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5 Traditional Russian Mushroom Dishes You Must Try

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Russia’s flat terrain and favorable climate make it a haven for mushroom growth, resulting in a plethora of delicious mushroom recipes. We’ve handpicked five traditional Russian mushroom dishes that will tantalize your taste buds and introduce you to the rich flavors of Russian cuisine.

Salted Mushrooms

For those who appreciate the unique taste of salted mushrooms, this recipe is a must-try. Whether you prefer milk mushrooms, saffron milkcaps, russula, or chanterelles, salting young mushrooms of the same size ensures even flavor distribution.

How to salt mushrooms:
Start by peeling and rinsing the mushrooms thoroughly. You can soak them in cold water for 20 minutes to remove any impurities. Next, prepare a sterilized glass container. Layer the mushrooms, caps down, and sprinkle a handful of salt on each layer (approximately 50g of salt per kilogram of mushrooms). Between the layers, you can add black peppercorns, bay leaves, dill, garlic, or dry cloves for added flavor. Seal the container and leave it in the refrigerator for five days, periodically pouring off excess brine. Small mushrooms need one week of salting, while medium and larger ones require 30-45 days.

Mushroom Soup

Mushroom soup is a classic in Russian cuisine, offering a delicious vegetarian alternative to meat and fish-based soups. The traditional mushroom soup includes potatoes and vegetables, with a rich and flavorful broth made from porcini mushrooms.

How to make mushroom soup:
Start by frying the washed and chopped mushrooms in vegetable oil until golden brown. Add finely chopped onion and continue frying until it turns golden as well. Adjust the heat to simmer the mixture for 20-25 minutes. Season with salt to taste. In a separate saucepan, boil potatoes and sliced carrots until the potatoes are cooked. Add the mushrooms, onions, and spices such as bay leaf and pepper. Serve the soup with fresh herbs and smetana, a traditional Russian sour cream.

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Potato and Mushroom Vareniki

Vareniki, the famous Russian dumplings, can be made with a variety of fillings. However, the combination of potatoes and mushrooms creates a perfectly balanced and flavorful filling.

How to cook vareniki with potatoes and mushrooms:
Prepare the dough by beating an egg with salt, vegetable oil, and water before gradually adding flour. Knead the dough until it becomes elastic, then cover it and let it rest for 30 minutes. For the filling, fry the chopped mushrooms and onions until tender and combine them with boiled and mashed potatoes. Season with salt and butter to taste. Shape the vareniki by cutting circles from the dough, placing the filling in the center, and pinching the edges. Boil the vareniki in salted water for five minutes, then serve them with smetana and fresh herbs.

Buckwheat and Mushroom Pies

Pies are a staple in Russian cuisine, and this recipe for buckwheat and mushroom pies showcases the rich heritage of Russian monastery cuisine. With a simplified recipe that uses yeast, these pies make an excellent addition to any meal.

How to cook buckwheat and mushroom pies:
Prepare the dough by combining dry yeast, sugar, flour, and warm water. Let it rise for an hour. While the dough is rising, sauté onions and mushrooms in a frying pan before combining them with cooked buckwheat. Divide the dough into equal parts, roll each part into a circle, and fill it with the mushroom and buckwheat mixture. Bake the pies in a preheated oven until golden brown. Let them cool slightly before serving.

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Pancakes with Mushrooms

For a unique twist on traditional pancakes, try Russian blini with a savory mushroom and onion filling. This recipe provides a faster alternative to regular stuffed pancakes.

How to cook pancakes with mushrooms:
Finely chop onions and mushrooms, then sauté them in vegetable oil. Add herbs for additional flavor. For the pancake batter, beat eggs, milk, salt, sugar, and flour together. Pour in boiling water and whisk until the batter is smooth. Cook the pancakes in a hot frying pan, adding a spoonful of the filling to each pancake. Fry for 1-2 minutes on each side until golden brown. Serve these delectable pancakes with smetana and fresh herbs.

Explore the flavors of traditional Russian cuisine with these delightful mushroom dishes. Whether you’re a mushroom lover or simply curious about Russian culinary traditions, these recipes are sure to impress. For more information on Russian cuisine and other exciting recipes, visit Ratingperson.

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