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In the grand scheme of things, 2023 has already proven to be a year of significant changes and events. As the world continues to navigate through various challenges and uncertainties, one thing remains constant: the pursuit of a Restored Republic through a Global Currency Reset (GCR). Let’s dive into the latest updates and insights surrounding this topic.

A Look at the Updates

In a world where information is constantly being redacted and altered, it becomes crucial to seek out the uncensored truth. Judy Byington, a journalist and author, provides valuable insights into the Restored Republic via a GCR. She emphasizes the need to refer to the unedited versions of the updates to grasp the full picture. It is essential to stay informed and aware.

Significant Legal Developments

One of the notable legal developments is the Supreme Court accepting a petition to review the Brunson Case, which alleges Congress’ failure to investigate election fraud allegations. Additionally, the court has scheduled a conference on February 17th to discuss this matter further. Loy Brunson, a key figure in the case, sheds light on the upcoming conference and its implications [^1^].

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The Road to Nesara/Gesara

For the official kickoff of Nesara/Gesara, over 200 nations have signed agreements to maintain peace and dismantle their weapons. This milestone sets the stage for a more harmonious and secure world. It is a significant step towards the larger vision of a Restored Republic [^3^].

Unveiling the Truth

In recent developments, a picture allegedly showing Queen Diana at her present age has surfaced on Telegram. This revelation has sparked various questions about her role and potential impact on the monarchy. Furthermore, a video interview with Pfizer Executive Jordon Walker by Project Veritas sheds light on the company’s approach to mutating viruses [^5^].

The Global Currency Reset

The Global Currency Reset (GCR) has been a topic of great interest and speculation. Updates from reliable sources indicate that significant changes are on the horizon. For instance, discussions about the need to substantially change the rate of the IQD (Iraqi Dinar) have been openly held on Iraqi television. This conversation hints at potential global currency realignments and a move towards a commodity-based system [^8^].

The Med Beds Revolution

In the quest for optimum health and well-being, the introduction of Med Bed technology offers a glimpse into a future where wellness takes center stage. These beds utilize advanced DNA technology to restore the body to its optimal state, regenerating organs and correcting various medical conditions. As we move towards a world focused on wellness rather than illness, Med Beds hold the potential to revolutionize healthcare as we know it [^24^].


While the world continues to evolve and face various challenges, the pursuit of a Restored Republic via a Global Currency Reset remains steadfast. Stay informed, seek the truth, and embrace the transformative potential of technologies like Med Beds. As we navigate the uncertainties of the future, let us maintain hope for a better and brighter world.

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