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Rewriting Every #1 Song of 2007 in One Sentence Each

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We Take a Fresh Look at the 2007 Chart-Toppers, Rediscovering the Charm of Songs That Once Ignited Our Passion, Now Acknowledging the Catchy Melodies and Unwinding the Tension of the Past.

Feeling Nostalgic

The Everlasting Impact of Songs

We find ourselves reminiscing about the songs that once filled our hearts with intense emotions, realizing that moments which once caused bitterness now bring smiles to our faces.

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A New Perspective for You

This time, we focus on your experience. Don’t worry, you’re not being tricked. Time plays tricks on all of us in the end.

Reflecting on the Past

After a decade has passed, we revisit and review every song that reached number one in Australia during the year 2007. But for now, let’s avoid discussing the untimely cancellation of The O.C. – it still feels too fresh.

The Songs of 2007

Beyoncé – ‘Irreplaceable’ (Jan 1 – Jan 20)

Be cautious when someone’s belongings can be packed away in a box to the left – it might be a sign that they are not worth your time.

Evermore – ‘Light Surrounding You’ (Jan 21 – Jan 27)

This band disbanded after the older brother found solace in religion, expressing his beliefs through a song that resembles a Hillsong hymn.

Hinder – ‘Lips Of An Angel’ (Jan 28 – March 17)

This Nickelback-inspired track, reminiscent of a mediocre RSL covers band attempting songwriting, became wildly popular as people unconsciously anticipated the need to erase it someday.

Silverchair – ‘Straight Lines’ (March 18 – April 14)

After tirelessly influencing Daniel Johns to experiment with remixes and unconventional ideas, Paul Mac finally took his place in Silverchair, making it his band.

Avril Lavigne – ‘Girlfriend’ (April 15 – April 21, then again April 29 – June 2)

Avril faced a lawsuit from a 70s band called The Rubinoos, who claimed that she stole their remarkably similar song, ‘I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend’. People can be strange indeed.

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Missy Higgins – ‘Steer’ (April 22 – April 28)

One intriguing fact about this song: it could be listened to on the website of a Sydney newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, but it wasn’t the kind of legacy Missy was aiming for.

Rihanna – ‘Umbrella’ (June 3 – July 14)

Built on a common GarageBand drum loop (Vintage Funk Kit 03, if you need proof), this song would have been comical if Jay-Z hadn’t labeled himself ‘Rain Man’ in the opening bars.

Fergie – ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’ (July 15 – Sept 15)

In the past, female pop singers were contractually obliged to release a powerful ballad about emotional liberation as a later single, but times have changed; now it serves as the lead single.

Sean Kingston – ‘Beautiful Girls’ (Sept 16 – Sept 22, and again from Sept 30 – Oct 27)

Every couple of years, a reggae-infused song reigns supreme in Australia, followed by a wave of imitations. Let’s give thanks to Sean Kingston for reimagining ‘Stand By Me’ and selling a million records based on it!

Timbaland ft. Keri Hilson – ‘The Way I Are’ (Oct 28 – Nov 10)

Using the excuse “know me, know my ways, take me as I am” is a feeble justification for giving up on basic human values such as kindness, ambition, and appearance. Timbaland should know better.

The Veronicas – ‘Hook Me Up’ (Nov 11 – Nov 17)

The Veronicas demonstrated their artistic growth when they ceased the triumphant gesture of raising their fists in promotional photos.

Kylie Minogue – ‘2 Hearts’ (Nov 18 – Nov 24)

Kylie and chart success go hand in hand, but this song is a departure from her usual style.

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Timbaland ft. OneRepublic – ‘Apologize’ (Nov 25 – Dec 31)

If this song were a person, they would be the individual wearing horn-rimmed glasses, loudly discussing wine tannins with the bartender in an attempt to impress others. Everyone can see through their facade, just like a typical OneRepublic song.

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