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Make a wish colors

Our logo is a signpost of life-changing experiences to all who encounter it. It’s the most important visual cue we can give to the world about who we are and what we stand for.

In This Section:

Logo Elements

The Make-A-Wish Logo Story

Logo Colors

Other Logo Reproductions

Logo Size and Spacing

Logo Placement

Office and Building Signage

Chapter and Affiliate Identifiers

Star Logo Lockup

Logo Misuse



The Make-A-Wish logo should appear as shown below in all print and/or electronic applications. The logo consists of three elements – the logotype, swirl and star. These elements should not be rearranged or altered; however, the star and swirl may be used as its own design element. Additionally, the Make-A-Wish brand no longer has a secondary stacked logo.

mawlogo new

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The Make-A-Wish logo has both a strong presence as well as a sincere, child-like appeal. Our refreshed logo allows us to leverage the brand equity of our original logo and pay homage to the history of our organization. The bold serif type signals a recognized organization with established longevity, without appearing dated. It also gives the logotype a weightiness that presents the Make-A-Wish message with a powerful, dynamic presence. The sentence-case type maximizes legibility and imbues the logo with a casual, approachable feeling. This gives the logo a sense of authenticity and resonance with children, while also connecting donors to the essence of the brand.

The swirl follows an upward trajectory that goes above the logotype, creating a clean baseline for the logo and a cleaner lockup with chapter and affiliate names. The elongated swirl ending in the star brings bright optimism to the logo. Softened points and curves of the star reference back to the soft, fluid curves of the lowercase letterforms, building a sense of cohesion between all the logo’s various elements.

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The primary use of the logo should always be in Make-A-Wish blue. White is permitted for environments that require contrast. When color is not possible, black is permitted.

logo colors

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Metallic Silver and Foil Stamp

If there is a need for a touch of elegance, a metallic silver color (not gold, bronze, etc.) may be used. Pantone 877 is a silver metallic ink that is a cost-efficient way to add a bit of sparkle to a piece. In addition to printing, a more expensive, but beautiful, way to add silver is by using a foil stamp process.

Other Reproduction Methods

In addition to printing, the logotype can be produced using a variety of methods, such as silk screening, embroidery or molded plastic. The logotype can be produced as jewelry. It can be blind embossed, debossed or etched on glass. The logotype can also be laser-cut into materials. Additionally, it can be printed or embroidered onto fabric. Always remember that quality control is vitally important, so be sure to ask for a proof to ensure the integrity of the logotype.

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Every logo lives in a variety of environments, surrounded by various design elements – patterns, images, graphic elements or even other logos. For this reason, the space allotted around the logo is essential to properly represent the brand.

The logo should be surrounded on all sides by clear space the height of the logotype. The only exception to this rule is the chapter/affiliate logo lockups (page 49).

To protect legibility and impact, the logo must be reproduced no smaller than 0.75″ (19.05 mm). When reproduced in sizes smaller than this minimum, the logo loses its legibility and impact.

logo size spacing

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To ensure maximum readability and brand recognition, different logo variations should be used on certain backgrounds.

On photography with lighter backgrounds, the full-color version of the logo can be used as long as the background is “empty” enough to not interfere with the logo’s legibility. On photography with darker or more complex backgrounds, the full-reversed version of the logo should be used.

When using backgrounds of color, use the appropriate logo variation to keep the brand color represented. On darker background colors, including Make-A-Wish blue, use the full-reversed version.

logo placement

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Signs should always follow logo identity standards and guidelines. Please note that you must always take into account how the logo will interact with the wall surface, material, and color that it is being installed on. Whenever possible, please use Make-A-Wish blue, white, silver, or black. If landlord building restrictions or municipal sign ordinances prevent compliance, contact the National Office for a collaborative solution.

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Make-A-Wish America will create and distribute all chapter and affiliate logo lockups. Logo users should not use any method to create their own lockups.

Only the provided logos should be used to maintain consistent scale, spacing and type styling. These logos should never be altered.

chapter affiliates

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The Make-A-Wish star logo lockup was developed for special uses such as wish star sales, car decals, and stickers. This lockup can be used only in Make-A-Wish blue, and should follow all standard misuse guidelines of the logo (page 51). Please note that only the Make-A-Wish star shape should be used.

If using for corporate sponsors to give to donors, a version with a box exists below the logotype for the donor to write his or her name when a donation is given.

star logo

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To establish and reinforce awareness and recognition of the logo, consistent reproduction is essential.

To ensure consistency, never alter the color, rotate, distort or add shadows, glows, strokes or other effects to the logo. The logo must never appear within a shape or container (with the exception of the wish star program), be typeset, or be used in a sentence.

Use only the approved digital files that are supplied from the National Office.

logo misuse

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When using the Make-A-Wish logo alongside other corporate sponsor logos, the following lockup should be used. The Make-A-Wish logo should appear on the right, in full color or white, if color is not available. A vertical divider should separate it from the corporate sponsor logo, which should follow the same color rules. Regarding sizing, the corporate sponsor logo should appear approximately the same size as the Make-A-Wish logo for visual balance.


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