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Book Review: Radio Silence by Alice Oseman

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Radio Silence Character

For the second week of the pride month readathon, I decided to delve into the world of “Radio Silence” by Alice Oseman. Published in 2016, this young adult novel caught my attention with its overwhelmingly positive reviews, despite contemporary young adult stories not typically being my cup of tea. Intrigued, I dived into the book, curious to see what all the hype was about.

A Refreshing Friendship

One aspect that immediately captivated me was the platonic friendship at the core of the story. I adore books that explore characters with passions, especially when those passions lean towards the nerdy side. In “Radio Silence,” the characters of Francis and Aled resonated with me in this regard. What’s even more impressive is that the book focuses solely on their friendship and doesn’t rely on romantic entanglements to drive the plot.

Unmasking the True Self

The story revolves around Frances, who has always been the embodiment of the perfect student, laser-focused on her goal of attending an elite university. However, when she encounters Aled, the introverted genius behind her beloved podcast, a newfound freedom awakens within her. Through their friendship, Frances discovers the courage to be her authentic self. But as the podcast gains widespread popularity, their trust is shattered, leaving Frances torn between who she was and who she wants to become. She must confront her past and reveal the truth behind Carys’ disappearance. Meanwhile, Aled grapples with his own darker secrets.

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Characters that Resonate

Frances, known as a study machine, lives a life solely dedicated to academics, creating a barrier between her true nature and her friends. It is heartrending to witness her hide her artistic passion and convince herself that only her grades matter. However, with Aled, she finds solace and reconnects with her genuine self. Frances’s character grows on you, and it becomes evident how much she deserves to be valued outside the realm of school. Her devotion to her favorite podcast and the corresponding fandom is filled with tenderness. The internet becomes her escape from the shallow relationships she has at school, where her art serves as her only refuge.

On the other hand, Aled, a soft-spoken individual with anxiety, finds solace in creating the Radio Silence podcast. Through the episodes, he shares his deepest thoughts and experiences while remaining anonymous. I deeply relate to his desire to be heard, as someone who has often felt invisible due to shyness and anxiety. Despite his inner struggles, Aled proves to be a great friend, although he battles with an abusive mother, a missing sister, and unrequited feelings for his best friend. While his actions may have hurt Frances, his eventual apology comes too late.

Unexpected Connections

Daniel, who, like Frances, excels academically, initially clashes with her. However, their paths intertwine due to Daniel’s friendship with Aled, bringing them closer and revealing their hidden complexities. Daniel’s character grows on you as his willingness to help Aled exposes his caring nature beyond his perfect exterior.

Similarly, Raine, a member of Frances’ friend group, manages to break through Frances’ walls and become a truly supportive friend. Beneath her self-confident and bold exterior, Raine possesses a good heart that gradually endears her to the reader.

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A Real and Relatable Experience

“Radio Silence” left a resounding impact on me, primarily due to its authenticity. The book effortlessly incorporates diverse characters, including gay, lesbian, and bisexual individuals, as well as people of color. The protagonist, Frances, a black, bisexual top achiever, is an inspiration, showcasing that ordinary teenagers can achieve greatness. Sexual identity is presented as completely normal, without being the central focus of the story. The characters are effortlessly themselves, and their peers readily accept them for who they are.

The book delves into the complexities of the internet, highlighting both its positive and negative aspects. As someone who spends a significant amount of time online, I found myself identifying with the characters and their experiences. Each character possessed facets that resonated with me, making the story relatable, genuine, and captivating. I was so engrossed that I finished the book in just two sittings.

The Power of Friendship and Self-Identity

At its core, “Radio Silence” explores the themes of friendship and self-discovery. Frances struggles to form genuine connections at school, as she is constantly perceived as solely focused on academics. However, her friendship with Aled allows her to finally be true to herself. The author realistically depicts the ups and downs of their relationship, showcasing that even the strongest of friendships face challenges and misunderstandings. This portrayal is refreshing, as it deviates from the perfect best friend image often presented in the media.

A Message of Empowerment

The book’s powerful message lies in embracing uncertainty and finding one’s own path. This resonates strongly with teenagers who are grappling with major life decisions, such as college and career choices. “Radio Silence” emphasizes that there is more to life than just school, opening doors to endless possibilities.

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An Authentic Writing Style

Alice Oseman’s writing style adds to the book’s genuine appeal. The narrative voice of Frances is engaging and relatable, making the first-person perspective work seamlessly. Smooth incorporation of references and well-crafted dialogue contribute to the story’s realism.


In summary, “Radio Silence” is an empowering read that encourages readers to carve their own paths and live life authentically. Alice Oseman’s storytelling prowess shines through, leaving me eagerly anticipating more of her works. If you’re seeking a book that navigates the complexities of friendship and self-identity, while offering relatable characters and an inspiring message, then “Radio Silence” is the perfect choice.


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