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15 Trader Joe’s Products Discontinued This Year

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15 Popular Items Trader Joe's Discontinued In 2022
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The End of Some Trader Joe’s Favorites

If you’re stepping into a Trader Joe’s for the first time, you’ll be greeted by endless possibilities. However, if you’re a seasoned shopper, you might notice that some of your beloved products have disappeared from the shelves. Even cult favorites aren’t always safe from being discontinued. According to Real Simple, Trader Joe’s discontinues certain products for various reasons.

Why Are Products Discontinued?

Trader Joe’s requires products to sell well across many locations to justify the dedicated shelf space. Tara Miller, the Marketing VP, explained on the brand’s podcast that if a product isn’t performing, the company’s business model dictates the development of something new that might sell better and make more customers happy. Additionally, supply chain challenges can lead to discontinuation if there are issues with ingredients or changes in competitive pressures.

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The Discontinued Products

Here are the products that bid farewell to Trader Joe’s this year:

1. Trader Joe’s Arrabiata Sauce

TJs Arrabiata Sauce
Image Source: Ratingperson

Trader Joe’s spicy red sauce disappeared from shelves in January. Fans expressed their disappointment on Reddit, describing it as one of the best sauces available. Don’t fret, though! Rao’s offers an authentic Italian jarred Arrabiata Sauce as an alternative.

2. Trader Joe’s Arugula Pizza

Arugula Pizza TJ
Image Source: Trader Joe’s

Out of all the frozen pizzas at Trader Joe’s, this one was a fan favorite. Unfortunately, it was discontinued in January. The quality of the pizza was exceptional, made in Italy with natural ingredients. You could recreate a similar taste by adding fresh arugula and tomatoes to a plain cheese pizza, or even elevate it further with balsamic glaze.

3. Trader Joe’s Just Sauce Turkey Bolognese

Just Sauce Turkey Bolognese TJ
Image Source: r/traderjoes / Reddit

Fans of this widely-loved meat sauce were dismayed by its discontinuation. Many loyal shoppers enjoyed it for its versatility. It complemented dips, meals, and sides perfectly. Although it’s unclear why it was discontinued, you can always provide feedback to Trader Joe’s and hope for a comeback.

4. Trader Joe’s Real Mayonnaise

Real Mayonnaise trader joes
Image Source: Facebook

This high-quality, preservative-free mayo left the shelves in February, leaving customers gutted. Speculation on Reddit suggested that rising canola prices could have increased production costs, leading to its discontinuation. Customers expressed their desire for the product’s return as it had the healthiest ingredient list.

5. Trader Joe’s Herbal Dietary Supplement

Trader Joe
Image Source: Trader Joe’s

Fans of this herbal brew were upset to see it go, as it was a caffeine-free option in the tea aisle. Unfortunately, Trader Joe’s bid farewell to this item in May. However, Celestial Seasonings’ Red Zinger offers a similar blend of hibiscus, peppermint, lemongrass, orange, and wild cherry bark.

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6. Trader Joe’s Kettle-Cooked Olive Oil Potato Chips

Trader Joe
Image Source: Trader Joe’s

This kettle-cooked chips variety wasn’t as universally loved as it may have seemed. Despite its discontinuation, there are alternatives available. Utz Kettle Classics Dark Russets and Cape Cod’s Dark Russet variation provide a similar taste.

7. Trader Joe’s Sweet Cream Coffee Creamer

Sweet Cream Creamer trader joe
Image Source: r/traderjoes / Reddit

Coffee lovers who enjoyed their morning cup with this sweet creamer were saddened by its discontinuation. However, Chobani carries a comparable alternative for those in search of a replacement.

8. Trader Joe’s Dill Pickle Popcorn

Trader Joe
Image Source: Trader Joe’s

Fans of this unique popcorn flavor were disappointed when it disappeared from the shelves in June. ALDI offers a dill pickle popcorn by Clancy’s, which some customers claim is even better than Trader Joe’s.

9. Trader Joe’s French Imported Butter

Trader Joe
Image Source: Trader Joe’s

This French imported butter was highly esteemed by customers for its rich and creamy taste. Unfortunately, it was discontinued after being absent from the stores for several months. Kerrygold Irish Butter offers another premium option for butter lovers.

10. Trader Joe’s Organic Chia Bars

Organic Chia Bars trader joes
Image Source: Amazon

Trader Joe’s gluten-free on-the-go bars with almonds, pumpkin seeds, and cranberries were loved by many shoppers. If you’re missing these bars, have no fear! There are plenty of other options to choose from.

11. Trader Joe’s Jalapeño Pepper Hot Sauce

Jalapeno Pepper Hot Sauce tjs
Image Source: u/IAmNotAPancake / Reddit

Known for adding a fiery kick to any dish, this hot sauce was a customer favorite. It’s unclear why the sauce was discontinued, but Arizona Gunslinger Red Jalapeño Pepper Sauce was suggested as a comparable alternative.

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12. Trader Joe’s Wet Pet Food

pet food costco
Image Source: Shutterstock

Trader Joe’s had to cut back on their wet pet food options in April due to disruptions in aluminum production. Pet owners will miss the affordable prices offered by Trader Joe’s for their furry friends.

13. Trader Joe’s Thai Iced Tea Mochi

Thai Iced Tea Mochi tjs
Image Source: Trader Joe’s

This popular mochi flavor, along with mango, bid farewell to Trader Joe’s in March. Vegan customers especially lamented the loss of the only vegan option available. Hopefully, Trader Joe’s will introduce another dairy-free mochi option soon.

14. Trader Joe’s Coconut Aminos BBQ Seasoning Sauce

trader joes coconut aminos seasoning
Image Source: Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s recently discontinued its barbecue version of the Coconut Aminos seasoning sauce. It appears that the sauce didn’t gain much attention, which may be why it was let go. Coconut Aminos can still be found in its regular form in the dressing and seasoning aisle.

15. Trader Joe’s Aloo Chaat Pouches

aloo chaat pouches trader joe
Image Source: u/Feisty_Banana / Reddit

These South Asian street food snacks were available at Trader Joe’s for nearly a decade. Some customers were happy about their discontinuation, while others expressed their disappointment. For now, Trader Joe’s has bid adieu to this fan favorite.

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