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Kristin Mayer Books: A Journey Through Her Captivating Novels

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Introduction: An Accomplished Author and More

Kristin Mayer, a proud mother, wife, and full-time Analyst and Import Manager, has always had a passion for writing and reading. It wasn’t until a story kept lingering in her mind that she decided to pursue her writing career once again. With a degree in International Business, Kristin brings her expertise to her novels, making her a multi-talented author. Adding authorship to her list of achievements has made her feel grateful and blessed.

Trust Me: A Riveting Tale of Love and Danger

The first novel in the “Trust” series, “Trust Me,” was released in 2013. Allison Scott, emotionally detached after a year of heartache and loss, embarks on a healing journey in Miami. There, she meets Damien Wales, a man drawn to her despite his own tragic past. As their attraction intensifies, Damien’s overprotective behavior threatens their budding relationship. When Damien’s dark past collides with their present, Allison’s life hangs in the balance, testing their trust in each other.

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Love Me: Overcoming Past Obstacles for True Love

In the second novel of the “Trust” series, “Love Me,” published in 2014, Damien and Allison are happily engaged and ready to embrace their future together. However, Damien’s haunting history resurfaces and puts their relationship in jeopardy. With a delusional stalker, a vengeful ex-lover, and a deceptive best friend, their trust in each other becomes their lifeline. Will their love conquer the adversities thrown their way?

Ripple Effect: A Steamy Club Romance

Published in 2014, “Ripple Effect” marks the beginning of the “Effect” series. Adam Ryker, the owner of Club Envy, has one rule: relationships stay within the club. Ainsley Pearson seeks freedom from her mundane life and finds solace in Club Envy. Adam becomes captivated by Ainsley, desiring to be the one to fulfill her pleasures. Will their unexpected connection create an everlasting impact or drown in unforeseen ripples?

Dissipate: Unraveling Mysteries and Unveiling Truths

Released in 2015, “Dissipate” is a stand-alone novel that delves into the life of Kenzie Brooks. After her mother’s death, Kenzie must disappear completely from her familiar world, known as The Society. Can she fool The Society into thinking she’s dead, or will they uncover her secret and the truth about her origin?

Innocence: A Fresh Start Amidst Shadows

Also published in 2015, “Innocence” follows London, who flees her previous life after a harrowing incident. Seeking a judgment-free sanctuary, she begins anew in Colorado. Unexpectedly, a man enters her life, offering to guide her out of the darkness. Just as she begins to believe in the life she deserves, her past resurfaces, threatening to destroy everything. Will she ever find freedom from the haunting shadows?

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Conclusion: Dive into Kristin Mayer’s World of Captivating Novels

Kristin Mayer’s extraordinary talent shines through her captivating novels. With masterful storytelling and intriguing characters, she captures the essence of love, danger, and redemption. Embark on an unforgettable journey by immersing yourself in Kristin Mayer’s enchanting works.


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