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Crafting Your Own Dragonflight 10.0.7 Profession Rares: An Artisan Curios Guide

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Dragonflight 10.0.7 Profession Rares Guide: Artisan Curios, Rewards, Rare Mobs Spawn Points & Sunmmon Tips

In the latest update of World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight (10.0.7), players can now create their own rares using Artisan Curios specific to each profession. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of using profession-specific reagents like Dragonic Suppression Powder, Sparkling Spice Pouch, Glowing Crystal Bookmark, Gnomish Voicebox, Arcane Dispelling Rune, Crystal Tuning Fork, Reinforced Prestine Leather, and Traditional Morqut Kite to craft your very own rares. Excited to dive in? Let’s get started!

WoW Dragonflight 10.0.7 Profession Rares & Artisan Curio Guide

Dragonflight 10.0.7 Profession Rares & Artisan Curio Guide

In the Forbidden Reach of Dragonflight patch 10.0.7, you’ll have the thrilling opportunity to hunt down rare monsters. However, here’s a little secret: to summon these rare elites, you’ll need to tap into your professions.

To summon these rare mobs, you’ll need Artisan Curios. In Dragonflight, each of the 13 professions has its own corresponding Artisan Curio. These curios can be easily obtained through professions like mining, herbalism, fishing, or even furrier. Some Artisan Curios, such as those used in cooking, can also be acquired by defeating normal mobs or finding them in chests. Interestingly, you don’t necessarily need to have the associated profession to come across these Artisan Curios.

How To Obtain and Craft Artisan Curios in Dragonflight 10.0.7?

But, as always, there’s a catch. These Artisan Curios are initially broken and must be crafted by skilled craftsmen before they can be put to use. Luckily, Trader Hag’arth at the main camp in The Forbidden Reach offers repair recipes tailored to each profession. However, keep in mind that these recipes are exclusive to specific professions, meaning you can only purchase and learn the ones relevant to your own profession. Fortunately, these repair recipes come at a ridiculously low price of merely 10x Artisan’s Mettle. Simply gather the broken curios and the repair recipe, and you’re ready to summon your own rares.

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WoW Dragonflight 10.0.7 Artisan Curio Craft Recipes

Artisan Curios Craft Recipes:

  • Cooking – Recipe: Sparkling Spice Pouch
  • Alchemy – Recipe: Draconic Suppression Powder
  • Blacksmithing – Plans: Ancient Ceremonial Trident
  • Enchanting – Formula: Glowing Crystal Bookmark
  • Engineering – Schematic: Gnomish Voicebox
  • Inscription – Technique: Arcane Dispelling Rune
  • Jewelcrafting – Design: Crystal Tuning Fork
  • Leatherworking – Pattern: Reinforced Pristine Leather
  • Tailoring – Pattern: Traditional Morqut Kite

Having broken curios isn’t a problem anymore, as they can be obtained irrespective of your profession. For example, a cook may stumble upon a Crystal Fork, even without the expertise to repair it. This is where the crafting system comes into play. A chef can collaborate with a jeweler who possesses the necessary skills to restore the broken curiosity. This way, even a cook can summon their desired rare mob.

How To Summon Profession Rares with Artisan Curios in Dragonflight 10.0.7?

Once you’ve successfully crafted the curio, the game will indicate a specific area on your minimap. You’ll notice an icon shaped like two crossed swords inside a circle. Your next task is to navigate to that location and figure out how to use the curio to summon the rare mob.

Summoning can’t be performed just anywhere, though. Each summon requires a specific location. Once you’ve reached the designated area, you can place the Artisan Curio into an item to trigger the summon. No need to worry about having the associated profession to perform the summoning ritual either.

WoW Dragonflight 10.0.7 Profession Rares - Spawn Rare Mobs

In case you don’t find any summoning items at the spawn points, all you need is a little patience. The items have a respawn time ranging from 5 to 10 minutes. Multiple spawn points exist for each rare mob, where you can place your curiosity into the corresponding item.

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For example, to summon the rare mob associated with Cooking, head to the Morqut Village in the center of the Forbidden Reaches and interact with the Spiceless Stew nearby.

List of All Profession Rare Mobs (Artisan Curios Required & Spawn Points)


  • Rare Mob: Tidesmith Zarviss
  • Looted Artisan Curio: Damaged Trident
  • Crafted Artisan Curio: Ancient Ceremonial Trident
  • Spawn Points:
    • /way #2151 67.25 75.98
    • /way #2151 63.09 61.58
    • /way #2151 80.03 58.81


  • Rare: Agni Blazehoof
  • Looted Artisan Curio: Dampening Powder
  • Crafted Artisan Curio: Draconic Suppression Powder
  • Spawn Points:
    • /way #2151 69.74 54.64
    • /way #2151 56.39 39.02
    • /way #2151 67.25 61.57


  • Rare: Agni Blazehoof
  • Looted Artisan Curio: Crystal Fork
  • Crafted Artisan Curio: Crystal Tuning Fork
  • Spawn Points:
    • /way #2151 28.92 57.06
    • /way #2151 42.69 44.83
    • /way #2151 84.04 53.51


  • Rare: Manathema
  • Looted Artisan Curio: Dull Crystal
  • Crafted Artisan Curio: Glowing Crystal Bookmark
  • Spawn Points:
    • /way #2151 28.92 57.06
    • /way #2151 42.69 44.83
    • /way #2151 84.04 53.51


  • Rare: Gareed
  • Looted Artisan Curio: Torn Morqut Kite
  • Crafted Artisan Curio: Traditional Morqut Kite
  • Spawn Points:
    • /way #2151 48.72 49.45
    • /way #2151 37.13 47.11
    • /way #2151 64.96 72.69


  • Rare: Fimbol
  • Looted Artisan Curio: Broken Gnomish Voicebox
  • Crafted Artisan Curio: Gnomish Voicebox
  • Spawn Points:
    • /way #2151 48.72 49.45
    • /way #2151 37.13 47.11
    • /way #2151 64.96 72.69


  • Rare: Arcantrix
  • Looted Artisan Curio: Hastily Scrawled Rune
  • Crafted Artisan Curio: Arcane Dispelling Rune
  • Spawn Points:
    • /way #2151 61.25 64.41
    • /way #2151 49.26 41.74
    • /way #2151 53.10 57.81


  • Rare: Snarfang
  • Looted Artisan Curio: Pristine Pelt
  • Crafted Artisan Curio: Reinforced Pristine Leather
  • Spawn Points:
    • /way #2151 48.72 49.45
    • /way #2151 37.13 47.11
    • /way #2151 64.96 72.69
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  • Rare: Luttrok
  • Looted Artisan Curio: Lackluster Spices
  • Crafted Artisan Curio: Sparkling Spice Pouch
  • Spawn Points:
    • /way #2151 40.26 53.37
    • /way #2151 54.48 45.98
    • /way #2151 55.69 51.53


  • Rare: Kangalo
  • Looted Artisan Curio: /
  • Crafted Artisan Curio: Dormant Lifebloom Seeds
  • Spawn Points:
    • /way #2151 35.35 40.05
    • /way #2151 40.26 53.36
    • /way #2151 75.14 31.90
    • /way #2151 56.43 59.14


  • Rare: Faunos
  • Looted Artisan Curio: /
  • Crafted Artisan Curio: Razor-Sharp Animal Bone
  • Spawn Points:
    • /way #2151 70.66 46.13
    • /way #2151 45.01 36.59
    • /way #2151 50.48 86.02


  • Rare: Tectonus
  • Looted Artisan Curio: /
  • Crafted Artisan Curio: Amplified Quaking Stone
  • Spawn Points:
    • /way #2150 57.15 72.11
    • /way #2151 43.26 48.87
    • /way #2151 62.09 81.42


  • Rare: Sir Pinchalot
  • Looted Artisan Curio: /
  • Crafted Artisan Curio: Elusive Croaking Crab
  • Spawn Points:
    • /way #2151 70.52 41.49
    • /way #2151 23.07 67.01
    • /way #2151 47.78 90.90

Dragonflight 10.0.7 Profession Rare Rewards & Loots

Of course, defeating these summoned mobs isn’t just about the thrill of battle. There are rewards to be had! The loot you’ll receive from these rares is similar to that of regular rare mobs, but with a twist. You’ll also obtain 5 Zeal of Crafting and Crafting Knowledge. Additionally, there’s a chance to learn a new jewelcrafting recipe—for instance, the coveted Design: Unstable Elementium.

Here’s what you can expect to find when you defeat a profession rare:

  • Gold
  • Approximately 1000 Elemental Overflow
  • Chance to obtain Primalist Gear Tokens
  • Chance to receive Untapped Forbidden Knowledge
  • Chance to acquire a Zskera Vault Key
  • Chance to find Primal Socket Stones
  • 5x Artisan’s Mettle
  • 3x Crafting Knowledge
  • Jewelcrafting Recipe: Design: Unstable Elementium

Remember, the new Artisan Curios and Profession Rares in Dragonflight 10.0.7 patch are not limited to specific manufacturing professions. Simply purchase the recipe associated with your desired rare monster and set out on your adventure. Gathering professions also have their own set of dedicated rare monsters. So, whether you’re mining, skinning, or gathering, keep an eye out for special items that can be used to summon these unique creatures.

Now you’re all set to create your own rares and embark on an exciting journey in Dragonflight 10.0.7. Happy hunting!


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