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Ratchasa Maamaney Song Lyrics

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In this article, we will explore the captivating lyrics of the Tamil song “Ratchasa Maamaney.” Sung by Shreya Ghoshal, Balakkaadu Sri Ram, and Mahesh Vinayakram, this melodious track was composed by none other than the legendary A.R. Rahman. Let’s dive into the enchanting words penned by the talented lyricist Kapilan.

Verse 1

Female Singer: I have come to ignite a spark within your mind, like a pearl inside a clam.

Female Singer: Oh, Ratchasa Maamaney! You are the sun of the night, just like a ripe guava. Please don’t get angry. Your sixth sense is the ultimate wisdom.

Female Singer: Ho! Veeran Veeran Veeran Veeran! Where is our valiant hero? He is like a tall cupboard or a fearless lion, ready to showcase his power. He is the leader of the dance, like Lord Muruga himself.

Female Singer: I have come to ignite a spark within your mind, like a pearl inside a clam.

Verse 2

Male Singer: Tomsha Vitham Tomsha Vitham! Embracing the Arabian language and the scent of a King, I am Kamshamugan.

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Male Singer: Nakkiran’s son, Nithamudan, the epitome of truth and the embodiment of love. I am the only son of the fearless one.

Male Singer: Oh Balakan! Oh Balakan! Oh Balakan! Oh Balakan!

Male Singer: I am the guide of the gods, the one who has conquered the peaks and seen the mysteries of the universe.

Male Singer: Am I the one who arrived as the moon and transformed into a magical being? Am I the one who tamed the furious sun? I will come to Madurai, with a weapon like a cane, to conquer the world.

Female Singer: Ho! Ho! Oh! Is there no charm in me? Is there no magic? I am a little girl. You can’t fool me with your sweet talks.

Female Singer: Is it a game you’re playing? Is it a school you want to build? Is it a battle you’re fighting? You can’t win me over with your false promises.

Female Singer: Hey Aiyyare! Aiyyare! Shall we dance? Hey Kuyyare! Ho Aiyya! Aiyya! Shall we dance?

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