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Rachel Wesson Books: A Journey Through History

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Clover Springs Mail Order Brides – The Quest for Love

Clover Springs East – A New Chapter

Hearts on the Rails – Endless Adventures

The Irish Billionaires – Tales of Wealth and Romance

Orphans of Hope House – A Story of Resilience

Trails of the Heart – Exploring Love and Life

Resistance Sisters – Fierce and Fearless

Women & War – Empowering Voices

The 12 Days of Christmas Mail-Order Brides – Festive Romance

Standalone Novels – Unique Stories

Rachel Wesson: A Passionate Historical Fiction Author

Rachel Wesson, a talented author of historical fiction, is known for her captivating novels that transport readers to different eras. Born in Kilkenny and raised in Dublin, Ireland, Wesson’s fascination with books began at a young age. Her insatiable curiosity about the war captivated her family, who found solace when she embraced her love for writing. While living in London, Wesson realized that city life didn’t suit her growing family. Thus, she turned her passion for writing into a profession and moved to Surrey, where she currently resides with her husband and children. When she’s not immersed in books or writing, Wesson enjoys watching movies and cherishing quality moments with her loved ones.

Orphan Train Escape: A Heartbreaking Journey

In the Hearts on the Rails series, Orphan Train Escape takes readers on a poignant and inspiring adventure. Set before the Civil War, the story revolves around Bridget Collins, who bravely protects those she loves. Living in a divided New York, where wealth starkly contrasts with poverty, Bridget refuses to succumb to her boss’s advances, leading to dire consequences. Jobless and responsible for her siblings, Bridget devises a plan with her priest’s help. She becomes an outplacement agent for orphan trains, ensuring her siblings find shelter. Taking care of almost forty orphans is no easy task, but Bridget finds solace in Carl Watson’s support. However, Carl has his own demons to battle, making it challenging to care for the orphans. Through laughter and tears, Bridget discovers valuable lessons about love, loyalty, and the meaning of life. What began as an escape from her troubles turns into an unexpected calling.

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Katie: A Mail Order Bride’s Tale

Katie is the first installment in the Clover Springs Mail Order Brides series. The book introduces Katie O’Callaghan, a seventeen-year-old who has faced more adversity than most her age. Following her mother’s death and a series of unfortunate events, Katie and her younger sister, Ellen, travel from Ireland to America to live with their uncle. The journey is treacherous, with hunger and disease claiming many lives on the ship. Although they survive, life in America proves to be harsh, especially with their uncle’s avarice. After enduring a year of mistreatment, Katie realizes that becoming a mail-order bride may be her only chance at a better life. What lies ahead for Katie and her sister? Will her husband provide the happiness she craves?

Rachel Wesson: A Celebrated Historical Fiction Writer

Rachel Wesson, a renowned writer of historical and general fiction, hails from Surrey, England, though her Irish roots remain an integral part of her storytelling. Wesson has authored several successful series, including Trails of the Heart, Clover Springs Mail Order Brides, Hearts on the Rails, Clover Springs East, and Orphans of Hope House. Her deep-rooted passion for history fuels her creativity, enabling her to craft compelling narratives that captivate readers’ hearts.

Wesson’s Early Years: A Love for Reading

Born in Kilkenny, Ireland, Wesson considers herself a Dubliner, having spent the majority of her life in the vibrant city. As a child, her father would take her and her sisters to the library every Saturday, where Wesson would spend hours devouring her favorite stories and treating herself to ice cream afterward. While her sisters grew restless, Wesson’s insatiable thirst for knowledge and constant questioning of the war and the 1916 rising piqued her family’s fascination. Encouraged by her grandmother, Wesson began writing her own stories—an effective strategy to channel her inquisitive nature and provide respite for her loved ones. Wesson’s school report cards reflected her exceptional reading abilities, though her struggles in other subjects caused concern. As an adult, Wesson explored various paths, even experiencing an abruptly ended love affair.

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Finding Purpose: A Journey to London

Feeling adrift in life, Wesson decided to move to London, where she resided for two years. There, she found employment in the city and, fatefully, met her future husband. However, Wesson soon realized that her job did not fulfill her, especially as it kept her apart from her family who resided in the countryside. Determined to prioritize her loved ones, she left her job, packed her belongings, and reunited with her husband and children.

A Flourishing Writing Career

While at home, Wesson dedicated her time to writing stories, never expecting it to become a full-time career. However, the overwhelming support of her readers propelled her into a rewarding and thrilling profession. Currently residing in Surrey with her husband and three children, Wesson spends her days writing manuscripts, conducting research through reading and watching films, and cherishing quality time with her family. She also frequently visits her beloved Ireland, reveling in the pleasant company of her peers and enjoying the picturesque scenery.

The Clover Springs East Series: Expanding Horizons

One of Wesson’s intriguing series is Clover Springs East, a trilogy that debuted in 2017. The novels, set in Clover Springs, Colorado, and New York City, New York, feature a diverse cast of characters. Erin Quinn, Robbie Fenton, Nora Doherty, Jamie Headford, Lizzie Carpenter, Tommy Carpenter, Sadie O’Riordan, and Ned Duffy are just a few of the individuals who populate this enthralling series. Wesson’s decision to incorporate these characters from her previously successful Clover Springs series expands the universe and offers readers a more extensive exploration of their lives. The first book, New York Bound, introduces beloved doctor Erin Quinn, who embarks on a journey to confront her past. However, an unexpected blizzard threatens to derail her plans. Nora Doherty, eager to meet Erin yet unsure about her mother’s insistence on her becoming a mail-order bride, finds herself crossing paths with Robbie Fenton, Erin’s loyal bodyguard. As the blizzard rages on, the lives of these characters intertwine in unexpected ways. Will they survive the storm and embrace their futures?

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The New York Storm: A Test of Love and Strength

The second installment of the Clover Springs East series, New York Storm, delves into the lives of couples Jamie Headford, Lizzie Carpenter, Tommy Carpenter, and Sadie O’Riordan. As an unprecedented blizzard blankets New York City, claiming numerous lives, these two pairs face a challenging few days ahead. Lizzie, tired of waiting for Jamie, decides to move on, but destiny has other plans in store for them. Meanwhile, Tommy’s unwavering love for Sadie prompts him to protect her at all costs. As the storm intensifies, will their love be strong enough to weather the hardships?

Discover the World of Rachel Wesson

Rachel Wesson’s novels transport readers across time and immerse them in rich historical landscapes. Her dedication to crafting exciting stories rooted in history has earned her a devoted following. With her engaging writing style and relatable characters, Wesson continues to captivate and entertain readers worldwide.


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