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Pet of the Month: Stories of Resilience and Love

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Pet of the Month

Sometimes, amid the challenges of life, we witness remarkable acts of loyalty and bravery from our beloved pets. Whether they are undergoing difficult treatments or providing unwavering support, these animals inspire us with their resilience and unwavering love.

At Ratingperson, we cherish all our patients, regardless of age, size, or temperament. Each one possesses a unique personality and endearing characteristics that make them special. In the spirit of celebration and recognition, we would like to share the stories of some extraordinary pets with you.

September’s Pet of the Month: Albie, the Optimistic Cocker Spaniel


Albie, a 3.5-year-old Cocker Spaniel, is a shining example of resolute positivity. This handsome canine has not only captured our hearts with his good looks but also with his cheerful disposition. Albie radiates love to everyone he meets, both humans and dogs alike. However, his best friend is Decca, a lurcher with the longest legs and the sweetest smile.

Swimming is Albie’s favorite pastime, and he recently had the pleasure of exploring the beautiful Lake District. During his adventure, he swam so far that a friendly paddleboarder had to rescue him! Despite being relatively young, Albie has had his fair share of medical challenges. From tearing a cruciate ligament in his back leg at just 9 months old to enduring multiple surgeries for ear infections and persistent grass seeds embedded in his paw, his spirit remains unbroken. He continues to greet us with a wagging tail, and we are always delighted to see him—although we hope his visits are infrequent for his own sake.

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Congratulations, Albie, on being our September Pet of the Month!

August’s Pet of the Month: Chip, the Endearing Cocker Spaniel


In August, our attention turned to Chip, a mostly Cocker Spaniel with a touch of Jack Russell Terrier. Despite her big ears and gentle nature, she resembles a spaniel in a Jack Russell suit. At the age of 15, Chip has led a fulfilling life, spending her early years on a small farm in Dartmoor with her housemate Fizzy, a Border Terrier/Jack Russell cross.

Chip has faced her fair share of health challenges, including peripheral retinal atrophy and cataracts that have left her completely blind. Nevertheless, she has adapted remarkably well, relying on her exceptional sense of smell to navigate her surroundings. Additionally, she has overcome warts and various lumps and bumps, including a significant surgery to remove a troublesome lump from her leg.

Despite her hardships, Chip’s kind spirit and wagging tail have remained intact, earning her a special place in our hearts. Congratulations, Chip, on being our August Pet of the Month!

July’s Pet of the Month: Jesse, the Labrador with a Story to Tell


Meet Jesse, our July Pet of the Month. This 13-year-old Labrador recently underwent a splenectomy—an operation to remove his spleen. He even shared his surgical and recovery experience with a local reporter, impressing us with his bravery and resilience.

June’s Pet of the Month: Rocco, the Triumph of Hope


Our June Pet of the Month is Rocco, who has defied the odds since his early days. As a 10-week-old puppy, Rocco was surrendered to our practice with various health issues, including urinary incontinence, a deformed kidney, and half a tail. Despite these challenges, he has grown into a happy and wonderful dog who brings joy to everyone he meets.

Rocco’s journey has been marked by a series of surgeries, including the removal of his deformed kidney and the realignment of an ectopic ureter. His recent operation involved fitting a band around his bladder to improve his control over urination. Despite occasional incontinence, Rocco’s love for life remains unwavering. He often roams around the clinic, offering comfort to nervous dogs and showing them that visits to the vet aren’t scary at all.

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At just 18 months old, Rocco has already experienced a lifetime of medical challenges. But with a devoted owner and his infectious tail wag, he continues to bring happiness wherever he goes. If you’re ever at the clinic, don’t hesitate to say hello to Rocco—he’s always ready for a cuddle!

May’s Pet of the Month: Lyra, the Spirited Springer Spaniel


Lyra, an eight-year-old Springer Spaniel, captures our hearts with her boundless energy and loving nature. She has been a part of our practice since she was adopted at the age of two. Despite facing multiple health issues, including chronic arthritis and a perforated duodenum, Lyra remains resilient and full of life. Her loving owners and the entire clinic staff are in awe of her strength and courage.

April’s Pet of the Month: Buster, the Ginger Gentleman


Buster, an 18-year-old ginger cat, steals the show as our April Pet of the Month. This charismatic feline may be in his golden years, but his spirit remains lively. From faming adventures to tussles with his stuffed mouse toy, Buster brings joy to those around him.

Despite age-related conditions like arthritis, hyperthyroidism, and occasional tummy upsets, Buster maintains his gentle and kind nature. We are honored to have him as a fixture in our practice, and we wish him a long and happy old age.

March’s Pet of the Month: Oso, the Courageous Labrador


Our March Pet of the Month is Oso, a nine-year-old chocolate Labrador with an incredible story. Born in Mexico, Oso’s grizzly bear-like appearance earned him his name. Although he faced a diagnosis of lymphoma—the cancer of lymph nodes and lymphatic system—Oso has defied the odds and is currently in full remission. His brave journey, marked by chemotherapy treatments and moments of uncertainty, showcases his remarkable resilience. We are delighted to honor Oso as our March Pet of the Month.

February’s Pet of the Month: Yoyo, the Survivor


Yoyo, a ten-year-old tortoiseshell cat, captures our hearts with her sweet nature and quiet demeanor. After an unexpected encounter with a 7cm-long needle lodged in her throat, Yoyo underwent a life-saving surgery. Despite the harrowing experience, she made a full recovery and resumed her normal activities with unwavering resilience. Yoyo’s bravery serves as a cautionary tale for curious cats and a reminder of the incredible strength animals possess.

January’s Pet of the Month: Iko, the Fighter


Iko, an eight-month-old Patterdale Terrier, demonstrates his indomitable spirit after a significant injury. With the fracture of four metacarpal bones in his forepaw, Iko underwent surgery and a lengthy recovery process. Despite the challenges, he bounced back and resumed his playful and energetic nature. We celebrate Iko’s resilience and commend his determination to overcome adversity.

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December’s Pet of the Month: Cookie, the Survivor


Cookie’s story is one of triumph and second chances. Rescued by a caring client, this beautiful feline overcame severe ear problems and found a temporary home until she was ready for adoption. Despite enduring extensive treatments, including multiple ear cleanings and medical drops, Cookie’s resilience shone through. We celebrate Cookie’s strength and resilience as she awaits the next chapter of her journey.

November’s Pet of the Month: Samba, the Heart of the Practice


Samba, the practice cat, holds a special place in our hearts. Since joining our team in 2010, she has been a comforting presence, often found lending a paw at the reception desk. Samba’s sweet and quiet nature endears her to everyone she encounters. Although she may spend most of her time relaxing on the sofa or observing the neighborhood from the windowsill, her presence brings warmth and joy to our practice.

October’s Pet of the Month: Growler, the Brave Patterdale Terrier


Don’t be fooled by his name—Growler may sound fierce, but he is a gentle and resilient Patterdale Terrier. Despite a few health setbacks, including battling Parvovirus, Growler has made a full recovery and regained his vibrant spirit. His love for life and energetic nature remind us of the power of perseverance.

September’s Pet of the Month: Leo, the Survivor


Leo, a 14-year-old Labrador, has faced numerous challenges throughout his life. From tearing his oesophagus while chasing a stick to enduring mast cell tumors and liver surgeries, Leo has displayed incredible strength and a kind heart. Despite all the hardships, Leo’s positive spirit and gentle nature continue to inspire everyone he meets. We celebrate Leo’s resilience and honor him as our September Pet of the Month.

August’s Pet of the Month: Scooby, the Joyful Companion


Scooby, a fifteen-year-old feline, makes our hearts soar with his gentle nature and joyful presence. While he may be shy and quiet most of the time, Scooby’s calls for food or his desire to go outside are hard to ignore. He cherishes moments of sunbathing and relishes the comforts of his home. Scooby’s sister’s passing has left a void in his heart, but his loving personality continues to shine through.

July’s Pet of the Month: Cassie, the Resilient Greyhound



Cassie, a former greyhound racing star, has gracefully transitioned into retirement with her caring owners. Despite her racing career, Cassie’s calm and friendly nature has won over the hearts of many. Her love for leisurely walks and sun-soaked strolls brings her unparalleled joy. Cassie’s recent health challenges have tested her resilience, but with a fighting spirit, she has triumphed. We congratulate Cassie on being our July Pet of the Month.

These incredible pets embody strength, love, and resilience. They inspire us with their unwavering spirits and remind us of the power of compassion and care. At Ratingperson, we are honored to be a part of their journeys, providing them with the best possible care and support.

Please join us in celebrating these remarkable animals. If you’re looking for a comprehensive pet rating service, visit our website at Ratingperson.

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