I really like popcorn, and I’ll go to nice lengths to make it. Personally, I’ve cooked plain popcorn kernels within the microwave, and I’ve cooked microwave popcorn on the range. You do what you gotta do. Am I proper?

Microwave popcorn could be cooked on the range since it’s simply popcorn, oil, and seasoning. Merely empty the contents of the popcorn bag right into a pot with a lid, add some additional oil if wanted, and prepare dinner it on excessive warmth till all of it pops.

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Beneath, I’ll share the very best movies I discovered displaying easy methods to make microwave popcorn and not using a microwave. Together with the stovetop methodology, I’ll share a way for making popcorn in an oven or toaster oven, too, and even in a popcorn machine.

Microwave Popcorn And not using a Microwave

First, I need to make this clear: There may be nothing loopy or particular about microwave popcorn that makes it very totally different from regular popcorn.

Microwave popcorn is simply popcorn, oil, and seasonings (salt, butter taste, and so forth).

Which means that if you happen to don’t have a working microwave, you’ll be able to take the contents of a microwave popcorn bag and prepare dinner it with one other methodology of popping popcorn with oil.

These popcorn popping strategies embody:

  • In a pot on the range
  • In a popcorn machine (“popper”)
  • And, extra surprisingly, in an oven or toaster oven

My important warning can be to not dump microwave popcorn into an air popper. See under for extra clarification on that (if it’s not apparent what the issue can be).

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How you can Make Microwave Popcorn on the Range

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In the event you like watching movies, you’ll be able to scroll down for a video—however right here’s the overall course of for popping microwave popcorn on the stovetop. You’ll want a medium sized or giant pot with a lid.

How you can make microwave popcorn on the range:

  1. Take away the plastic sleeve out of your microwave popcorn.
  2. Reduce open your microwave popcorn bag.
  3. Scoop the popcorn, oil, and seasoning from the bag right into a pot on the range, and put the lid on the pot.
  4. If there’s not a lot oil within the bag, then add an additional tablespoon of cooking oil to the pot.
  5. Put the range burner on medium-high warmth.
  6. Each 10 or 15 seconds, elevate and shake the pot.
  7. Cook dinner till most kernels are popped, and popping has slowed till there are a number of seconds of silence between pops.
  8. Take away from warmth and punctiliously pour the popcorn right into a snack bowl.

Most microwave popcorn is available in oil that’s stable at room temperature, then it’s going to soften because it will get heated. Then a kernel will pop, then one other, then extra. It’s very thrilling.

Here’s a video displaying the entire course of:

How you can prepare dinner microwave popcorn in a pot on the range.

Can You Cook dinner Microwave Popcorn in an Oven or Toaster Oven?

It’s potential to prepare dinner microwave popcorn in an oven or toaster oven. Merely fold the popcorn into an aluminum foil pouch with some oil. Cook dinner on excessive warmth round 450 levels Fahrenheit. It ought to pop roughly between 8 and quarter-hour.

You may not suppose that oven-cooking popcorn can be potential. Popcorn cooks with fast warmth that causes moisture within the kernels to steam and pop. However ovens warmth up extra slowly. Wouldn’t this enable the kernels to slowly dry out reasonably than pop? Perhaps in concept.

However in observe, it appears to work simply high-quality. There are many anecdotes you’ll be able to learn on-line of individuals cooking popcorn within the oven.

The video under was the very best demonstration I may discover. They don’t begin with microwave popcorn—they only use plain kernels to make popcorn in a toaster oven.

However microwave popcorn is simply plain kernels, oil, and seasoning. So this may be completed with microwave popcorn, too. Simply be sure you take the microwave popcorn out of its paper bag and switch it to an aluminum foil “pouch,” as proven within the video:

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Take note: The method for making microwave popcorn in a pot on the range is less complicated and far sooner than making popcorn in an oven or toaster oven. If in case you have a pot and a range, that might be the extra sensible choice to decide on.

Can You Use Microwave Popcorn in a Popcorn Maker?

Most popcorn makers can use microwave popcorn as soon as it has been faraway from its paper bag. Nonetheless, it could take extra work to soundly use microwave popcorn in an air popper.

Personally, I take advantage of the West Bend Stir Loopy popcorn machine. This sort of popper requires popcorn kernels and oil. Since microwave popcorn is simply popcorn, oil, and seasonings, you’ll be able to typically scoop the contents of a microwave popcorn bag into the popper and use it usually.

However this course of wouldn’t be so easy for all types of popcorn poppers…

Can You Use Microwave Popcorn in an Air Popper?

Microwave popcorn can not readily be cooked in an air popper. It is because air poppers don’t use oil. Since most microwave popcorn comes with oil, you shouldn’t dump it instantly into your air popper and switch it on. This may very well be harmful.

Now, it could be potential to rinse the oil off of your microwave popcorn, after which use it like regular popcorn in your air popper. Nonetheless, this will not be so simple as it sounds.

Oil doesn’t dissolve in water—it’s hydrophobic. Often, to completely wash oil off of one thing, it is advisable to use cleaning soap. So, as bizarre as it could sound, you might want to make use of cleaning soap to completely clear the oil off your microwave popcorn kernels.

Then, you would wish to rinse off the cleaning soap very well, so that you’re not consuming cleaning soap. In the event you did that and dried off the kernels, it ought to be secure to attempt cooking them in your air popper… However I can’t converse to the outcomes you’ll be able to count on to realize!

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