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“Sniper: Assassin’s End” Tops Netflix’s Action Movie Charts

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Netflix has added an action-packed film filled with drama and thrilling scenes to its catalog. “Sniper: Assassin’s End” is a captivating action movie that runs for just one hour and 35 minutes but will keep you glued to the screen from the very beginning. Although it was released in 2020, this title has been rediscovered by the platform and has become one of the most-watched movies in its catalog, climbing its way to the Top 10.

A Plot Filled with Action and Intrigue

The official synopsis gives us a taste of what to expect: “Accused of a crime he didn’t commit, a special operations soldier turns to his legendary sniper father to help him find the real killer.” Since its release, this film has managed to captivate audiences who enjoy war plots and action-packed stories.

The protagonist, Sergeant Brandon Beckett, finds himself in a tough spot when he is framed for the murder of a foreign dignitary just before an important trade agreement is about to be signed by the United States. Now, he must join forces with his father to take on the CIA and Russian mercenaries while dealing with a dangerous assassin trained in the Yakuza.


Directed by Kaare Andrews, “Sniper: Assassin’s End” focuses on a “special operations soldier” who becomes involved in an unresolved case. Adrenaline and excitement will be present in every viewer.

The Talented Cast and the Sustained Popularity

The cast of this film includes Chad Michael Collins (who has been part of four out of the eight installments of the “Sniper” franchise), Sayaka Akimoto, and Tom Berenger (the actor who started the franchise in 1993 and portrays Thomas Beckett, the father of Collins’ character). Their performances have contributed to the success of this production. It’s no surprise that the movie has remained at the top of the popularity charts on the streaming service.

The film stands out for the multitude of simultaneous events and the impressive challenges that the main character faces. It surprises the audience with traps, doubts, guilt, and mysteries throughout the story, maintaining tension and presenting unexpected events every minute. Each sequence will keep you intrigued, expanding the narrative and revealing how the different events are connected. It’s worth noting that this is the eighth installment of the successful “Sniper” film series, which began in 1993.

An Unending Saga

The “Sniper” saga has captivated audiences since 1993, with thrilling stories about snipers in various situations. Prominent actors in the franchise have included Tom Berenger, Billy Zane, Chad Michael Collins, and Dominic Mafham. In 2011, “Sniper: Reloaded” was released, followed by “Sniper: Legacy,” “Sniper: Ghost Shooter,” “Sniper: Ghost Warrior,” “Sniper: Ultimate Kill,” and now “Sniper: Assassin’s End.”

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If you are a fan of action, drama, and intriguing stories, “Sniper: Assassin’s End” is the ideal film for you. Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions, plot twists, and impressive action scenes. Don’t miss it on Netflix.

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