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Ratingperson: A Guide to Nick Heller Books by Joseph Finder

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Publication Order of Nick Heller Books

Publication Order of Nick Heller Short Stories/Novellas

Nick Heller Biography

Joseph Finder, an acclaimed author of thrilling novels, introduced the character of Nick Heller. With best-sellers like Paranoia, Company Man, Killer Instinct, and High Crimes, Finder has solidified his status as one of today’s most successful thriller novelists.

Early Life and Launch of Career

Born on October 6th, 1958 in Chicago, Illinois, Nick Heller’s childhood was marked by his parents’ constant moves between Afghanistan and the Philippines before finally settling in the United States. Heller’s journey began at Harvard University, where he studied Russian History. Interestingly, his original ambition was not to become a novelist but to work as a spy, likely influenced by his upbringing in Afghanistan and his fascination with Russian history.

However, fate had other plans for him. In 1983, Heller published his first book, “Red Carpet,” followed by “The Moscow Club” in 1991. Both books revolve around the Russian KGB, with the former delving into the connection between the KGB and American businessmen. The latter continues the story, leading to a coup in Russia. These books instantly became international hits, earning Finder recognition as one of the greatest spy thriller writers of all time. He went on to publish more thrilling novels, including “Zero Hour,” “Extraordinary Powers,” and “High Crimes,” solidifying his reputation as a master of complex suspense, as acknowledged by The New York Times.

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The Nick Heller Series

Nick Heller, a character featured in three of Joseph Finder’s books, embarks on a thrilling journey in “Vanished,” “Buried Secrets,” and “Plan B.” Heller, an intelligence officer with special forces, is often referred to as a private spy. His role involves uncovering secrets that powerful individuals would rather keep hidden. In the process, Heller finds himself entangled in life-threatening conspiracies. However, driven by his determined nature, he relentlessly uncovers hidden truths, lies, and conspiracies.


The story begins with Nick Heller’s younger brother, Roger Heller, and his wife, Lauren, who are brutally attacked one fateful night. Lauren ends up in a coma, and Roger goes missing. With his special forces training, Nick takes it upon himself to find his brother. Unfortunately, the case proves to be far from easy. As Nick peels back the layers, he discovers a dangerous life his brother led, putting Lauren and her son at risk. Furthermore, his contractor’s behavior arouses suspicion, and horrifying secrets slowly emerge. Nick must protect his family while unknowingly taking on a formidable enemy.

Buried Secrets

In “Buried Secrets,” Nick Heller returns to his hometown of Boston, where he is approached by an old friend, Marshall Marcus. Marshall’s daughter, Alexandra, has been kidnapped and buried alive in an underground coffin, with her plight broadcasted on the internet. As an expert in uncovering mysteries, Nick is Marshall’s last hope. However, during his investigation, Nick stumbles upon Marshall’s fraudulent activities, leading to his arrest by the FBI. Uncovering high-ranking government secrets connected to the kidnapping, time is running out, and the whole world is watching.

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Plan B

Set in Barcelona, Spain, “Plan B” follows Nick Heller on a mission to save a kidnapped girl from a heavily fortified compound. With his well-thought-out plan, Nick is confident in his ability to go undetected and rescue the girl. However, unexpected complications arise, threatening the success of the mission. This short story, with its unique ending and Finder’s trademark plot twists, has garnered high praise from readers.

Joseph Finder’s books are incredibly popular, often flying off the shelves as soon as they are available. Several of his works, such as “Paranoia,” “High Crimes,” and “Buried Secrets,” have been adapted into successful Hollywood movies. With numerous awards and accolades under his belt, including the International Thriller Writers Award and the Strand Magazine Critics Award, Joseph Finder continues to captivate readers with his intense, heart-thumping, and mind-boggling novels.

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