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6 Free Printable Secret Santa Questionnaires

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Free printable Secret Santa questionnaires to help you choose an amazing gift and make your Secret Santa Exchange perfect!

Secret Santa is a great way to celebrate Christmas with your friends, family, or co-workers! It’s a fun way to exchange gifts without pressure to buy for every person in your circle of friends or family.

But as a Secret Santa it can feel overwhelming to buy a gift for someone you may not know all that well.

That’s where the Secret Santa questions come in handy!

The easiest way to make sure that you buy something the recipient will love is to ask them what they like first! These printable Secret Santa questionnaires and surveys will help everyone have a no-stress Secret Santa experience.

If you need a sign up sheet, i’ve got you covered! Click here find matching Secret Santa Sign Up Sheets!

secret santa questionnaires with example pages

Tips for a Successful Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a fun holiday tradition that allows you to play “Secret Santa” to a fellow family member, friend, or coworker.

Here are some tip to making this year’s Secret Santa a success:

Be Sure Everyone Understands the Rules:

This may seem obvious, but just in case…Secret Santa goes like this:

Make a list of everyone who is participating. Put all the names in a bowl/hat. Everyone takes turns drawing a name and then they are responsible for purchasing a gift for that person.

Remember this is anonymous- so no one will know who gave them a gift!

Set a Price Limit:

Everyone has a different budget for the holidays, so it’s best to keep a price limit on the gifts to even the playing field a little.

Going over budget might make people feel uncomfortable- so make sure to stick as close to the limit as possible.

Get Gift Ideas:

It’s hard to buy for someone you may not know super well, so making sure you have some gift ideas is essential.

Use the Secret Santa Questionnaires to help get some gift ideas.

You can even have all the participants fill them out ahead of time and then fold up the questionnaires and pull them out of the hat.

Plan an Exchange Party:

Don’t forget to choose a deadline to buy gifts. This could be the office holiday party if it’s a workplace Secret Santa. Or Christmas Day if it’s a family exchange.

Whatever day you choose, make sure you give everyone at least a couple weeks to get their shopping done.

Be Gracious:

Remember that you will be receiving a gift as well, so remember that the thought counts the most.

Whoever pulled your name will have put a lot of thought and effort into choosing your gift, so be sure to receive it graciously.

Even if you don’t like it.

printable secret santa questions with example pages

Free Printable Secret Santa Questions and Surveys

Whether you are hosting a Secret Santa or just participating in one, the following printable Secret Santa questionnaires will help make sure everyone gets a gift they love!

There are 6 different formats to choose one, so scroll through them all and decide which one suits your needs and tastes the best.

Printable Secret Santa Survey

This simple Secret Santa Survey allows you to list important information about your tastes.

It has a place to write your birthday, your favorites, your hobbies, and things you don’t like.

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