Josh Hartnett Frontal Nude And Gay Sex Scenes Collection
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Josh Hartnett Frontal Nude And Gay Sex Scenes Collection

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You won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen when Josh Hartnett’s nude pics pop up. This dark-haired hunk didn’t hesitate to take off his clothes to blow your mind! By the way, Josh Hartnett appears nude in movies and his sex scenes will definitely turn you on!

Some interesting facts

The acting career of this guy began quite unexpectedly. At school, he was seriously involved in football, but he had to leave it due to a knee injury. And instead, he became interested in acting. Josh Hartnett is also a successful model, which is not surprising, because he has an amazing appearance. This actor loves to draw, take pictures and even write stories.

Josh Hartnett shirtless and sexy photoshoots

Josh Hartnett seems to be addicted to cigarettes. At least this can be judged by looking at some of his photos, where he posed with a cigarette in his mouth. Well, it added to his image of impudence and masculinity. However, Josh Hartnett’s shirtless photos are even hotter. This guy often posed on the beach, flaunting his incredible torso. Also, his pictures can be seen on the pages of magazines. Agree, Josh Hartnett in a gray hat, who hugged his naked torso with his pumped up arms, looked so seductive!


Josh Hartnett nude and gay sex scenes

Josh Hartnett hunk

Everyone has movies that they want to watch again and again. And films featuring Josh Hartnett nude will also become your favorites! So, get ready to drool looking at Josh Hartnett nude ass in some movie scenes. In addition, this actor will also fire up your fantasy with his gay sex scenes!

Exterminate All the Brutes (2021)

Have you watched Exterminate All the Brutes (2021) with him? In one of the scenes, Josh Hartnett appeared frontal nude! He had just decided to take a dip in the river and decided not to get his clothes wet. That is why you could see not only his cool pumped up torso, but also his hairy pubis!

And here is another scene in which this guy takes off all his clothes. A black woman helped him take a bath and washed the blood and dirt off Josh Hartnett’s body with a rag. Oh, he looked so sexy at that moment!

Valley of the Gods (2019)

Also, this actor starred in Valley of the Gods (2019). There you can see how the muscles on his naked torso and chest shimmered when he doused the car with gasoline from a canister. Then Josh Hartnett set it on fire and watched the flames flare up more and more…

The Virgin Suicides (1999)

Check out his acting in The Virgin Suicides (1999). In one scene, Josh Hartnett flaunted his nude chest while floating on an air mattress in the middle of the pool. But he bashfully covered his bulge in multi-colored swimming trunks with a glass of booze. It was also not difficult for this guy to lure a girl into his house. No wonder, because when he opened the door for her, Josh Hartnett nude cock was covered only with a towel that threatened to slide down!

The Lovers (2013)

Worth seeing The Lovers (2013) with his participation. Well, you won’t see Josh Hartnett completely nude in this movie. However, when the rescuers pulled him out of the sea, this actor was shirtless and his naked, albeit relaxed, torso looked quite seductive.

The Black Dahlia (2006)

Also Josh Hartnett played in The Black Dahlia (2006). In one of the scenes, he woke up in bed with a naked girl and began to dress quietly, trying not to wake her. Well, you will definitely drool watching Josh Hartnett pull his pants over his nude bum!

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Penny Dreadful (2014)

You will be in awe of his acting in Penny Dreadful (2014). In one of the scenes, he plucked up his resolve and passionately kissed a man. After that, these guys took off their clothes and moved on to gentle kisses. Josh Hartnett’s nude torso looked very seductive. And his gay kisses will spark your imagination.

And this actor got out of bed after having a hot sex night with a girl. Well, it’s a wonderful opportunity to admire Josh Hartnett’s nude buttocks while he put on his pants, isn’t it? Yes, this male celebrity is in excellent physical shape.

This hot stud moaned so sweetly during cowgirl sex! The curly-haired girl rode Josh Hartnett’s nude cock, giving him maximum pleasure. And then he began to fuck her missionary style, trying to get as deep as possible into her wet pussy…

Do you hear loud female moans near the trailer in the forest? It was Josh Hartnett who was fucking the girl wildly, first from behind, and then turning her around and lifting her in his arms. His pants were down and you could see his bare sweet buns tightening during sex.

Pearl Harbor (2001)

Worth a look Pearl Harbor (2001) with his participation. There, this actor gently kissed a woman on the seashore. You can also check out Josh Hartnett’s nude muscular torso as he swam underwater. And of course you will jerk off looking at his sensual sex on the bed.

Oh Lucy! (2017)

Check out his acting in OhLucy! (2017). There, this male celebrity was moaning loudly in the car. And all because the girl very skillfully sucked Josh Hartnett’s nude cock … He almost finished, pulled the cock out of her mouth and began to fuck her in doggy style, not even paying attention to the fact that from time to time their car honked from their sudden movements… By the way, Josh Hartnett’s nude butt was visible close-up this time…

O (2001)

Also, this handsome man played in the movie O (2001). There he pulled up his T-shirt and waited for a black man to inject him in the stomach. Well, while Josh Hartnett wasn’t completely nude in this movie, at least we got to admire his great abs, right?

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40 Days and 40 Nights (2002)

What do you think of his acting in 40 Days and 40 Nights (2002)? For example, in one of the scenes, this guy fucked wildly with a girl on the bed. She rode Josh Hartnett’s naked cock so vigorously that they even fell off the bed… But still he didn’t manage to cum this time, although he tried to fake an orgasm. By the way, when he got up from the floor, he barely managed to cover his penis and ass with a sheet…

It turns out that this hunk fully owns the art of seduction. He managed to arouse the girl and make her moan almost without touching her… Meanwhile, the audience could admire Josh Hartnett’s nude torso, which looked awesome!

Also, this actor once found himself in an awkward situation … He entered the office and began to greet everyone. And it seems that Josh Hartnett did not notice at all that his nude cock was about to break out of his light pants. But everyone in the office noticed his huge bulge and couldn’t take their eyes off it!

Here’s another scene where you can check out Josh Hartnett’s huge erect cock in his underpants. Oh, this actor had to come up with various ways just to stuff his cock back into his underpants. He even put ice cubes in his pants!

It is worth noting that Josh Hartnett’s nude wide chest with small nipples and wonderful abs looked so sexy as he ran around the house. Especially considering the fact that his penis and ass were hidden from our eyes only with a gray towel. And it seems that he was not particularly enthusiastic about the company of guys in his house, because without hesitation he kicked them out.

6 Below (2017)

Josh Hartnett was amazing in 6 Below (2017). So, in one scene, he took off all his clothes, leaving only white socks that covered the wound on his leg. At the same time, it was incredibly cold outside, but Josh Hartnett nude continued to sit in the middle of the snow in the forest, leaning against a stone…

Also, this actor appeared naked in another scene. He just came out of his hiding place under the rocks… Well, it looks like this guy completely forgot about the cold when he saw the fires burning in the distance… Oh, Josh Hartnett was so cutely happy, jumping and shaking his bare butt!

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