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WINGS for Truth: Bringing Light to the Darkness

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In recent days, a shocking revelation has rocked the Truth community, shedding light on a pervasive problem that has plagued it for years. Former overseer Dean Bruer stands accused of sexual abuse, an act of betrayal that has shattered the trust of Friends, their families, and loved ones. But as we grapple with the devastating reality, a glimmer of hope emerges – the survivors and their supporters are stepping forward, determined to bring an end to the cycle of abuse and ensure a safer future for all. This is the story of WINGS for Truth.

Advocacy in Action

The brave individuals who have come forward with their stories have given us a glimpse into the dark underbelly of the Truth. Their courage has inspired Lauren Rohs, Cynthia Liles, Sheri Autrey, and a dedicated group of volunteers to take action. Recognizing that the institution’s internal measures have fallen short in addressing this widespread issue, they met with Oregon overseer Doyle Smith to propose safe and ethical steps for the protection of Friends going forward.

A Collaborative Effort

While Ministry Safe, a program aimed at advocating for and protecting survivors, is not currently mandatory for workers, WINGS for Truth refuses to be deterred. Determined to minimize future trauma and devastation, this tireless group has been working non-stop to collect statements, assess the magnitude of the damage, and determine the best course of action. Their singular focus is to support survivors and prevent further abuse.

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To tackle this crisis head-on, WINGS for Truth has rallied friends, workers, former members, and even nonmembers to join their cause. They have enlisted the expertise and compassion of private investigator Cynthia Liles, who herself grew up attending meetings. With her unparalleled understanding and dedication, she offers invaluable insights in the battle against abuse.

Unity in Crisis

Addressing a crisis of this magnitude requires a united front, and WINGS for Truth is calling on the entire community to come together, to lean in, and to comfort one another. It is crucial for each individual to prioritize self-care during these challenging times. For resources on effective communication, self-care, and support, please visit the RAINN website at rainn.org.

Building Trust, Offering Support

WINGS for Truth has been in close communication with friends and workers who stand behind their efforts. These advocates, with their unwavering support, strongly recommend that anyone with vital information or concerns reach out to the 24-hour confidential hotline at (503) 386-4634. By sharing your stories and tips, you contribute to the ongoing fight against abuse.

For survivors, WINGS for Truth offers a compassionate ear and guidance on advocacy options. They can connect you with professional, vetted resources that will help you on your journey to healing. Additionally, those within the community are encouraged to reach out to Barry Barkley and Ray Hoffman, the Overseers of the United States, to share their experiences, fears, and hopes.

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More information about the hotline and the Dean Bruer case can be found at advocatesforthetruth.com.

Together We Can Make a Difference

In this time of darkness, WINGS for Truth shines a beacon of hope. Lauren Rohs, Cynthia Liles, Sheri Autrey, and the dedicated individuals who support this cause refuse to let the voices of survivors go unheard. If you find yourself hesitant or unsure about using the hotline, please reach out to Lauren Rohs on Facebook (@Lauren Rohs) through direct messages. She is ready and willing to guide you through the process.

Let us stand together, united in our determination to bring an end to the cycle of abuse within the Truth community. Together, we can create a brighter future for all.

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