  • Best non-dairy milk: I think the cinnamon flavored cereal would pair best with a nice vanilla almond milk.
  • Topping Ideas: I love the combo of banana and cinnamon so I think sliced bananas would be a slam dunk. Also a handful of crushed, toasted pecans would be a nice addition.


A white bowl with honey cereal and a small bottle of non-dairy milk above the bowl.

This one is a bit of a head scratcher to me. With no honey included in the ingredients to keep this vegan, how to they achieve such a delightful honey flavor, is a wonderful mystery to unbox.

Keeping with the trend of the previous boxes, the honey flavor was light and not too sweet. Each serving also contains 3 grams of fiber in addition to those 8 grams of protein.

  • Ingredients in the Honey: Chickpea, Tapioca, Pea Protein, Organic Cane Sugar, Natural Flavors, and Monk Fruit.
  • Best non-dairy milk: I think the combination of oat milk with this honey flavored cereal is absolutely sensational.
  • Topping Ideas: Keep it simple with the honey flavored cereal and top with the breakfast fruit go-tos, strawberries, bananas, or blueberries. For some added crunch try adding sliced almonds.


A white bowl with cocoa cereal and a gold spoon on the right side of the bowl.

All the delicious flavor you crave from a cocoa based cereal without the overly sweetened, milk based chocolaty mess that is your typical cocoa cereal.

This vegan cocoa cereal also serves up 4 grams of fiber per serving making it an excellent addition to your filling breakfast routine. It also contains the most Iron out of all of the Three Wishes Cereal flavors.

  • Ingredients in the Cocoa: Chickpea, Tapioca, Pea Protein, Organic Cane Sugar, Cocoa, Natural Flavors, Salt, and Monk Fruit.
  • Best non-dairy milk: I think we can all agree that a double chocolate situation would be to die for here. I’m thinking a rich, chocolaty almond milk poured over this chocolate dusted cereal.
  • Topping Ideas: Basically everything you would pair with chocolate would add a fabulous touch to this bowl of cocoa cereal such as fresh cherries, orange slices, or freeze dried strawberries.


A blue bowl of unsweetened cereal topped with slices of banana.

This one is for my uber health nuts out there. No added sugar, zip, zilch, nada. With 3 grams of fiber per serving plus those 8 grams of protein this is without a doubt the healthiest of the Three Wishes Cereal option.

That said, there isn’t a whole lot of flavor to this unsweetened cereal. It’s your basic, plain cereal option but with a boost of protein and the added health benefits of being grain free.

On a positive note, I’ve noticed many comments and reviews of the other flavors listing a lingering taste because of the monk fruit sweetener. Since there is no sweetener in this flavor, you truly don’t have any lingering flavors.

  • Ingredients in the Unsweetened: Chickpea, Tapioca, Pea Protein, and Salt.
  • Best non-dairy milk: I would pair this cereal with a vanilla flavored almond milk for a little boost of flavor.
  • Topping Ideas: The sky is the limit! Add fresh berries such as raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, or strawberries for a little kick of sweet and tart.

Alternative Serving Suggestions for Three Wishes Cereal

If you are thinking outside of the cereal box on ways to indulge in this protein packed cereal here are just a few different ways you can use any of the Three Wishes Cereal flavors.

  • Topped on a smoothie bowl.
  • Mixed into a trail mix.
  • Sprinkled over fresh waffles.
  • Crushed and topped on a large scoop of vegan ice cream.
Four bowls of three wishes cereal on a white counter with a blue and white striped towel on the left side and a bottle of non-dairy milk in the top right.

Three Wishes Cereal FAQs

Where can I find Three Wishes Cereal?

  • Direct from their website. You can buy cases of 6 for each flavor, directly on the Three Wishes Cereal Website.
  • Local grocers such as Wegmans, Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Erewhon carry this product in store.
  • Thrive Market– Offers a variety of flavors as well as occasional discounts for the product.
  • Amazon- Has the option to buy 6-Pack boxes of the cereal as well as a variety pack of the cereal.
  • Walmart- Depending on your location, you might be able to snag a case of Three Wishes Cereal from Walmart.Com. (Our closest location offers a case of the Cinnamon Cereal.)
  • The Fresh Market- We were pleasantly surprised to find Three Wishes locally at our Fresh Market.

How much does Three Wishes Cereal Cost?

As of right now (Summer 2022) the average cost of a box of Three Wishes Cereal is about $7 a box. Depending on where you order from, if you buy in bulk, or if your local grocer is offering a sale price, you might be able to get that price down.

  • Direct from Three Wishes you can get a 6 Pack of Cereal for $39.99
  • Amazon offers 6 Packs of cereal, including variety packs, for less than $50. Additionally they offer a 3 pack for under $30 and a 4 pack for less than $35.
  • Thrive Market offers discount codes that can get a box down to less than $5.

How long does Three Wishes Cereal stay fresh?

For an unopened box of Three Wishes Cereal, it should remain fresh for up to 14 months. An opened bag of cereal will typically stay fresh for roughly 4-6 weeks when properly stored.

The best way to store cereal to maintain maximum freshness would be in an airtight storage container.

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