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No Kids Allowed Weed Storefront

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No Kids Allowed (NKA) is a cannabis company in D.C. that stands out as a unique venture created by former teachers. The idea of teachers becoming cannabis entrepreneurs may raise some eyebrows, but it also showcases the diverse paths people take in life. While our experience with NKA was average, with nothing particularly noteworthy, it’s worth exploring the nuances of this establishment.

NKA: A Mediocre Experience

Our visit to NKA was neither dreadful nor exceptional. They were simply average, with one major blunder when they sold us the wrong product. Our shopper clearly communicated what he wanted, but the staff rushed him out with the incorrect item. If you’re looking for a better experience, we suggest trying any storefront with a higher rating.

Is No Kids Allowed Legit?

Determining the authenticity of NKA’s claim of being run by former teachers is challenging. We attempted to contact them via Instagram but received no response. However, we can confirm that they do indeed gift cannabis with a purchase. Although our shopper found their weed to be satisfactory, the bigger issue was the staff’s apparent lack of interest in meeting his needs.

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The doorman at NKA was friendly, opening the door with a smile. They took the time to showcase their merchandise, although no actual cannabis was displayed. While this initial interaction was positive, the subsequent experience felt rushed.

Lukewarm Customer Service

Once inside, our shopper was led to the back room, where all the different strains were on display. He specifically requested their top-shelf flower, known as the honor roll. However, NKA only offers two tiers of cannabis: honor roll and the lower-tiered exotic. Our shopper felt as though he was being rushed, with a line of people waiting behind him. Despite explicitly asking for honor roll flower, he was given the lower-tiered exotic instead.

NKA provided a limited selection of around 6 or 7 strains, encompassing both tiers of flower. While the options were not extensive, the quality appeared acceptable, with no obviously low-grade offerings. Interestingly, our shopper noted that there’s little difference in appearance between the two tiers.

As a promotional offer, NKA provides a 10% discount on the first purchase through a QR code scan. They also mentioned a loyalty program, where every 10 purchases earn another discount. Some lucky customers even get to spin a wheel for a chance to win a free preroll, although our order did not qualify.

Mixed Bag of Professionalism

NKA’s location in a less safe neighborhood may deter some customers, as there are homeless people lingering nearby. However, their store itself is clean, and the staff, while not overly friendly, is reasonably amicable. The modern rap playing inside creates a youthful ambiance. Interestingly, when our shopper used street lingo, NKA staff did not reciprocate, indicating a level of professionalism on their part.

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Our driver encountered a minor hiccup when the employee rushed him and made a mistake with his order. Nevertheless, she seemed knowledgeable and competent overall. It’s worth noting that NKA likely keeps their cannabis in the back room to minimize the smell and draw less attention from the street, but this setup can give the store a somewhat sketchy vibe.

How Did NKAs Weed Fare?

The cannabis from NKA was not terrible, but it didn’t possess any outstanding qualities either. The flavor had earthy and lemony undertones, but it lacked the distinctive terpy taste typically associated with strains like Runtz. The smoke was harsh, irritating the throat and chest. It was evident that the curing process had been rushed, and the buds appeared to be machine-trimmed. While the cannabis was potent enough to serve its purpose, it was far from enjoyable.

Conclusion: NKA for Desperate Times

In a future scenario where no other options are available, NKA might be an acceptable choice. However, under normal circumstances, there are numerous superior vendors to consider. It’s essential to set your standards higher than what No Kids Allowed’s weed shop currently offers.

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