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Water and Power: The Fascinating History of Pickwick Book Shop in Hollywood

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Welcome to Ratingperson, where we delve into the captivating stories of iconic landmarks. Today, we explore the rich history of the Pickwick Book Shop in Hollywood. Join us as we take a nostalgic journey through time and discover the secrets behind this beloved literary haven.

A Literary Haven in the Heart of Hollywood

In 1938, Pickwick Book Shop opened its doors on Hollywood Boulevard. Named after Charles Dickens’ classic novel “The Pickwick Papers,” this bookstore quickly became a cherished destination for book lovers, including movie stars. Its Spanish Colonial Churrigueresque design made it a standout in the area[^1^].

From Humble Beginnings to a Literary Behemoth

The story of Pickwick Book Shop started in 1925, when Louis Epstein purchased a tiny bookshop attached to a gunsmith’s shop in Long Beach. Epstein’s journey was challenging, but fate had something extraordinary in store for him[^2^].

With a stroke of luck, a movie studio approached him for a book rental. Epstein, caught off guard, proposed a rental fee of 5 cents per day per book. Little did he know that the books would never be returned. After a year, the studio dropped off the 5,000 books used as set props but failed to return them on time. Realizing their mistake, the studio tried to negotiate, but Epstein’s lawyer ensured he received the full payment he deserved[^3^].

The Birth of a Literary Empire

Epstein used the money to secure a building on Hollywood Boulevard, which would later become the renowned Pickwick Book Shop. In 1938, the doors opened, and Pickwick Book Shop flourished, specializing in new books and remainders. It soon became a favorite haunt for literary giants like Fitzgerald, Chandler, and Faulkner, as well as beloved stars such as Bogart and Marlene Dietrich[^4^].

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A Cultural Icon

Pickwick Book Shop continued to expand, eventually establishing 16 branches throughout Southern California. Its influence extended beyond Hollywood, with locations in malls like Torrance’s Del Amo Fashion Center. However, change was on the horizon[^5^].

Passing the Torch

In 1968, Dayton Hudson, the founder of B. Dalton Books, acquired the Pickwick chain. The stores were eventually consolidated under the name B. Dalton-Pickwick, a beloved fixture for book enthusiasts. However, in 1987, Barnes & Noble acquired the company, marking the end of an era[^6^].

Legacy and Remembrance

While the original Pickwick Book Shop may no longer grace Hollywood Boulevard, its legacy lives on in the hearts of book lovers. The building that once housed this literary treasure still stands, a testament to its enduring impact on the community[^7^].

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