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There is nothing more entertaining than watching movies. We all love movies and we always try to find out what is the ‘Top 10’ in each category of movies like action, comedy and drama.

Now I’m going to discuss with you about top 10 ski movies which are really great and popular around the world.

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1. Hot Dog

This movie was released in 1999 and it seems very humorous according to its name. It was directed by Mark Griffiths and written by Kevin Lund. Most people will enjoy this movie, because there is a lot of excitement in it especially when the characters go skiing on dangerous terrains which they have never done before in their lives, but they do that happily just for fun.

2. Ski School:

This movie was released in 1990 and it is a unique movie as compared to others. It can be described as a drama comedy, but there are very few comedies in it. This movie is all about ski instructors working at Wolf mountain resort who teach skiing to their students which consist of children and adult both. One after one they all learn skiing and go on having fun together on the snow-fields. There are some dangers waiting for them that time comes when a storm blows runs after everyone and creates trouble to everyone’s life.

3. Ski Patrol:

Ski patrol was also released in 1990 just like ‘Ski School’. Its genre is action. The main leading role of this film goes to Chuck Norris who gives an extraordinary performance. The story of the film is that four members of ski patrol go on a rescue mission and they save a woman’s life who got trapped under an avalanche in Canada.

4. Snowboard Academy

Snowboard Academy

Snowboard academy was released in 2012 and it can be defined as comedy too. Everyone will enjoy this movie if they love comedies with adventure and suspense included in them. It tells the story of two brothers, one elder and other younger. Elder brother always bully his younger brother but when he joins snowboarding academy he starts respecting him because at the academy there is no such thing which can allow anyone to bully anyone else not even their seniors or teachers and they punish everyone equally without any consideration of their social status or relations outside school only based on the behaviours they behave in the school.

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5. The Ski Bum

This movie was released in 2008 and it is a drama comedy too. It is about a ski bum who lives life on his own terms and also spends time teaching skiing to others just for making some money. He sets off for Aspen to work at a ski resort but there he stuck with all the different problems of managing everything alone without any extra help from anyone else.

6. Ski School 2

This movie was released in the year 1994 and its genre is action. In this film, one person takes revenge from police because they arrest him while he was doing his normal business which damages his reputation very badly before other people. Police end up finding out that he has no links with any criminal or terrorist organization, but he has done that on his own to take revenge.

7. Cross Country

This movie was released in 2003 and it is a drama based film. It tells the story of two guys who start training for cross country skiing and their coach helps them in every possible way to achieve their target and be successful in achieving gold medals at the Olympics. But there are also some other boys in their team who do not want them to win the medals so they try to be harsh towards them by making bad remarks about them and creating problems when they go out to practice skiing which makes this task very hard for our main characters.

8. Ski School

Ski School

This movie was released in 1986 just like ‘Ski School 2’. It is an action comedy. The story of this film revolves around a guy who has to go back to his old school for getting help from his teacher because he failed in mathematics and now it’s time to take revenge from his former school mates who laughed at him when he asked their help before.

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9. Ski Patrol

This movie was released in 1990. This film belongs to the genre of drama comedy too like ‘Snowboard Academy’. An old man named Pappagallo takes all other people as hostages including women, children and even animals after climbing on top of mountain peak which is very dangerous for them all because there are branches everywhere which can fall down at any moment without any prior notice which can make things worse for everyone.

10. Hitting the slopes

This movie was released in 2005 and it is a drama comedy too. It tells us the story of one group of friends who go on a skiing trip for some relax and fun time together but there they bump into one of their old bullies who makes them all suffer by playing dirty pranks on them which affects their confidence as well as relationship with each other. This film also stars Matthew Lawrence, Elden Henson and Tom Green.


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