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Mysterious Stories of 9/11 Reincarnations in Young Children

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By Paul Seaburn

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001, is a day forever etched in our minds. The catastrophic event unfolded as we watched in shock and disbelief, witnessing the collapse of the iconic World Trade Center towers. For those born years later, 9/11 is a distant event that they can only learn about. Or is it?

Unilad recently shared a fascinating story that raises the question: Could 9/11 be a phenomenon tied to the reincarnation of young children? Riss White, a mother, recounted an eerie incident involving her four-year-old daughter in 2018. While looking at pre-9/11 photos of the North Tower, her daughter casually remarked, “Hey mom, I used to work there.” What followed was even more astonishing.

According to White, her daughter described how one day at work, the floor became unbearably hot. She stood on her desk to escape the heat, but when she and her friends tried to leave through the door, it wouldn’t open. In a desperate attempt to survive, she jumped out of the window and soared like a bird.

This account left White dumbfounded, as her daughter had no prior knowledge of 9/11 or the photos she had seen. While the story lacks in-depth investigation by past lives experts or psychologists, it is not an isolated case. Many young children have made similar claims, leaving their parents wondering if they are reincarnations of 9/11 victims.

The “Reincarnation After Death?” website features numerous stories that echo this strange phenomenon. Take, for instance, the tale of 4-year-old Thomas Nolan, who spoke extensively about 9/11 for a year, confidently stating that he worked as a firefighter in a “proximity suit.” How does a 4-year-old know about such details? Another child pointed to a window in a pre-9/11 photo of the World Trade Center and said, “Mom, I’m still buried there,” while allegedly providing other unverified specifics of that fateful day.

These accounts make us question whether these children are truly reincarnated 9/11 victims or if their parents are seeking fleeting fame. As the number of such cases increases, one cannot simply dismiss them as mere coincidences. Furthermore, the fact that these children are around four years old, an age where detailed recollections are unusual, adds to the intrigue.

Jim Tucker, medical director of the Child and Family Psychiatric Clinic at the University of Virginia, has delved into such cases. He suggests that if children consistently make statements about a past life in a distant location, including proper names and other accurate details, it becomes hard to dismiss it all as mere fantasy. Is there something more profound at play here?

A comprehensive psychological study of these children would be invaluable, not only for them and their families but also for our understanding of human existence. If reincarnation is a reality, should the individuals involved have a say in whether they maintain contact with their “former” families and friends?

We may never fully comprehend the mysteries surrounding 9/11 and the inexplicable connections some children seem to have with that tragic day. Yet, these stories remind us that the world is full of extraordinary phenomena, waiting to be understood. Perhaps, in these tales of reincarnation, lies a glimmer of hope that life continues beyond the boundaries we perceive.

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What are your thoughts on these puzzling accounts? Could they be genuine cases of reincarnation, or is there another explanation waiting to be discovered?


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