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The Twist Revealed: Explaining the Ending of ‘Los renglones torcidos de Dios’

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Imagine stepping into a world where reality blurs with deception, and every character hides a secret. That’s the intriguing premise of ‘Los renglones torcidos de Dios,’ a psychological thriller from Netflix that has garnered six Goya Award nominations. Directed by Oriol Paulo and adapted from Torcuato Luca de Tena’s gripping novel, this Spanish film takes audiences on a mind-bending journey of suspense and intrigue.

A Mysterious Plot Unraveled

At the heart of the story is Alicia, an undercover investigator who poses as a mentally ill patient to expose a potential murder within a psychiatric asylum. As she delves deeper into the hospital’s secrets, she realizes that there’s more at stake than meets the eye.

One of the biggest enigmas in the film is Alice’s mental state. Throughout the story, doctors and staff question her sanity, leaving viewers wondering about the true nature of her condition. Just when it seems like we have all the answers, a final twist throws us into a dilemma. The narrative remains open-ended, leaving us questioning what is real and what is not. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Los renglones torcidos de Dios.’

Unraveling the Conclusion

The ending of ‘Los renglones torcidos de Dios’ ultimately centers around one simple question: is Alice lying or not? Throughout the film, the hospital staff wavers between the two possibilities. Each revelation forces them to reconsider, leaving them with an unsettling uncertainty. Why doesn’t Alice recognize Dr. Donadio? Is she fabricating yet another explanation?

In Torcuato Luca de Tena’s novel, Dr. Donadío never appears at the institution or speaks to the medical board. After the board votes in favor of Alice’s discharge, Detective María Luisa Fernández conducts a thorough investigation. She listens to Dr. Donadío and reveals the truth to the institute’s doctors. This is how we uncover the truth in ‘Los renglones torcidos de Dios.’

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The truth is that Alice indeed suffers from paranoia. She is a wealthy woman married to Heliodoro, and upon discovering that he married her for money and doesn’t love her, her mental health deteriorates. Heliodoro starts embezzling her money and turns her property into a brothel—his wicked behavior drives her to madness. She attempts to poison him, leading him to seek help from Dr. Donadío.

Dr. Donadío spends significant time at Alice and Heliodoro’s home, closely monitoring her behavior. During this period, Alice begins referring to Dr. Donadío as Mr. García del Olmo, and the doctor realizes that she is constructing an alternative version of the truth to avoid accepting what is about to happen. Donadío’s diagnosis of paranoia is accurate, and his decision to bring her to the institution is for her safety and the safety of others. Alice invents the story of the investigation to gain entry into the institution, believing that she is not insane. She then fabricates a new version of the truth to support her mental well-being, just as Dr. Donadío predicted in his diagnosis. Alicia is so brilliant that she convinces everyone to trust her version. Only Dr. Alvar doesn’t fall into her trap.

The book concludes with an unexpected turn of events. After learning the truth, the medical board convenes once more and votes a second time on Alice’s fate. Analyzing her story, they determine that the trigger for Alice’s paranoia no longer exists since her husband fled with her money. Assessing Alice’s current condition, they conclude that she deserves a second chance at living a normal life, putting their faith in her ability to keep her latent paranoia under control with her natural skills. Therefore, the board confirms her discharge in a second vote.

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The book ends with Alice leaving the facility, finally realizing the truth of her story but filled with panic. She doesn’t feel ready to live normally in the outside world, finally accepting her illness. She lacks confidence in her ability to maintain mental stability and requests to reenter the center.

For an intense psychological experience filled with suspense, ‘Los renglones torcidos de Dios’ keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. It’s a captivating exploration of truth, deception, and the intricate web of the human mind. To delve into more captivating insights and reviews, visit Ratingperson, your go-to source for entertainment analysis.

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