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List of Dead Opps Lyrics | Foolio

by Assessor

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Shout out to the 6, where we’re always the liveliest. When it comes to opps, I’m the biggest. I hold the key, I have the ticket. Let’s discuss opps, let’s talk about drillings. I have a list of dead opps, one by one they were all taken down. Pay attention and listen closely, I’m tired of the facade, tired of the gimmicks.

One of them got hit on the head, foolishly trying to swim in the pool. Big Baby got caught in the morning while going to school. Quan died in the suburbans, that incident made the news. And top got hit, done and gone, he should have been more cautious too.

Cososa was a fighter, but he got lit up like a lighter. Rashard pulled out and met his fate. Lenford was sliding, died with stripes like a tiger. Shawnell got kidnapped, she should have prayed like reading a bible.

Amp and Big Bando died together. I’ll keep smoking Spazz’s memory forever. Ackafool met his end, he was like a feather. Heard they caught Nate and they stretched him, putting that heat on Nate’s life. Lil Shug died on a bike, while I smoke on Mike, we used to be friends chasing clout.

Malcolm died on 2nd Ave, a harsh lesson for him. Corbin got kidnapped, how does a grown man just disappear? F his ass, he was snitching, either way, he’ll get what he deserves. I’m even smoking my own cousin, damn, I’m higher than Whitney. Can’t forget 23, Quan and 4 in the backseat. Ace is the lone survivor, he’s blessed if you ask me, still trying to start beef, but remember you lost three. Ralo died with a FN, why the hell didn’t he defend?

If you play, then you pay. 23K Buster tried to duck, but still caught one to the face. Bouncing out with that K, RIP to Kendre, caught his friend and killed him while leaking tried to run and ended up getting faced.

Meechy got chased after dissing and trying to race. Smoking Prosper and Tay, n**gas died on the same day. Roll them both up in a joint, big jag got hit with a Drac. All the new opps gonna hate, we’re wilding out, Tampa Bay.

Catching someone trying to run, dying in the yard, should’ve had his gun. For claiming to smoke Bibby, now his dumbass is in my lungs. I’ll keep smoking on Keef like Rod K, I’m the one in charge. Sent his ass flying out of McDonald’s in a drop-top, now his time is done.

Riding in the civic clutching on glocks. Let’s talk about the dead opps. These n**gas know how we roll. Play Lo’ got shot, CP3 got shot, the green light got popped. The city knows how we operate, Six block’s on top.

Let’s talk about the dead opps. A lot of fk ngas got shot. Dissin’ led them to their downfall. Let’s talk about the dead opps.

Written by Foolio Foolio | 2021


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