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Kings Elliot: The Creation of “Lost Again” for The Callisto Protocol

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Kings Elliot Shares Origins of New Song “Lost Again” Written for The Callisto Protocol: Exclusive

An Inside Look at Kings Elliot’s Newest Song

Kings Elliot, the talented singer-songwriter, has recently released a captivating new single titled “Lost Again.” This original composition serves as the theme song for the highly anticipated horror game, The Callisto Protocol. Today, we delve into the origins of this hauntingly beautiful piece.

A Dream Come True

Fresh from her Bored of the Circus EP, Kings Elliot embarked on a thrilling collaboration with the developers of The Callisto Protocol. Having been an avid gamer herself, Elliot describes the opportunity to contribute to the game’s soundtrack as an “absolute dream come true.” She considers it a significant achievement on her artistic journey.

The Perfect Atmosphere

In crafting “Lost Again,” Elliot immersed herself in the genre of survival horror that The Callisto Protocol embodies. She worked closely with the game’s developers for weeks, ensuring her song perfectly captured the desired tone. The track, appropriately dark and mysterious, takes listeners on a journey. It begins as a solitary piano ballad, gradually building up to an orchestra-led climax. Elliot’s soaring vocals add a surprising touch of beauty to the overall composition.

Exploring New Dimensions

Elliot reveals that the premise of The Callisto Protocol revolves around themes of entrapment and hopelessness. Drawing from personal experiences, she eloquently expresses the struggle of feeling trapped within her own metaphorical prison. As someone who openly discusses her battle with Borderline Personality Disorder, Elliot channeled her emotions into the creation of this song.

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Fantasy Inspiration

Inspired by the fantasy genre, Elliot drew from its immersive world-building capabilities when crafting “Lost Again.” She finds solace in escaping to different realities through books, video games, and films. Among her favorite enchanting worlds are Star Wars, Horizon, Zelda, and Pokemon. Furthermore, the beloved series Adventure Time has a special place in her heart. Collaborating closely with Halfrhymes, her closest creative partner, they often find inspiration in Adventure Time’s captivating storytelling.

The Magic of The Callisto Protocol

Elliot tantalizingly hints at being inspired by a specific scene within the game when composing “Lost Again.” Unfortunately, secrecy surrounds this scene, and she remains tight-lipped to preserve the thrill of discovery for players. To truly comprehend the depth of her inspiration, one must venture into The Callisto Protocol themselves.

The Power of Film Scores

Lastly, Elliot draws inspiration from the grandeur and emotiveness of film soundtracks, particularly those composed by legends like Hans Zimmer and John Williams. This influence encouraged her to be bolder with the production of “Lost Again.” The collaboration with The Callisto Protocol provided the opportunity to explore new sonic dimensions freely.

Now, listeners can immerse themselves in the glorious composition that is “Lost Again.” Experience the essence of Kings Elliot’s artistic brilliance by indulging in this atmospheric song. Take a moment to check out King Elliot’s “Lost Protocol” and witness its magic alongside the gripping new trailer for The Callisto Protocol.

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