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“The Twisted Lines of God: Explaining the Ending of Barbara Lennie’s Film, Now on Netflix”

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What a finale! “The Twisted Lines of God,” one of the best Spanish films of 2022, has just arrived on Netflix after its release in theaters in October and its appearance at the San Sebastian Film Festival. In addition, it has been nominated for six awards, including Best Actress for Barbara Lennie, at the 2023 Goya Awards.

This film has captivated audiences with its intricate plot and extraordinary twist ending. So, why has it garnered so much attention? Let’s delve into the story without dwelling on the novel it is based on, written by Torcuato Luca de Tena.

The Intriguing Plot

Alice Gould, the protagonist, is an investigator who infiltrates a psychiatric hospital by feigning paranoia. She claims to have an agreement with Dr. Del Olmo, who, according to Samuel Alvar, the doctor at the center, is a friend and has arranged her admission. Alvar suggests that paranoia would be the most plausible reason for her admission.

In flashbacks, we see Alice preparing for her undercover mission. However, the doctor’s reaction is completely different from what Alice expected. From that moment on, the film becomes a face-off between Alvar and Gould. The balance of power constantly shifts as the “real” Dr. Garcia del Olmo appears. In a specific part of the facility, Garcia del Olmo appears to Alice as “the truth you want it to be.” She has a vision in which everything seems to be a scheme orchestrated by her husband to lock her away.

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Now, let’s take Alice’s side. This is the kind of narrative that ranks among the best suspense and thriller movies on Netflix. Everything points to Alice’s version being the truth, especially when Dr. Arellano discovers that Alice’s house is empty and finds evidence that supports her claims.

Playing with Time

Later that day, Dr. Castell warns Alice to return because strange things are happening. And more will happen, as a fire breaks out, as we have seen in the beginning. The fire episode, which resulted in a death, was a preview of the night when Alice attempts to escape. She triggers the fire to flee, and amidst the chaos, Remo is killed by the Elephant Man, who mistakenly identifies him as Romulo, a detail that is resolved later on.

Unraveling the Ending of “The Twisted Lines of God”

At the medical tribunal, Alvar resigns from his position and therefore forfeits his vote. As he leaves, he mentions Dr. Donadio, the main architect of Alice’s presence in the hospital, much to her surprise. The doctor arrives, and lo and behold, he is none other than the previously known Dr. Garcia del Olmo. “Hello, Alice. What mess have you gotten yourself into this time?” And Alice looks into the camera… End.

The ending reveals that the fictitious illness is actually afflicting the protagonist. With that ambiguous line spoken by the psychiatrist, it becomes clear that Alice is mentally unstable. However, the significance of Lennie’s gaze into the camera is profound. It allows each viewer to draw their own conclusions.

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Is Alice truly disturbed? Was it a scheme orchestrated by the director of the psychiatric hospital? Perhaps Alvar’s resignation is part of her husband’s plan, paying the doctor to create a false report while pretending to be ignorant, in order to gain control over her fortune. Moreover, the film continuously portrays Alice as an innocent victim of a Machiavellian plot.

Nevertheless, the most logical interpretation of that line is that the investigation and everything else stem from her paranoid mind. Just one of many, as her doctor suggests.

For an unforgettable experience, don’t miss “The Twisted Lines of God” on Netflix now. And for more exciting recommendations, visit Ratingperson.

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