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KÁRMIKA: Karol G’s Sensational English Translation Lyrics

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KÁRMIKA (Eng Trans)


Karol G, the renowned Latin music artist, has once again mesmerized her fans with her latest hit, “KÁRMIKA.” This catchy song, featuring Bad Gyal and Sean Paul, has taken the music world by storm. Released in 2023, “KÁRMIKA” is a track that’s bound to get you moving and singing along.

A Blend of Passion and Regret

The lyrics of this song delve into the complexities of love, desire, and intoxicated emotions. Karol G admits that although she knows she shouldn’t, when she’s had a few drinks, she can’t help but reach out to her love interest. The catchy chorus beautifully captures this sentiment, “Sorry for the call, baby, it’s ’cause I was drunk. It’s clear to me that you and I are nothing, but when I have a drink, I want to call you drunk.”

Conflicting Desires

Karol G’s lyrics express a raw desire for physical connection without emotional attachments. She confidently declares that she only wants sex and prefers being alone. However, she also wonders if her love interest will forgive her for reaching out when she’s intoxicated.

The track also explores the concept of mixed signals and temporary infatuations. Karol G admits that sometimes she yearns for a deeper connection but acknowledges that it cannot be. She playfully expresses her confusion, saying, “Today I like you and all, but obviously I’m on another thing. We get along, but it can’t be. Deep down, I would like you to stay, but you’re hot and I’m cold snow.”

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The Irresistible Power of Intoxication

Notably, “KÁRMIKA” conveys the alluring influence of alcohol on our inhibitions. Karol G candidly acknowledges that drinks can transform her into another person, bringing forth desires and actions she may later regret. The lyrics suggest that she uses the allure of physical intimacy to escape the loneliness of the night, even if it means relying on her love interest for temporary solace.

Unfiltered Passion and the Aftermath

Karol G’s lyrics paint a vivid picture of unapologetic passion and a sense of wild abandon. She admits that her behavior can be provocative and cheeky when she’s under the influence. Despite this, her love interest falls deeper in love with her. However, she warns that their feelings must not be mistaken, as she is not capable of committing to a lasting relationship.

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La Bichota and Bad Gyal Alongside SP

Karol G has once again proven her prowess in delivering chart-topping hits. Paired with Bad Gyal and Sean Paul, “KÁRMIKA” showcases the fusion of talent and creativity. This collaboration elevates the song to new heights, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what’s in store next.

So, indulge in the intoxicating beats of “KÁRMIKA” and let Karol G’s enchanting melodies fill your ears with pure musical bliss.

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