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Finding the Next Latin Superstar on ‘La Firma’

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Last week, Netflix premiered the first six episodes of the highly anticipated series, “La Firma”, where some of the biggest names in the urbano genre and industry executives come together to search for the next Latin superstar. This groundbreaking show features twelve talented artists from Latin America and the U.S., all vying for a life-changing opportunity. With a panel of judges that includes Puerto Rican multi-talent Rauw Alejandro, reggaeton icon Yandel, Argentine singer Nicki Nicole, along with mega-producer Tainy and industry veteran Lex Borrero, the finalists will have a chance to sign a game-changing contract with Tainy and Borrero’s influential label, Neon 16.

The show has already captivated audiences, who eagerly anticipate the contestants’ performances and the suspenseful journey towards the finale. Throughout the series, the contestants receive hands-on experience, working closely with the judges and even recording original music in the studio alongside a roster of special guests. Stars like Balvin, Luny from reggaeton pioneers Luny Tunes, and will.i.am make appearances to assist and guide the aspiring artists. At the end of each episode, the contestants perform for the judges and face the gripping moment of truth. If they fail to impress, their dreams shatter as Borrero tears up a contract right before their eyes, ramping up the drama and intensity.

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When asked about the inspiration behind this dramatic moment in the show, Borrero, the mastermind behind “La Firma”, explained, “I wanted a TV moment like in The Voice where they push the button and the chair turns. That intensity: That’s why the ripping of the contract became the moment. We knew that was going to be an impactful moment to create tension.”

“La Firma” was created in collaboration with Nikki Boella, the creative force behind the hit series “Rhythm + Flow” featuring Cardi B. One unique aspect of “La Firma” is that every song recorded by the twelve contestants is released to the public on streaming platforms. This intentional decision offers audiences an intimate look into the artist’s journey and the creative process.

Tainy explains, “I want people to see a little bit into the lives of what an artist goes through. There’s a whole process and a lot of details that go into creating a complete artist.”

Before the highly anticipated finale, Rolling Stone had the opportunity to catch up with judges Nicki Nicole, Tainy, and Lex Borrero, as they shared their experiences on the show and what viewers can expect.

The Experience of Being on the Judging Panel

Nicole describes being part of the judging panel as a nerve-wracking yet fulfilling experience. The pressure to bring out the best in each contestant while supporting them on their journey was a challenge, but ultimately, they were able to create something truly unique.

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Tainy emphasizes the importance of constructive critiques and fairness as a judge. He acknowledges that providing negative feedback can be difficult but it’s necessary for the growth of the contestants. The show aims to see the contestants evolve with each episode, and Tainy’s own learning process as a judge has made it easier for him to provide the necessary feedback.

The Chemistry Among the Panel

The panel of judges, which also includes Rauw Alejandro and Yandel, had an incredible chemistry both on-screen and behind-the-scenes. Their laughter and camaraderie were evident, and they quickly established a deep connection with the contestants. Despite Lex Borrero’s villainous character on the show, Nicole reveals that he also has a good heart, adding to the charm and dynamics of the panel.

Borrero reflects on his experience in front of the camera, confessing that it was challenging to play the character who tears up the contract. However, looking back, he is grateful for the opportunity and believes that the chemistry between the judges was truly special. In fact, Borrero recalls a touching moment in the last episode where he expressed his gratitude towards the judges and broke down crying, which unfortunately wasn’t shown, but is a testament to his genuine nature.

What They Are Looking for in the Next Urbano Superstar

Nicole reveals that authenticity is what she values the most in the contestants. In a competitive industry, standing out means being true to oneself, and she was on the lookout for artists who embody that authenticity. The show features an abundance of raw talent that shines through each performance.

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As for Tainy and Borrero, their involvement with the winner doesn’t end with the show. They will continue to guide and work closely with the winner on their Neon 16 label. The collaboration is seen as an exciting opportunity to further develop the artist’s style and showcase their strengths, ensuring a seamless transition from the show to the larger music industry.

What’s Next After ‘La Firma’

Nicole eagerly shares her plans to release a new album this year, which promises to showcase a different side of her as an artist. The journey she embarked on during “La Firma”, especially while working with producer El Guincho in Miami, has inspired and shaped her upcoming project.

Tainy, on the other hand, has been diligently working on his album, “Data”, which he started during the show. With its completion, he is excited to share his hard work with the world and looks forward to continuing to inspire others through his music.

As “La Firma” reaches its climax, the judges and contestants are embarking on a new chapter in their careers. The show has not only given these emerging talents a platform but also entertained and engaged audiences worldwide. With an electrifying combination of talent, drama, and camaraderie, “La Firma” is undoubtedly a must-watch series that showcases the future of Latin music. To stay updated on the latest news and episodes, visit Ratingperson.

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