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Easy and Irresistible Puppy Chow Truffles

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Easy Nostalgic Puppy Chow Truffles

Who can resist the crunchy, chocolatey goodness of puppy chow? Whether you call it puppy chow, muddy buddies, or something else entirely, one thing is for sure – it’s absolutely delicious in any form. But have you ever tried puppy chow in truffle form? Trust me, it takes the nostalgia to a whole new level.

When I was younger and had friends over, I would skip the chips and dip or the pizzas and head straight to the kitchen to make a double batch of puppy chow. Why? Because it was always a crowd-pleaser. My love for puppy chow runs deep – so deep that my mom even has embarrassing photos of me making it when I was younger. That’s how devoted I am.

Now, let me introduce you to the ultimate puppy chow experience – puppy chow truffles. These truffles have a delightful crunch on the inside and a smooth chocolate coating on the outside. Plus, they are completely no-bake and just as delicious as you remember puppy chow to be!

easy no bake puppy chow or muddy buddy truffles

Recipe Tips for Puppy Chow Truffles:

1. Refrigerate the Truffle Filling

After mixing the truffle filling together, make sure to refrigerate it before scooping into balls. This step helps the filling stay together as you coat it in chocolate. Simply refrigerate for 20-30 minutes, and you’re good to go.

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2. Harden the Chocolate

Once you dip each truffle into chocolate, let the chocolate harden back up in the refrigerator. Cold, refrigerated chocolate makes it much easier for powdered sugar to stick to it.


Do I need any special kind of peanut butter?

No, you don’t need any special kind of peanut butter. However, I highly recommend using natural peanut butter, made only from peanuts or peanuts and salt. This type of peanut butter makes the filling easier to mix since it’s thicker. If you don’t have natural peanut butter on hand, you can still use what you have, but be prepared to mix with your hands.

What should I mix these with? They’re kind of hard to mix…

A spatula and your hands are your best friends for mixing these truffles. Start with a spatula to mix the filling initially, and once it starts to come together and becomes thick, use your hands to bring it all together. The mixture is thick, so clean hands are a necessity here.

puppy chow truffles

Why isn’t my chocolate as smooth as yours? And why isn’t it easy to dip into?

Two things to consider here. First, using baking chocolate is the secret to achieving super smooth chocolate. Whether you use baking chocolate wafers or a block of baking chocolate that you melt, it will give you the best results. Melt it in the microwave in 30-second increments or follow the instructions on the package.

If you prefer better control, consider melting the chocolate over a double boiler. This method prevents any portion of the chocolate from burning. However, if you choose to microwave the chocolate, don’t worry, the truffles will still turn out great!

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How do I roll these in powdered sugar? Why won’t it stick?

I have a couple of tips for you. Firstly, make sure to wait until the chocolate has fully hardened before attempting to roll the truffles in powdered sugar. Patience is key here!

Secondly, powdered sugar sticks much better to cold chocolate. After letting the chocolate harden at room temperature, place the chocolate-coated truffles in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes before rolling them in powdered sugar.

And finally, the most important tip of all – double roll the truffles in powdered sugar! Yes, you read that right. Just like icing a cake with a crumb coat and a final coat of frosting, the first layer of powdered sugar acts as a base for the second coat. This ensures that the powdered sugar sticks and stays on the truffles as long as you keep them in the fridge.

If you’re ready to indulge in a nostalgic treat with a twist, give these easy and irresistible puppy chow truffles a try. Once you experience the delightful combination of crunchy filling, smooth chocolate, and powdered sugar coating, you’ll be hooked.

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