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Bizarre UFO Encounter of US Farmer: Aliens Gift Pancakes

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Imagine having breakfast one morning when suddenly, you witness a bizarre encounter with extraterrestrial beings. Such was the case for Joseph Simonton, a poultry farmer from Eagle River, Wisconsin, United States. In this extraordinary event that unfolded on April 18, 1961, Simonton not only laid eyes on a flying saucer but also received an unexpected present from the aliens inside—pancakes!

Curiosity Strikes

As Simonton enjoyed his late morning breakfast, an unsettling noise caught his attention from outside his farm. Peering out his window, he was astounded to see a silver disc hovering over his backyard. The unidentified flying object, measuring four meters high and 10 meters in diameter, left him in awe.

Joseph Simonton holding a pancake

The Mysterious Encounter

Rather than being frightened, Simonton’s curiosity pushed him to investigate further. Stepping outside, he witnessed a hatch on the disc open, revealing three dark-skinned humanoid figures. These creatures, mute and resembling Italians, stood at approximately five feet tall, clad in tight attire from head to toe.

One of the aliens motioned Simonton to fill a vessel, resembling a bucket, with water. Obliging their request, he fetched water from a nearby pump and handed it over to the extraterrestrial. Simonton couldn’t help but notice the darkness inside the craft, with one crew member attending to the dashboard while others prepared food on a flameless grill. To his surprise, these friendly beings offered him four pancakes, each with tiny holes. After closing the hatch, the UFO slowly ascended and flew southward, leaving Simonton in awe as he held the pancakes in his hands.

Savino Borgo witnessing the flying saucer

Witnessed by Another

Interestingly, Savino Borgo, an insurance agent passing by Simonton’s farm, also caught sight of the flying saucer during the same time.

The Taste of Alien Cuisine

While Simonton tried one of the pancakes, he found himself unimpressed by the aliens’ culinary skills. According to him, the pancake tasted like cardboard. Although stories of this nature are often dismissed as fake due to their bizarre nature, this particular incident captured the attention of U.S. authorities. After Simonton’s neighbors spotted the UFO, they promptly contacted the U.S. Air Force. Members from Project Blue Book were dispatched to investigate the matter.

Sent for Examination

Simonton entrusted one of the alien-made pancakes to a local judge, vouching for his honesty and reliability. Another pancake found its way into the hands of Dr. J. Allen Hynek, while the third was handed over to the Food and Drug Administration by the Air Force. After thorough analysis, it was determined that the pancakes were crafted from earthly ingredients, dispelling any notion of extraterrestrial origin.

Unraveling a Nationwide Joke

Within days, what was once an intriguing UFO encounter turned into a nationwide joke, with newspapers mocking the incident. However, those who had known Simonton for a long time believed his account. Dr. Hynek, impressed by Simonton’s unwavering conviction, noted in his Project Blue Book report that Simonton knew people would doubt him, yet he remained steadfast, affirming that the encounter had undeniably occurred.

Joseph Simonton

Silent Secrets

Two weeks after the sighting, Simonton revealed to a United Press International reporter that, if the same event were to happen again, he would keep it to himself. Perhaps, after experiencing the bewildering mix of disbelief and ridicule, Simonton chose to guard his extraordinary encounter.

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A Mysterious Location

Located near the Michigan border, Eagle River is surrounded by forests and lakes. In the months following the incident, the area faced a power failure that affected telephone lines. Furthermore, a B-47 bomber crashed merely 60 miles away from Eagle River on February 24 of the same year. Another plane crash took place near the vicinity on May 2. The pilot involved in the second crash vividly described a moment of weightlessness just before impact. Despite multiple peculiar UFO sightings in the area between 1959 and 1963, they failed to capture public attention.

Unresolved Enigma

The Eagle River UFO incident remains a mystery to this day. While the Air Force officials dismissed Simonton’s account, claiming he mistook a dream for reality, those who closely knew him continued to stand by his side.


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