El crimen de la Casa de Aramberri: una historia de terror
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The Terror of the Aramberri House: A Chilling Tale

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A City Shrouded in Darkness

The year was 1933, and the vibrant city of Monterrey basked in a sense of tranquility. Despite its incredible growth, this metropolis maintained stability, social peace, and a steadily improving economy.

However, on the fateful afternoon of Wednesday, April 5, that tranquility was shattered. A horrific crime had been committed at a residence on Aramberri Street, between Diego de Montemayor and Manuel Doblado. The shocking discovery sent shockwaves throughout the city.

casa de aramberri monterrey

The Unspeakable Crime

Mr. Delfino Montemayor returned home after a grueling day at Fundidora Monterrey, only to find his wife, Antonia Lozano, and their daughter, Florinda, brutally murdered. The crime scene was a chamber of horrors—both victims had been sexually assaulted and their throats viciously slit. The house was drenched in blood, a scene of complete chaos.

crimen de aramberri

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A City Plunged into Fear

News of the crime spread swiftly through the small city, plunging its inhabitants into a state of terror and social condemnation. The bodies were laid to rest in the Panteón de Dolores, and Mr. Delfino, along with the rest of the community, demanded justice from the authorities.

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Intriguing Clues

Detectives were baffled by a peculiar detail—the absence of forced entry on both doors and windows. This meant that the killer or killers had gained access to the Aramberri house with the consent of its occupants.

Upon analyzing the crime scene and gathering testimonies, investigators concluded that the initial motive was robbery, which tragically spiraled out of control.

Several leads pointed towards two nephews of Mrs. Delfina and two neighbors, with traces of blood found on nearby streets. After intense interrogations, all four were implicated in the murder and ultimately confessed to the crime.

crimen de aramberri - periodico

The Suspects Unmasked

The culprits were identified as Gabriel Villarreal, Emeterio González de León, and brothers Heliodoro and Fernando Montemayor. Interestingly enough, a parrot that resided in the Aramberri house, the Montemayor family’s pet, frequently repeated the chilling phrase, “Tell them not to kill me, Gabriel.” This macabre detail aided the capture of the perpetrators by the police.

A Mob’s Fury

News of the apprehension of the four killers ignited the fury of the public, who swarmed the police station, seeking to take justice into their own hands. Faced with this volatile situation, the authorities employed the “Ley Fuga” tactic, orchestrating a staged event to plan the distribution of stolen goods. This took place in the community of La Loma, near the old cemetery of Zuazua.

crimen de la casa de aramberri
Caption: El Norte publication

According to the officers involved, during the operation, they were ambushed by an armed gang, which provided the four criminals an opportunity to flee. In order to prevent their escape, the officers were forced to shoot, resulting in the instant death of the fugitives. The remains of the four murderers were then put on display in Monterrey to reassure the populace.

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A House Haunted by its Past

This gruesome crime led to the creation of two books and a series of terrifying tales revolving around the old Aramberri house. These stories spoke of apparitions and unexplained noises that continue to haunt the ancient dwelling on Aramberri Street.

casa de aramberri

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A New Chapter

In 2019, the house was put up for sale, and a brave soul swiftly offered to pay 3 million pesos to acquire it. A few months ago, the old mansion underwent extensive cleaning and renovations, as it was intended to be used for a hamburger business. It seems the building is ready to turn the page on its dark past and embrace a new future.

Let us not forget the chilling events that transpired in the Aramberri house, a chapter forever etched in the history of Monterrey.

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