Hero Tips – Top War – Advanced Guide

Military Heroes

High preliminary gold heroes are Katyusha and Bradley. Rambo is the highest purple hero. Given the associated fee and rarity of orange shards, most concentrate on one gold hero (Katyusha really useful) and Rambo.

The Hero Bond achievements particularly make the above gold heroes engaging. These add +2000 WAR or DEF to those explicit heroes, growing ability impression and unit stats.

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For large spenders, Amalia is a flexible hero whose unique ability boosts all models, and she or he provides priceless chests every day with a gold shard probability and different goodies. When Ben turns into accessible, he’s additionally very sturdy in assault. Fahed can also be sturdy, notably on protection.

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The strongest late recreation military heroes are Katyusha, Ben, Optimus Prime and Amalia/Bradley. Ben’s protect (solely on assault) on offers a protect that protects models from 5 assaults; that is 6 with lvl 1-4 unique ability, and seven with lvl 5. This grouping on assault (notably in a 3 hero march) can beat even sturdy navy marches, although the introduction of Akatora has countered this.

Late recreation, tough rating of military heroes: Optimus Prime, Preycis, Mei, Bradley (unique degree 7), Katyusha, Ben, Piedmont, Fahed, Villiers (all models), Amalia (all models), Tywin, Rambo.

Navy Heroes

High gold hero from the beginning is Bassel given his sturdy ATK enhance ability and enhance from Hero Bond achievements. Nimitz is second and Bellevue third; her artillery ability is much like that of Katyusha, although the proc price is pretty low. Simon is the highest purple hero, so Bassel or Nimitz and Simon is a typical pairing. Simon is robust in PVP with full perks, and wouldn’t get replaced till Bassel/Nimitz are 4 stars.

High heroes are Yuu, who is very sturdy with a really costly unique degree 7, Akatora, and Bailos. 914 was essentially the most highly effective hero within the recreation on assault, however has change into much less so with the introduction of Optimus Prime and Yuu and their defensive expertise. High navy 3HM is mostly Yuu, Akatora and Bailos on assault, and the identical on protection; Optimus Prime might be substituted for Yuu, and 914 can nonetheless be an efficient inclusion on assault.

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Late recreation, tough rating of navy heroes: Yuu (unique degree 7), Akatora, Optimus Prime (however not with Yuu), Bailos, Maximo, Yuu (unique beneath 7), Bassel, Villiers, Amalia, Violet, Katrina, Nimitz, Bellevue

Air Drive Heroes

Air pressure has sometimes had poor free gold heroes, and doesn’t have a powerful purple. Rockfield and Tsuru turned accessible by means of tickets and are the strongest preliminary gold heroes, and their expertise complement each other. In any other case, Sauvage is okay, and Hartmann and Edward aren’t horrible. Most gamers don’t area an air pressure march till later recreation, nonetheless, as it’s troublesome to construct a excessive variety of air pressure models, and air pressure is countered by the numerous military marches on the market. Can use Dr. Gero and Ricardo as purples to pair with a gold hero.

For later recreation, Maximo was not too long ago launched and is likely one of the strongest paid heroes within the recreation together with his laser shot ability. Aya, Selina and Dante and are highly effective air pressure heroes for buy. Amalia and Villiers can be utilized as air pressure heros given their versatile expertise. A typical prime air pressure march is Maximo, Selina, and both Aya, Villiers or Optimus Prime.

Late recreation, tough rating of air pressure heroes: Maximo, Selina, Optimus Prime, Villiers, Aya, Dante, Tsuru (with Rockfield), Rockfield, Amalia.

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