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Why Didn&039t My Ex Text Me Happy Birthday? – Magnet of Success

by Moon
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My ex didn’t wish me a happy birthday

Exes can be quite unpredictable after the breakup. Sometimes they wish each other happy birthday and other times, they disappear and stay quiet. What they do usually depends on how they perceive each other and how badly they need space.

If they feel smothered, angry, or resentful, they tend not to reach out for birthdays. They don’t see a reason to because they don’t feel ready to converse with their ex.

But if they feel guilty or curious and want to talk to their ex for a while, they tend to reach out and in doing so, learn how their ex thinks and feels about them. The information they obtain from speaking with their ex eases their guilt, helps them stay in touch, and validates them.

If your ex didn’t wish you a happy birthday, you must understand that your ex isn’t ready to communicate with you yet. Your ex decided that it’s better to stay away from you and focus on his or her own life for a while. By doing so, your ex can avoid feeling awkward and have the freedom to keep moving on and distracting himself or herself.

Your ex, therefore, didn’t wish you a happy birthday for a very simple reason. Your ex didn’t want to risk getting hurt, annoyed, or feeling guilty. He or she wanted to keep unwanted emotions at bay and continued to self-prioritize.

In a way, that’s not a bad thing! You don’t want to hear from your ex when your heart still beats for your ex. You don’t want your ex to breadcrumb you and confuse you as you could misinterpret your ex’s texts. You could assume that your ex has been waiting for your birthday to reach out and get back with you even though that is highly unlikely.

Exes reach out and ask for another chance when they’re in pain and need help. They don’t wait for special occasions to weasel back into your life because. They don’t have that much time as they’re suffering and need immediate assistance.

For your ex to text you a happy birthday, your ex would have to:

  • process the breakup (stop craving space)
  • think he/she needs to be polite
  • become curious about you
  • and not be afraid to receive an unwanted (desperate) response from you

So whatever you do, try not to take your ex’s silence personally. As far as your healing is concerned, it’s a million times better for you not to engage in conversation with your ex (even if it’s just about your birthday). You’ve probably been dying to hear from your ex and thought your ex would show you at least some love and care on your special day, so I get that you must be disappointed.

But rest assured that you’d be more disappointed if your ex talked about unimportant things and strung you along for no apparent reason. That would make you stay hooked on your ex because your ex would have made it seem like it’s possible to get back together.

So as difficult as this breakup has been for you, you should be thankful to your ex for not dropping you a happy birthday message. You should look at it in a positive way because your ex either knows you need space or is giving it to you because that’s what he or she needs.

This post is for all of you who are wondering why your ex didn’t text you happy birthday. We’ll discuss why dumpees and dumpers refuse to text their ex so that we cover breakups from both perspectives.

Why didn’t my ex text me happy birthday?

The reason your ex didn’t text you happy birthday isn’t that your ex forgot your birthday but because your ex felt uncomfortable or afraid of your reaction. Your ex figured that reaching out to you would have ruined his/her happiness streak and forced your ex to engage in meaningless conversation with you.

Of course, your ex wasn’t 100% certain that you were going to say or do something intrusive, but your ex did nonetheless think there was a chance of that happening. And as small as that chance was, your ex wasn’t willing to take it. Your ex just couldn’t risk getting caught off guard and talk to you for no reason.

That’s why your ex stayed silent on your birthday and did things that made him or her happy instead.

If your ex didn’t text you happy birthday, you likely feel that your ex really doesn’t love you and want you back. You feel that your chances of getting back with your ex plummeted and that you feel more lost than ever before. Before you start worrying about losing your ex forever, keep in mind that dumpers don’t come back on dumpees’ birthdays anyway.

If they do come back around that time, it’s completely random. As I mentioned earlier, dumpers return when they have an incentive to return. And that incentive is usually pain, anxiety, depression, shattered self-esteem, and hopelessness.

Your birthday doesn’t trigger those emotions.

So if you were hoping for your ex to come back on your birthday, know that you were hoping for a random occurrence. You wanted your ex to realize your value at that particular time and fall back in love with you. But unfortunately, that’s now how reconciliations happen.

They happen when dumpers experience a painful (usually heart-shattering) experience, discover their ex’s worth (the hard way), and need their ex to make themselves feel whole again.

If you don’t want your ex back and just want your ex to acknowledge your existence, however, you should also avoid taking your ex’s absence personally. An ex who doesn’t text you happy birthday has probably become resentful.

And resentful people shouldn’t be envied and revered. They should be pitied because they have lots of unresolved problems within themselves. You can’t change their attitude toward themselves and life if they don’t want to change it themselves. It’s beyond your power.

So no matter how long it’s been since you broke up, bear in mind that your ex doesn’t see how he or she could benefit from wishing you a happy birthday. Sure, your ex might think it’s polite to wish an ex of months or years a happy birthday, but your ex might also not.

People have different opinions of birthdays and what’s polite and self-respectful. Some think they should reach out and let their ex know they care whereas others think the best way to help their ex is to let their ex be. Of course, some people couldn’t care less about their ex, but those people shouldn’t concern you.

They’re too far gone.

With that said, here are 5 reasons why your ex didn’t text you happy birthday.

As long as you understand that your ex’s life no longer intertwines with yours, you should be able to forgive your ex and let go of the things your ex does and doesn’t do. You should be able to focus on yourself because your ex’s actions no longer concern you.

If you think that they do concern you and that they bother you, you should consider signing up for therapy, journaling, or talking to people about your feelings. That’s how you can get things off your chest properly and slowly stop thinking that your ex owes you birthday wishes.

Why didn’t my dumpee ex text me happy birthday?

If you left your ex, your ex didn’t text you for your birthday because your ex was in no contact. Your ex was staying away from you, focusing on getting over you, and rebuilding himself or herself. Your ex didn’t think that reaching out was wise because your ex’s priorities have changed.

In other words, your ex no longer needed to worry about you and communicate with you. Since you left your ex, it was morally acceptable for your ex to focus solely on his or her own life. Your ex had every right not to reach out to you and wish you a happy birthday.

Your ex needed to put himself or herself first and give you the space you asked for. It would have been dangerous and unhealthy for your ex to contact you while your ex was still withdrawing from a lack of happy (relationship) hormones and dealing with separation anxiety and fears.

Dumpees who reach out and wish their ex normally do so because they have expectations of their ex. They want their ex to thank them, acknowledge their presence, and say or show them that he or she misses them back. But in return, they usually learn that their ex doesn’t care about them romantically and that reaching out was a mistake.

If your dumpee ex reached out for your birthday after you’ve dumped your ex, your ex would have essentially shown interest in you and pinned romantic expectations on you. That would have made your ex obsessed with you and want you back for validation purposes.

This could make it much harder for your ex to detach and find internal happiness.

So if you didn’t receive a text message from your ex for your birthday, don’t think that your ex is a bad person. Instead, try to understand that your ex doesn’t need to be your friend or occasional friend. Your ex’s only responsibility is to stay away from you and heal from the anxiety you forced him or her to feel.

Is it ok to text my ex happy birthday?

Whether your ex is the dumpee or the dumper, it’s probably not a good idea to reach out to your ex if you’re not on speaking terms. There’s no point in contacting your ex because you’re not even friends. You’re ex-partners who failed to make the relationship work and now need some time to figure out if you even want to talk to each other.

It may be best to give each other some time to get over the breakup. The dumpee needs time to heal and the dumper needs to be left alone and go through his or her breakup stages. If you don’t let your ex get what he or she wants and needs, you could hurt your ex and/or make your ex respond in unwanted ways.

That could, in turn, make you regret reaching out and force you to overanalyze your actions for a while.

So if you and your ex aren’t friends, don’t text your ex happy birthday. Your ex probably won’t see it as a harmless gesture but as you trying to get something out of it. You need to stay away from your ex as long as the breakup is fresh so your ex can see that you don’t have any expectations of him or her.

This is true regardless of who broke up with who.

If you and your ex have become friends though (and you’re happy to communicate with your ex), then you can reach out to your ex to wish him or her a happy birthday. Reaching out to your ex is okay if you communicate normally as you don’t emotionally depend on your ex and need your ex back to feel secure.

My advice is to figure out what kind of relationship the two of you have and want. If you communicate once in blue moon, reaching out probably won’t cause any harm, but it won’t exactly make the broken relationship better. You can decide what you want, but if it was me, I’d either communicate infrequently (for birthdays mainly) or cut my ex off permanently.

Doing so would make it easier to focus on my partner and our future.

Why do you think your ex didn’t text you happy birthday? Do you think it’s because your ex wants things to stay the way they are? Let us know in the comments below.

And if you wish to discuss things further with us 1-on-1, check out our coaching options here.

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