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Do You Believe in Destiny?

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Do you ever get that strange feeling where coincidences and unexpected events seem to mark your path, forcing you to steer your life in one direction or another? Some believe that our lives are guided by destiny. Destiny is a force that is beyond us, pushing us towards an inevitable sequence of events and circumstances from which we cannot escape.

This idea goes way beyond mere synchronicity; it suggests that nothing happens by chance, but rather, we are predetermined. What does it mean for individuals to think this way? Are we then at the mercy of destiny, or are we free to choose our own path?

Coincidence or Causality?

It is true that sometimes things happen that surprise us: meeting someone in a certain place under curious circumstances, luck that appears unexpectedly, decisions we make without really knowing why… Is it all just mere coincidence, or is there perhaps a mysterious causality behind it?

Having an open mind is highly recommended, a mindset that does not put locks or obstacles in the face of all the information and stimuli that relentlessly surround us. The question, however, is that if we accept the existence of destiny, we are assuming that part of what happens to us is marked by the designs of who knows what. It is something that completely escapes our understanding and may even elude our own consciousness. So, where does our responsibility lie? How can we be responsible for something that we don’t even control?

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Destiny, Free Will, and the Inexplicable

There are scientists who affirm the existence of an “almost compulsory destiny,” which is related to inheritance: our genetic makeup from our parents sometimes determines many aspects of our lives, such as character traits, physical features, and even diseases. The social and personal context in which we are raised can also influence us, at least by a probability of 30% to 40%.

However, on the other hand, we also have the crucial concept of “free will,” where each individual is conditioned by their own choices. They are shaped by their personal story and by their life in a society that allows them to lean towards one path or another, recognizing their mistakes, trusting in oneself, and taking on new challenges.

As an old Italian writer once said, “Destiny does not reign without the secret complicity of instinct and will.” Because our lives are not woven in the stars, but in our own reality and in the day-to-day experiences that test us as individuals.

We are free to set our own goals and achieve our own accomplishments, but chance exists. And sometimes, coincidences are so unique that we cannot help but imbue them with that inexplicable magical quality. Because as rational as we may be, we have always enjoyed that touch of the strange and unexplainable.

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It is true that our lives can sometimes be a chaos of coincidences and illogical events, but taking control of our own destiny, being the masters of our own helm, will allow us to be more responsible.

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