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Brightly Street: A Fun and Engaging Way to Connect with Your Kids

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Introduction: Introducing our Kid’s YouTube Channel

If you haven’t already heard, we’re excited to announce the launch of our new kid’s YouTube channel! At Brightly Street, we strive to provide engaging and educational content for children. In line with this, we recently taught the kids about the importance of “Searching the Scriptures” in our latest Come Follow Me episode. Not only is this a fantastic way to introduce your family to the 90 Day Book of Mormon reading challenge, but it also fosters a love for scripture study.

Kick-Start Your 90 Day Book of Mormon Challenge

Embarking on a 90-day reading challenge can be a rewarding experience for the entire family. To facilitate your journey, we’ve created a generic Book of Mormon 90 Days reading chart. Simply start on a Sunday and finish on a Friday, 90 days later. As you progress, check off each box to mark your milestones. We’re eager to hear about the new insights and testimonies that your family gains during this challenge. Trust us, it has been the most impactful scripture study our family has ever undertaken!

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Celebrating the Completion of the 90 Day Challenge

We recently accomplished the 90 day challenge as a family, which was initiated by our exceptional Bishop. To complete the Book of Mormon within the allocated time, we only had to read Moroni 9 and 10. It felt like a momentous occasion, so we decided to commemorate it in a unique way. On the final night, we visited the Gilbert Temple and gathered together to read the last two chapters. Here’s a heartfelt family selfie we snapped at the temple (I must admit, I’m better at taking pictures behind the camera than in front of it!).

Brightly Street 90 day Book of Mormon Challenge

We found a serene spot on the grass outside the temple, where we concluded our reading and engaged in thoughtful discussions about the Book of Mormon. We focused on Moroni’s promise, highlighted in Moroni 10:3-5, which inspired us to ponder upon the truthfulness of this sacred text. We encouraged our kids to seek a quiet place to reflect and offer personal prayers concerning the Book of Mormon. It was an unforgettable experience, especially as we read the final verse where Moroni bids farewell to all, expressing his anticipation to reunite with us before God. Amen (Moroni 10:34).

Cherishing Family Traditions and General Conference

During our temple visit, we prompted our kids to identify the figure depicted on the temple. We spoke about the Angel Moroni and highlighted the verse mentioned earlier. It was such a special evening that we’ve decided to make it a family tradition every Friday night before General Conference as we complete the Book of Mormon once again.

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Embark on a 6 Month Book of Mormon Adventure

To continue our Book of Mormon reading journey, we’ve designed a 6 Month Reading Chart. This challenge aligns perfectly with the upcoming General Conference. Moreover, we will be incorporating the use of the institute manual, which allows us to study the scriptures in greater depth. By blending the teachings of ancient and modern-day prophets, our understanding of these sacred texts will be enriched. We warmly invite your family to join us on this incredible adventure!

Book of Mormon Institute Manual

Explore the Free 6 Month Book of Mormon Reading Chart

To aid you on your 6 Month Book of Mormon reading challenge, we have provided a free reading chart. Feel free to download it and begin your own personal journey. We encourage you to share this blog with your friends and family on various social media platforms, including Facebook and Pinterest. Let’s extend an invitation to others and encourage them to participate in this transformative experience.

Book of Mormon 6 Month Reading Chart

Nourish Your Soul: “Feast Upon the Words of Christ”

As you and your family dive into the scriptures, we hope you find limitless joy in “feasting upon the words of Christ.” This sacred endeavor will not only bring you closer to the Savior but also foster stronger bonds within your family. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy this incredible journey with your loved ones.

Conclusion: Expand Your Scriptural Understanding

To deepen your connection with the scriptures, we encourage you to explore our post on “Ponderizing” the scriptures. It provides valuable insights and exciting ideas for your family to engage with. Additionally, should you desire a different reading challenge, we offer another 6 Month Reading Challenge that you can start at any time. This particular challenge spans 180 days and provides a well-structured daily reading plan. Enjoy your scripture adventure!

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