Home Blockchain “Ratingperson Presents Korea Blockchain Week 2023: Asia’s Most Influential Blockchain Conference”

“Ratingperson Presents Korea Blockchain Week 2023: Asia’s Most Influential Blockchain Conference”

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Introducing the Leading Voices of Web3 at Korea Blockchain Week 2023

Seoul, South Korea, August 30th, 2023, Chainwire – Join the most sought-after innovators, builders, thought leaders, and enterprises at Korea Blockchain Week 2023. This prestigious event, organized by FactBlock and co-hosted by Hashed, brings together industry pioneers to shape the future of the blockchain industry through crucial conversations.

A Gathering of Industry Titans

Prepare to be inspired as over 200 influential thought leaders and builders take the stage at Korea Blockchain Week. Esteemed speakers include Vitalik Buterin, Co-founder of Ethereum; Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Circle; Henry Chang, CEO of Wemade; Arthur Hayes, CIO of Maelstrom; Simon Kim, CEO of Hashed; Mike Belshe, Co-founder and CEO of BitGo; Sandeep Nailwal, Co-founder of Polygon; Woosuk Kim, Business Director of Line Next; and Anthony Scaramucci, Founder and Managing Partner of SkyBridge Capital.

Seonik Jeon, CEO of FactBlock, expressed his excitement, stating, “Since its establishment in 2018, KBW has been at the forefront of rectifying information imbalances in blockchain and cryptocurrency. Each year, we evolve by providing global crypto communities with insightful knowledge, networking opportunities, and entertainment. For KBW 2023, we not only have renowned speakers and diverse sessions at the Impact conference but will also launch a Web 3-based art and music festival. Participants can expect an immersive week-long engagement with shared knowledge, art, music, and culture in Korea.”

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Unparalleled Networking and Collaboration

Asia’s most impactful blockchain event, Korea Blockchain Week offers attendees unparalleled opportunities for networking, collaboration, and discussion. This week-long conference provides a platform for blockchain builders from around the world to explore the future of Web3 and its impact on various industries and cultures. The main event, KBW: Impact, will take place from September 5 to September 6 at The Shilla Seoul.

Highlighting the significance of KBW, Simon Kim, CEO of Hashed, stated, “KBW is establishing itself as a B2B platform that extends beyond conventional conferences and events. It generates practical multinational business collaboration opportunities. In addition to exceptional speakers, we have more than 150 diverse side events scheduled to take place.”

The Core Themes of KBW: Impact

KBW: IMPACT, the main 2-day event, will ignite discussions around the following core themes:

  • Fundamentals: Answering the fundamental questions of blockchain and crypto.
  • Kingdom of Ethereum: Shining light on the future of Ethereum infrastructure and community.
  • Oil the Wheels: Addressing subjects that drive blockchain ecosystem and developer growth.
  • Way to Billions: Analyzing the key challenges and contributors to mass adoption.
  • What’s on Chain: Showcasing and harnessing the power of on-chain data for research, analysis, DeFi, risk management, and more.
  • Regional Taste: Exploring how unique market strengths in Korea, Japan, India, and Southeast Asia embrace blockchain technology.
  • Tech Unleashed: Delving into emerging trends and technologies such as zero knowledge, shared sequencing, orderbook DEXes, privacy, interoperability, and more.
  • Digital Nation: Exploring how blockchain technology will shape social structures with DAOs, decentralized social graphs, and the metaverse.
  • Institutional Fever: Bridging the gap between Web2 enterprises, financial conglomerates, and Web3 projects in the B2B landscape.
  • Code in Law: Understanding the regulatory landscape for industry players.
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Engaging Side Events and Closing Celebrations

In addition to the main events, Korea Blockchain Week will feature an official afterparty, an immersive digital art experience called “The Gateway: Korea,” and the music festival “Micro Seoul: Seoulbound” as the official closing ceremony of KBW. Moreover, attendees can expect over a hundred registered side events, creating a week filled with engagement and insights.

About Korea Blockchain Week

Korea Blockchain Week stands as the premier blockchain and cryptocurrency event in Asia, attracting industry leaders, investors, and enthusiasts worldwide. Organized by FactBlock and co-hosted by Hashed, this conference offers a wide range of speeches, panel discussions, side events, and networking opportunities, fostering collaboration within the Korean and global blockchain community.

To learn more about Korea Blockchain Week and secure your spot, visit Ratingperson. Get ready to be inspired, connect, and explore the future of blockchain technology!

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