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Love Like The Galaxy: The Journey of Two Souls

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Love is a powerful force that transcends time and space. In the enchanting world of “Love Like The Galaxy,” the bond between Cheng Shao Shan and Lou Yao continues to deepen. Every day, they immerse themselves in each other’s company, relishing the beauty of nature and serenading the wind with their flutes. As their connection grows stronger, jealousy rears its head, leading to unexpected encounters and revelations.

A Proposal Unveiled

Amidst a grand dinner banquet, Lou Yao couldn’t contain her excitement and proudly announced their marriage proposal. Shao Shan, although filled with happiness, couldn’t help but feel a pang of guilt for the presence of Shao Shan and Yuan Shen at the tea garden that day. Deep down, Lou Yao knew jealousy had taken hold of her heart.

The Pursuit of Love

Driven by a desire to strengthen their relationship, Cheng Shao Shan sought wisdom in the form of books on love and relationships. However, the books Fu Deng found were far from inspiring. Undeterred, Shao Shan hid them away, hoping to find a more profound understanding of love. When Lou Yao discovered this, she saw it as nothing out of the ordinary, having been exposed to such books during their time at the academy. Intrigued by Cheng Shao Shan’s dedication, Lou Yao joined him in his studies.

Love’s True Essence

As they delved into the realms of love and relationships, Cheng Shao Shan came to a realization. For him, the truest form of love lies in walking hand-in-hand with your partner, equal in every sense. Lou Yao wholeheartedly agreed, understanding that love should not be confined by societal conventions or preconceived notions. Their love, they believed, should be based on genuine connection and mutual respect.

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The Challenges Ahead

Sang Shunhua, faced with the complexities of familial ties, advised Xiao Yuanyi to refrain from interfering too much in Cheng Shao Shan’s life. Although she recognized Lou Yao’s upright character, she couldn’t deny the traditional hierarchy within the Lou family. Xiao Yuanyi contemplated the situation, realizing that Cheng Shao Shan’s marriage would undoubtedly rouse discomfort among her family members. With no easy solution in sight, Sang Shunhua proposed the concept of time and patience. True intentions and feelings would eventually reveal themselves when given ample space to grow.

Amidst Rain and Thunder

In a romantic gesture, Lou Yao drove her luxurious carriage to visit the tea garden, with Cheng Shao Shan by her side, playing his flute in the wind. The gentle melody carried for miles, capturing the attention of Huangfu Yi. Recognizing Cheng Shao Shan as his niece, Sang Shunhua’s kin, Huangfuyi decided to intervene. Sensing Cheng Shao Shan’s unease, he tactfully let them pass, allowing their love to blossom undisturbed.

A Test of Love and Loyalty

As the rain poured down, Cheng Shao Shan’s anxiety became palpable. Lou Yao, sensing his fear, covered his ears, offering comfort in the midst of the storm. Shao Shan, worried for Lou Yao’s safety, ensured she reached a different courtyard while he took Cheng Shao Shan to seek shelter elsewhere. In the safety of the pavilion, they encountered Ling Bu Yi and Yuan Shen. The mention of Lou Yao’s marriage proposal prompted a shift in their expressions, concealing their true emotions.

Love’s Trials and Tribulations

Within the confines of a dinner gathering, Cheng Shao Shan’s attempts to sit beside Lou Yao were thwarted by Yuan Shen. Feeling like an outsider, Shao Shan gracefully raised his glass and proposed a toast. Huangfuyi, wanting to share a poignant tale, recounted his own past. It was a story of resilience and loyalty, where a fiancée stood unwaveringly by her partner’s side, even in the face of adversity. Cheng Shao Shan, deeply moved, urged Huangfuyi not to let his own love wait. Recognizing the truth in his words, Shao Shan believed that one must follow the path laid out by destiny.

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Silent Longings

As Huangfuyi’s tale unfolded, Yuan Shen’s gaze fell upon Cheng Shao Shan. Unable to contain his own feelings, Yuan Shen silently pondered the prospect of Shao Shan marrying someone else. He was left with no choice but to watch from the sidelines, burdened by a sadness akin to Huangfuyi’s.

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