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Exciting New Releases on Netflix: September 18th to 24th, 2023

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Netflix has hit the jackpot with its crackdown on account sharing, resulting in a recent surge in subscriptions in the United States. Regardless, the leading video-on-demand platform continues to bring in fresh content to retain its loyal subscribers. In this regard, let’s dive into all the exciting releases coming to Netflix this week, from September 18th to 24th, 2023. Brace yourself for seven new titles, including movies, series, and documentaries, with most of them being originals.

Among the offerings this week, there are two titles that stand out before we unveil the complete list of releases for the next seven days. After that, we’ll also share the releases from previous weeks so you can stay up to date in the vast sea of streaming platforms.

Sex Education (Season 4 and Final) – September 21st

Since its debut in 2019, Sex Education has become a reference point among the young adult series on Netflix. It has provided us with a rollercoaster of emotions, from hilarious moments to intense drama, making us fall in love with its characters. And now, it’s time to bid farewell. This week marks the arrival of the fourth and final season of Sex Education, promising a grand finale with Otis, Maeve, and the gang. Let’s hope they go out with a bang!

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Spy Kids: Armageddon – September 22nd

The Spy Kids saga is one of the most iconic children’s film series of the early 2000s. Now, Netflix, in collaboration with Robert Rodriguez (known for Sin City and From Dusk Till Dawn), is gearing up for a complete reboot. Starring the fantastic duo Gina Rodriguez and Zachary Levi, Spy Kids: Armageddon tells the story of the children of the world’s greatest secret agents. When they accidentally assist a video game developer in unleashing a dangerous computer virus, they take matters into their own hands to save their parents and the world.

This Week’s Netflix Releases

  • El santo de las segundas oportunidades (19/9)
  • Los Murdaugh: Muerte y escándalo en Carolina del Sur T2 (20/9)
  • Sex Education T4 (21/9)
  • Sospechoso X (21/9)
  • Spy Kids: El armagedón (22/9)
  • La canción de los bandidos (22/9)
  • La libreta negra (22/9)

Past Week’s Netflix Releases

Week of September 11th – 17th, 2023

  • Bernard Tapie (13/9)
  • Wrestlers: Lucha libre, pasión y sacrificio (13/9)
  • Las viudas de los jueves (14/9)
  • Érase una vez un asesinato (14/9)
  • Ehrenhard: El arte de la seducción (14/9)
  • El Conde (15/9)
  • La probabilidad estadística del amor a primera vista (15/9)
  • El reto de Summer T2 (15/9)
  • Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons T7 (15/9)
  • Club Estambul (15/9)
  • Miseducation (15/9)

Week of September 4th – 10th, 2023

  • Predadores (6/9)
  • Los archivos secretos de los Boy Scouts de EE.UU. (6/9)
  • Seis nueve: La serie (6/9)
  • La casa Tahir (6/9)
  • Mi dulce niña (7/9)
  • Un lugar para soñar (Virgin River) T5 P1 (7/9)
  • GAMERA: Renacimiento (7/9)
  • Top Boy T3 (7/9)
  • La mar de posibilidades (7/9)
  • Kung Fu Panda: El caballero del Dragón (7/9)
  • Las cintas de Rosa Peral (8/9)
  • El cuerpo en llamas (8/9)
  • Misiones de espionaje (8/9)
  • Tu tiempo llama (8/9)
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Week of August 28th – September 3rd, 2023

  • La gran seducción (30/8)
  • Vivir 100 años: Los secretos de las zonas azules (30/8)
  • Corazón de Invictus (30/8)
  • One Piece (31/8)
  • Elijo «amor» (31/8)
  • (Des)encanto T5 (1/9)
  • Plan de viernes por la noche (1/9)
  • Un día y medio (1/9)

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Netflix available?

Netflix is available in over 190 countries worldwide, including all Spanish-speaking countries. However, it is not accessible in certain regions like China, Russia, North Korea, or Syria.

Where can I find the complete Netflix catalog?

The complete Netflix catalog can be found on netflix.com if you have an active subscription to the platform. However, certain third-party content may be restricted based on your subscription type, such as those with advertisements.

How much does Netflix cost in 2023?

Netflix offers four different subscription plans, each with its own monthly fee. Here are the options:

  • Basic with ads: €5.49 per month
  • Basic: €7.99 per month
  • Standard: €12.99 per month
  • Premium: €17.99 per month

Additionally, adding one or two extra guest subscribers (for the Standard and Premium plans respectively) costs an additional €5.99 per month for each guest.

For the best streaming experience and a thrilling week ahead, head over to Ratingperson and explore the latest releases on Netflix. Get ready for endless entertainment right at your fingertips!

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