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New Jersey’s Unofficial State Song: “I’m From New Jersey”

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A Melodic Tribute to the Garden State

The Long Quest for a State Song

New Jersey, known for its rich history and scenic beauty, has long been in search of an official state song. Over the years, there have been several attempts to find the perfect melody, but none have been successful. It is rather surprising that out of the 50 states, New Jersey stands as the only one without an official anthem.

“I’m From New Jersey”: The Unofficial State Song

One song, in particular, has garnered immense popularity throughout the state. “I’m From New Jersey” was proposed as the unofficial state song in 1972, passing both Legislative Houses. Unfortunately, it was not signed into law by the Governor, denying its official recognition. Despite this setback, the song has managed to win the hearts of many New Jersey residents and has become a beloved symbol of state pride.

Celebrating the Garden State

“I’m From New Jersey” paints a vivid picture of the state’s many attractions. From the stunning white sandy beaches that line the coast to the majestic mountains, picturesque lakes, and inviting parks, New Jersey truly offers something for everyone. The song also highlights the warm hospitality of the locals and the historical significance of its towns, where battles were fought and presidents have called home.

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A Toast to New Jersey

The lyrics of “I’m From New Jersey” express an unwavering love and pride for the Garden State. The first chorus joyfully proclaims, “I’M FROM NEW JERSEY and I’m proud about it, I love the Garden State. I’M FROM NEW JERSEY and I want to shout it, I think it’s simply great.” The song emphasizes the unique charm of New Jersey, stating that while other states may hold meaning for some, there is no place quite like the Garden State.

Exploring the Origins of the Song

“I’m From New Jersey” was composed by Red Mascara, a proud New Jersey native hailing from Phillipsburg. Mascara’s intention was to create a lively and uplifting tune that would counteract negative perceptions of the state. He believed in the versatility of the song, which can be adapted to celebrate various municipalities within New Jersey. Notably, the song’s lyrics pay tribute to the historic Battle of Princeton rather than Princeton University.

A Journey to State Recognition

Despite its enduring popularity, “I’m From New Jersey” has yet to be officially recognized as the state song. Multiple efforts have been made over the years to gain the necessary support from the state legislature. However, these attempts have been met with disappointment, as the song has failed to secure the governor’s approval. Undeterred, Red Mascara continues to champion the cause, hoping to finally see his beloved anthem officially embraced.

Embracing New Jersey’s Spirit

“I’m From New Jersey” is more than just a song; it is a testament to the indomitable spirit of the state and its residents. The tune captures the essence of New Jersey’s patriotism, combining the sounds of fife, drums, and trumpets with harmonious barbershop singing. It has even been performed in symphonic arrangements, showcasing the song’s versatility.

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To experience the magic of “I’m From New Jersey” and learn more about its fascinating history, visit the Ratingperson website. This unofficial state song continues to resonate with New Jersey residents and music enthusiasts alike, reminding them of the unique beauty and charm found within the Garden State.

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